IAAF World Championships 2017: Men's Javelin Throw - Live Updates: Davinder Singh qualifies for final

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Davinder Singh qualifies for the final as Neeraj Chopra misses out narrowly.


02:04 (IST)11 AUG 2017

That's it from us, folks! While there was heartbreak initially, Davinder brought smiles on Indian fans' faces at the end of the day.

Hope you enjoyed our live coverage. Do join us on Saturday night for the final. Till then, stay tuned for Sportskeeda for all updates from the IAAF World Championships 2017.


02:02 (IST)11 AUG 2017

Davinder Singh will hope to clinch a rare medal for India on Sunday at 00.45am IST (Saturday night).

02:01 (IST)11 AUG 2017

Neeraj Chopra, who was the biggest hope, finishes at overall 15th position with his best throw of 82.26m.

01:55 (IST)11 AUG 2017

The full list of throwers who qualified for the Men's Javelin Final

01:50 (IST)11 AUG 2017

Davinder Singh finishes in overall SEVENTH position with his automatic qualification of 84.22m.

01:43 (IST)11 AUG 2017

With this automatic qualification Davinder lies in FIFTH spot in Group B.

01:39 (IST)11 AUG 2017


01:37 (IST)11 AUG 2017

Andreas Hofmann of Germany has qualified with 85.62.

01:29 (IST)11 AUG 2017

Davinder Singh registers 82.14m in his second attempt.

01:25 (IST)11 AUG 2017

Thomas Rohler of Germany qualifies in his SECOND ATTEMPT with his 83.87

01:23 (IST)11 AUG 2017

01:22 (IST)11 AUG 2017

Only the top 12 qualify.

Can Davinder still make it? He is now in overall 14th spot, right after Neeraj. Davinder has 2 chances left.

01:22 (IST)11 AUG 2017

Neeraj Chopra has been pushed down to the 13th position overall. And with that, Chopra's hopes of qualifying ARE OVER.

01:20 (IST)11 AUG 2017

He is now in SEVENTH position in Group B.

01:19 (IST)11 AUG 2017

Davinder Singh's FIRST ATTEMPT IS 82.22m

01:16 (IST)11 AUG 2017

Ioannis Kiriazis of Greece makes it through as well with 84.60

01:14 (IST)11 AUG 2017

Jakub Vadlejch of the Czech Republic qualifies with 83.87m

01:12 (IST)11 AUG 2017

Magnus Kirt of Estonia is the third thrower to qualify from Group B with 83.86

01:11 (IST)11 AUG 2017

Keshorn Walcott is the second thrower to qualify from Group B. The Trinidad and Tobago thrower has come up with 86.01.

01:10 (IST)11 AUG 2017

India's Davinder Singh is the No. 16 thrower in Group B. His season's best and personal best are both 84.57m.

01:08 (IST)11 AUG 2017

Czech Republic's Petr Frydrych has ALREADY QUALIFIED in Group B with his first attempt of 86.22. It is his season's best!

01:06 (IST)11 AUG 2017

And we are off!

00:30 (IST)11 AUG 2017

Do join us at 1.05am IST when Davinder Singh will be attempting to qualify and Neeraj Chopra will get to know his fate.

00:26 (IST)11 AUG 2017

This is how the table stands after Group A qualification. Neeraj finishes in 7th spot in Group A.

00:21 (IST)11 AUG 2017

The Group B qualification starts at 20.35pm local time or 1.05am IST.

00:19 (IST)11 AUG 2017

The Group A qualification has finished. Neeraj has to wait till the end of Group B qualification to know his fate.

00:16 (IST)11 AUG 2017

Neeraj is now in SEVENTH position after Poland's Marcin Krukowski became the FIFTH man to qualify with 83.49 in his THIRD attempt.

00:15 (IST)11 AUG 2017

So, Neeraj misses the automatic qualification......but he remains VERY, VERY CLOSE with that 82.26

00:14 (IST)11 AUG 2017

Neeraj comes up with 80.54 in his THIRD ATTEMPT!!!

00:10 (IST)11 AUG 2017

Neeraj has ONLY ONE chance left for the automatic qualification of 83m

00:09 (IST)11 AUG 2017

The IAAF says:

Germany's Johannes Vetter, who leads this year's world javelin list with 94.44m - putting him second on the all-time list - produces an enormous effort of 91.20m, the best throw ever seen in any qualifying competition.

00:08 (IST)11 AUG 2017

00:05 (IST)11 AUG 2017

Even with that no mark in the second attempt, Neeraj still lies in the SIXTH position.

00:03 (IST)11 AUG 2017

Oh No! Neeraj's second throw is a FOUL and it is not registered.

00:02 (IST)11 AUG 2017

00:01 (IST)11 AUG 2017

The talented youngster has regularly been updating about his training sessions in London and looked very confident about achieving a final berth.

23:58 (IST)10 AUG 2017

The Indian is pushed down to the sixth position now by Hamish Peacock of Australia, whose 2nd throw is 82.46

23:57 (IST)10 AUG 2017

Neeraj is so close to qualifying with that mark....he is definitely going to cross that mark....he is currently in FIFTH position in this field of 16 throwers.

23:56 (IST)10 AUG 2017

Defending champion Julius Yego is the FOURTH MAN to qualify with 83.57. Did you know he is called 'Mr. Youtube Man'? It is because he picked up javelin throw purely by watching Youtube videos!

23:51 (IST)10 AUG 2017

Chopra comes up with 82.26...barely misses automatic qualification in first attempt

23:50 (IST)10 AUG 2017

time for Neeraj Chopra!!

23:47 (IST)10 AUG 2017

Ahmed Bader Magour of Qatar is the third man to achieve automatic qualification....he comes up with 83.83 and is currently in THIRD POSITION.

23:46 (IST)10 AUG 2017

23:44 (IST)10 AUG 2017

If one misses the automatic qualification of 83m, he has to be inside the top 12 throwers to get entry into the final.

23:42 (IST)10 AUG 2017

Neeraj Chopra is No. 15...currently Thrower No. 9 is attempting his first throw

23:42 (IST)10 AUG 2017


He throws an enormous 91.20 and it is automatic qualification....he jumps to the leading spot now.

23:41 (IST)10 AUG 2017

Currently, the world leader is attempting his first throw. Germany's Johannes Vetter has a 94.44 record this year!

23:39 (IST)10 AUG 2017

As the Group A throwers make their first attempt, it is only Finland's Tero Pitkamaki, who has qualified with his VERY FIRST ATTEMPT!!! He threw 85.97.

Wow! That was huge!!

23:37 (IST)10 AUG 2017

83m throw is what is needed for the automatic qualification

23:37 (IST)10 AUG 2017

Neeraj's personal best is 86.48m and his Season's Best is 85.63m.
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