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IFA Shield 2018, Semifinal: East Bengal vs Tata Football Academy, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 16, 2018 17:12 IST



17:12 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Hope you have enjoyed our coverage !!!! Till next time !!! It's GOOD-BYE !!!

17:11 (IST)16 JUL 2018

East Bengal will play the final of the IFA Sheild on Thursday against the winner of tomorrow's match between Mohun Bagan U19 and SAIL Football Academy U19

17:10 (IST)16 JUL 2018

It's all over !!!! Final score: East Bengal U19 4-1 TFA U19

17:09 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Goal !!! Jhantu Prasad makes it 4-1 in favor of East Bengal as TFA's goalkeeper fails to keep the ball in control 

17:08 (IST)16 JUL 2018

GOAL !!! Dip Saha scores again to seal the deal for East Bengal and take them through to then final of the IFA Shield on Thursday !!!

17:06 (IST)16 JUL 2018

3 minutes added on

17:05 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Scores: East Bengal U19 2-1 TFA U19

17:04 (IST)16 JUL 2018

An excellent through ball finds the foot of Gurmukh Singh who swiftly edged the ball passed the goalkeeper to score the winner !!!

17:03 (IST)16 JUL 2018

GOAL !!!! East Bengal scores !!!! 

16:59 (IST)16 JUL 2018

goalscorer Suranjit Singh's shot sails over the post as East Bengal's supporters shout in despair

16:54 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Last 15 minutes of action before the penalty shoot-outs if the score remains 1-1

16:53 (IST)16 JUL 2018

End of first half extra-time

16:49 (IST)16 JUL 2018

East Bengal's Dip Saha gets yellow card 

16:48 (IST)16 JUL 2018

east bengal's corner kick was well defended by TFA

16:42 (IST)16 JUL 2018

midfielders trying to gain possession on a rain drenched football pitch, but no chances created in the past few minutes

16:36 (IST)16 JUL 2018

great save from TFA's goalkeeper, he saved a clear goal

16:34 (IST)16 JUL 2018

It's East Bengal U19 1-1 TFA U19

16:34 (IST)16 JUL 2018

First half of extra time gets underway !!!!

16:31 (IST)16 JUL 2018

This has been a semi-final which is living up to its expectations !!!

16:31 (IST)16 JUL 2018

90 minutes over .... a another 30 minutes will be played to decide who becomes the first finalist of this year's IFA Sheild

16:28 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Lalruaitlunga misses probably the last shot at goal in the regulation time

16:25 (IST)16 JUL 2018

TFA get another easy chance, but the result remains same as we approach the dying minutes of the game !!!

16:24 (IST)16 JUL 2018

5 minutes added on

16:23 (IST)16 JUL 2018

A great save from TFA goalkeeper, a match changing effort

16:22 (IST)16 JUL 2018

TFA miss a sitter .. this could have been the end of the road for East Bengal but the match is still alive !!!

16:20 (IST)16 JUL 2018

East Bengal gets its first yellow card

16:17 (IST)16 JUL 2018

An excellent cross from Lalchanhima which was well connected by the foot but the woodwork came in the way to keep the scores unchanged

16:14 (IST)16 JUL 2018

TFA pressing hard but still denied a lead

16:10 (IST)16 JUL 2018

east bengal free-kick finds the keeper easily, scores unchanged, it's still East Bengal 1-1 TFA 

16:06 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Diak Rajak's impressive showcases skills, but Lalruaitluanga fails to continue the attack

16:02 (IST)16 JUL 2018

TFA gets a free-kick after one of their players was knocked down 

15:59 (IST)16 JUL 2018

A left foot long ranger shot from Suranjit Singh fired at the top of the net makes it all squares in semi-final

15:58 (IST)16 JUL 2018

GOAL !!! East Bengal equalise

15:57 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Half-Time substitute Lalhruaitluanga is making a mockery of himself at the sidelines, losing the balls twice in a span of few seconds !! 

15:53 (IST)16 JUL 2018

East Bengal fans who have braved the sun and rain to witness the match from the stands are pretty dissapointed at the moment !!!!

15:52 (IST)16 JUL 2018

East Bengal losing possession too easily, missed a clear head at goal !!!

15:50 (IST)16 JUL 2018

East Bengal shocked !!!!

15:49 (IST)16 JUL 2018

GOAL !!!! TFA draws first blood !!!

15:40 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Second Half kicks off !!!

15:39 (IST)16 JUL 2018

We have to wait and see if the match ends in the regulation or an extra 30 minutes will be needed to break the deadlock !!!

15:37 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Players take the field as they enter the last 45 minutes of the exciting encounter !!!!

15:18 (IST)16 JUL 2018


15:16 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Sukhal Kunkal gets a yellow card for a clumsy challenge !!

15:10 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Suranjit Singh's shot yields a corner for East Bengal ...... but the header was too weak and off target

15:07 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Excellent defending from East Bengal, denying Chetan Hansdah a clear shot at the goal !!!

15:03 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Nervous moments for East  Bengal at the heart of their defence but somehow they survive

15:01 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Suranjit Singh with a feeble shot, straight to the goalkeeper

14:59 (IST)16 JUL 2018

A golden chance wasted by TFA after the goalkeeper fumbled with the ball. The player just had to place in inside the net but he failed to do so

14:56 (IST)16 JUL 2018

A powerful left kick goes off target, the best shot of the day so far
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