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IFA Shield 2018, Semifinal: Mohun Bagan vs SAIL Burnpur, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 17, 2018 16:53 IST

Mohun Bagan U19 2-1 SAIL Burnpur U19


16:53 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Final Score : Mohun Bagan U19 2-1 SAIL Burnpur U19

16:29 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Till next time !!! Its's GOOD-BYE !!

16:28 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Hope you all have enjoyed the coverage !!! 

16:28 (IST)17 JUL 2018

The final promises to be a great match, it will be a Kolkata Derby after all  !!!

16:26 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Mohun Bagan U19 will face East Bengal U19 in the final of the IFA Sheild on Thursday afternoon !!!!

16:23 (IST)17 JUL 2018

4 minutes added on 

16:20 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Subho Ghosh is taken of !!

16:18 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Mohun Bagan minutes away from a place in the final against arch rivals East Bengal 

16:15 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Samar Kumar's kick was too hot to handle for the goalkeeper and the bounced back in fron of Subho Ghosh's feet who gently placed the ball inside the net !!!

16:13 (IST)17 JUL 2018

GOAL !!!! Mohun Bagan nets the winner !!!!

16:11 (IST)17 JUL 2018

A nice free-kick taken, but a feeble head keeps the scoreline 1-1 !!!

16:10 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Abhishek Payne gets a yellow, Mohun Bagan earns a free-kick !!!

16:02 (IST)17 JUL 2018

free-kick for SAIL but not harm done !!!

16:01 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Hillem Singh is the only shining star for SAIL Burnpur in the second half .. his swift runs down the right is proving to be lethal 

16:00 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Rahul Mondal of SAIL Burnpur gets a yellow card for rash tackle

15:58 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Both the substitutes, Deep Saha and Lalthan Khuma making a difference in the midfield ... increasing the pace of the attacks

15:53 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Mohun Bagan coach injects fresh leg as Lalthan Khuma is introduced !!!

15:51 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Ratan Das' shot sails over the net .. another chance for Mohun Bagan !!!

15:48 (IST)17 JUL 2018

The Mariners are enjoying a great spell of play but still short of taking the lead !!

15:45 (IST)17 JUL 2018

SAIL Burnpur U19 team not impressive in the second half unlike the first 45 minutes ... but still their defense has looked compact !!!

15:41 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Bagan with a set-piece movement, looking to re-create their first goal but the header was weak and off target !!!

15:36 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Mohun Bagan with a postiive start !!!

15:35 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Second half kicks off !!!

15:18 (IST)17 JUL 2018

It's Half-time, Score: Mohun Bagan U19 1-1 SAIL Burnpur U19

15:15 (IST)17 JUL 2018


15:15 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Mohun Bagan almost scored their second one ... but the referee denied that the ball crossed the line ... Goal line technology's absence is being felt here !!!

15:14 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Abhijit Pradhan gets a yellow card for a rough challenge on Mohun Bagan'a Subho Ghosh

15:09 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Sourav Das creates another opportunity but a weak shot from his companion keeps the score unchanged !!!

15:06 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Wonderful run from Sourav Das followed by an inch-perfect cross, but Subho Ghosh couldn't connect, one of the best opportunities for Mohun Bagan after conceding the goal !!!

14:59 (IST)17 JUL 2018

The mouth watering clash is changing it's course every minute, we are in for a cracker !!!

14:56 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Dewar (SAIL) gets a yellow card !!!

14:54 (IST)17 JUL 2018

GOAL !!!! SAIL Equalise ... It's 1-1 !!! Rahul Mondal does the needful !!!

14:52 (IST)17 JUL 2018

GOAL !!! Mohun Bagan take 1-0 lead via a set-piece movement !!! Sourav Das on the scoresheet !!!

14:50 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Another corner wasted by Mohun Bagan 

14:48 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Mohun Bagan gets a free-kick from a dangerous position, but well defended by SAIL !!!

14:47 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Souvik Ghoshal's shot denied by the crossbar !!

14:41 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Mohun Bagan wins a corner but couldn't capitalize 

14:38 (IST)17 JUL 2018

SAIL awarded a free-kick, but the ball was too long for anyone to reach 

14:35 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Mohun Bagan beginning to play their natural game !!!!

14:32 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Mohun Bagan survive an early scare .... SAIL could have been 1-0 up in the first minute !!!

14:30 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Its kick-off !!!

14:27 (IST)17 JUL 2018

The players make their way inside the field, we are moments away from the kick-off at the Mohun Bagan ground !!!

14:15 (IST)17 JUL 2018

East Bengal has already secured their place in the final, Mohun Bagan U19 and SAIL Burnpur U19 will battle it out for the remaining spot in Thursday's final !!!

14:11 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Players warming up on a cloudy afternoon in Kolkata !!!! Few are 20 minutes away from the kick-off !!

13:47 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's LIVE updates of the IFA Shield SF match between Mohun Bagan and SAIL Burnpur.

13:47 (IST)17 JUL 2018

Mohun Bagan U19 boys have certainly looked good in the group stage matches of the IFA Shield. The Mariners thrashed Churchill Brothers 7-1 before defeating Bengal Football Academy 2-0 in their 2nd match and edging past Tata Football Academy in the third.

The young boys in Green and Maroon have played well as a unit and creating multiple goal-scoring opportunities in all of their matches.

SAIL Burnpur, on the other hand, were completely demolished by East Bengal in their inaugural match of the IFA Shield. They lost 1-6 to the Red and Golds, meaning that they would have to give it their all for resurgence in their next two. That is exactly what they did! SAIL Burnpur U19s handsomely defeated Mohammedan Sporting 4-0 in their next match and then defeated ATK 1-0 in their third, thereby securing a place in the semis.

Mohun Bagan vs SAIL Burnpur promises to be a good contest as both the teams' players are brimming with confidence on the back of wins. Whichever team emerges on top in this semifinal clash will go on to face East Bengal in the summit clash. 
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