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India 0-2 Myanmar (July Kyaw 2, Win Theingi Tun 93)


20:53 (IST)13 FEB 2019

That's it from us tonight. Goodbye. 

20:53 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Myanmar will play Nepal in the final of the Hero Gold Cup. India are knocked out, and in truth, they will be kicking themselves especially for that loss against Nepal. 

20:52 (IST)13 FEB 2019


20:51 (IST)13 FEB 2019

90+4' GOAL! Win Theingi Tun puts the penalty in the bottom left corner, and even though Aditi dived the right way, she had no chance. 

20:50 (IST)13 FEB 2019

90+3' Myanmar have a penalty! Sweety Devi is beaten by the Myanmar attacker, and she's brought her down. Easy decision for the referee. 

20:48 (IST)13 FEB 2019

90+1' Sanju crosses towards Ranjana Chanu at the far post, but that's easily cleared by the Myanmar defender at the far post. 

20:47 (IST)13 FEB 2019

90+1' There will be four minutes of additional time. 

20:46 (IST)13 FEB 2019

90' India have a late corner. Myanmar have defended sturdily all evening, though. 

20:44 (IST)13 FEB 2019

87' A wicked free-kick from Win Theingi Tun has Aditi in all sorts of trouble, but it's gone just above her crossbar. 

20:42 (IST)13 FEB 2019

84' Myanmar are switching their keepers around. May Zin Nwe replaces Zar Zar Myint

20:41 (IST)13 FEB 2019

83' Indumathy was injured in that exchange, and she's gone off the field. 

20:38 (IST)13 FEB 2019

81' Sanju has the ball in the back of the net! But it's been ruled out! Sanju was offside, when Dalima's cross was played. 

20:36 (IST)13 FEB 2019

79' SUPERB CHANCE FROM MYANMAR! A superb surge forward after Jabamani gave the ball away, but the final curling shot just fizzes wide of Aditi's post. 

20:35 (IST)13 FEB 2019

78' Roja Devi replaces Manisha, as Maymol Rocky looks to find a way back into this game, for her team 

20:32 (IST)13 FEB 2019

75' Manisha receives a yellow card for a high boot, as she looked to make contact with a volley on Sanju's cross. 

20:29 (IST)13 FEB 2019

73' Myanmar make two changes, which see Le Le Hlaing and Nu Nu replacing Yee Yee Oo and Khin Moe Wai.

20:29 (IST)13 FEB 2019

72' Manisha, in the wall, blocks the free-kick, and India survive. 

20:28 (IST)13 FEB 2019

71' Myanmar have a free-kick on the edge of the box, after Dalima fouls the attacker, after she had gotten goalside of the Indian defender. 

20:26 (IST)13 FEB 2019

70' India substitution sees Ratanbala Devi being replaced by Indumathy. Ratanbala has been India's best performer on the day, arguably. 

20:26 (IST)13 FEB 2019

69' India have a free-kick in another promising position, after Ratanbala is brought down as she tried to control the throw-in from Dalima. 

20:25 (IST)13 FEB 2019

68' Jabamani takes a shot from about 40 yards out! As you can guess, that's looped well over the goal. India are starting to get a little desperate here. 

20:23 (IST)13 FEB 2019

66' Another blunder from Aditi Chauhan, and it almost results in another Myanmar goal! A cross that she should've caught slips through her hands and the Myanmar shot is blocked by Ashalata. 

20:20 (IST)13 FEB 2019

63' The corner is played in by Sanju, and there's an almighty scramble in the box! Somehow that ball has stayed out of the net! Dangmei even tried a bicycle kick in that scramble. Just wouldn't go in for India. 

20:19 (IST)13 FEB 2019

62' Dalima plays it towards Anju, who scrambles with the Myanmar defender, who scrapes it away for an India corner. 

20:18 (IST)13 FEB 2019

61' India have a free-kick in a decent position, after they win the ball high up the field, and drive forward through Sanju. The left winger is brought down. 

20:15 (IST)13 FEB 2019

59' India have a corner as Sangita Basfore's surge forward is only stopped by a lunging Myanmar defender. 

20:14 (IST)13 FEB 2019

55' Anju seemingly releases Manisha in space on the right flank, but she's offside. And she's well offside. Not even close. 

20:13 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Myanmar make another change, as Ei Yadanar Phyo is replaced by Aye Aye Moe

20:10 (IST)13 FEB 2019

52' Superb chance for Myanmar, as Jabamani is caught out by July Kyaw, but her cross is far too overhit. That will be July's last action in the game, as she's replaced by Yu Per Khine

20:08 (IST)13 FEB 2019

51' Ratanbala looks to finds Sanju with a through-ball, but that's intercepted and caught by the Myanmar 'keeper. 

20:06 (IST)13 FEB 2019

48' Superb Indian counter-attack is led by Sanju's speed on the left side, she finds Ratanbala in the centre, her shot from distance is blocked though. 

20:03 (IST)13 FEB 2019

47' Dalima's cross towards the far post is met by a fierce strike from Sanju, but that's a super save! India denied. 

20:02 (IST)13 FEB 2019

46' Myanmar get us underway in the second half. 

20:02 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Anju Tamang comes on for India at half-time, as Maymol Rocky makes her first change. 

19:49 (IST)13 FEB 2019


India conceded very early after yet another mistake in this tournament from Aditi Chauhan, their goalkeeper and captain. India have had a few chances themselves, but their decision-making in the final third has been awful. India need at least three more goals with no reply to qualify for the final. 

19:47 (IST)13 FEB 2019

45+1' Just on the stroke of half-time, Win Theingi Tun takes a shot from 40 yards that does not trouble Aditi in India's goal. 

19:42 (IST)13 FEB 2019

42' India are camped in the Myanmar half over the last couple of minutes, but they're just not finding that incisive pass. The decision making in the final third has left a lot to be desired. 

19:38 (IST)13 FEB 2019

38' Myanmar now have a corner as Sangita Basfore intercepts a cross from the right flank and puts it behind. 

19:36 (IST)13 FEB 2019

36' India have a corner now, as Dangmei's cross creates a scramble in the box, that doesn't result in the ball ending up in the net. Superb pass from Ratanbala to find Dangmei, as well. 

19:32 (IST)13 FEB 2019

31' "Sanju, andar rakho!" screams Maymol Rocky from the sideline, as the Indian left winger plays a cross straight behind and releases the pressure India were building on Myanmar. 

19:29 (IST)13 FEB 2019

27' Oooohh lucky escape for India. Sangita Basfore miscontrols a pass into midfield, and that allows Myanmar to push forward with one pass, but Sweety Devi reads the danger and concedes a corner, which is dealt with by Aditi Chauhan in the Indian goal. 

19:27 (IST)13 FEB 2019

26' The corner towards the far post finds a Myanmar head, but Sweety Devi does just enough to put her off, and the header is woefully wide. 

19:27 (IST)13 FEB 2019

26' Myanmar have a corner now. As they put the defence under concerted pressure for the first time in a while. 

19:25 (IST)13 FEB 2019

24' Ratanbala's effort hits the wall this time! She tries to smash the rebound towards goal, but that shot is blocked as well

19:23 (IST)13 FEB 2019

23' India have a free-kick on the edge of the box, as Sumithra's shot is blocked by a Myanmar defender's arm. This is from virtually the same spot that Ratanbala scored against Nepal the other day. 

19:21 (IST)13 FEB 2019

20' Another half-chance for India! Sanju plays a superb aerial ball towards Dangmei on the right flank. But her cross is grasped by the 'keeper just before the onrushing Manisha can get her head on it. 

19:17 (IST)13 FEB 2019

17' Big chance for India! It's a superb pass out to the left flank from Ratanbala to Sanju, who cuts back in, but her shot is blocked. There were options for here in the middle, with both Manisha and Dangmei in the box, but Sanju chose not to go towards them. 

19:15 (IST)13 FEB 2019

15' THAT IS SUPERB! Win Theingi Tun charges through the Indian defence and leaves Ashalata for dead. Her shot from just inside the area is high, though, and Aditi Chauhan is thankful. 

19:14 (IST)13 FEB 2019

14' The corner is taken towards Dalima at the far-post, but the Indian right-back plants her header wide! India are growing into this game rather well. 

19:14 (IST)13 FEB 2019

13' SANJU! Shot from way out! Well dealt with the Myanmar keeper. India corner. 
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