India Open 2018, Final: PV Sindhu vs Beiwen Zhang, Live Match Updates

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Zhang def Sindhu 21-18, 11-21, 22-20 to win the 2018 India Open title


19:32 (IST)4 FEB 2018

It has been a bitter-sweet start to the new season for Indian shuttlers. While we had two Indians reaching the finals of Super 500 events in back-to-back weeks, a title would have definitely made it sweeter.

Let us hope this inspires our Indian shuttlers to work harder and come up with titles in the coming events.

And that wraps up our live coverage of the India Open 2018.

Thanks for staying with us throughout the week.

We'll be back in two days as the Asia Team Badminton Championships starts on Tuesday.


19:26 (IST)4 FEB 2018

That would be a tough loss for Sindhu as she had a match point. But credit to Zhang for never giving up and she smartly took the pace off the shuttle to take the advantage away from the Indian.

But what a week for the China-born American! She beat both Saina and Sindhu at the India Open to claim her maiden Major title of any kind!

19:22 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Final result: Zhang def Sindhu 21-18, 11-21, 22-20

19:22 (IST)4 FEB 2018



19:21 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Huge smash from Zhang and she has a match point


19:20 (IST)4 FEB 2018

And Zhang saves it by taking pace off the shuttle


19:19 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Great attack from Sindhu and she GETS A MATCH POINT!


19:18 (IST)4 FEB 2018



Crowd is ROARING!!!!!

19:18 (IST)4 FEB 2018

A quick hit from Sindhu into the open court gets her one point


19:17 (IST)4 FEB 2018

It's 19-17 to the American

19:16 (IST)4 FEB 2018

The crowd is desperately trying to urge Sindhu on

19:16 (IST)4 FEB 2018

The American looks more comfortable right now and is nearer to the finish line


19:15 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Zhang leads 17-15

19:14 (IST)4 FEB 2018

An excellent drop from the American

16-15 she leads

19:14 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Zhang again beats the lanky Sindhu with low shots


19:13 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Hard to choose between the two


19:11 (IST)4 FEB 2018

It's a mini lead for Sindhu


19:10 (IST)4 FEB 2018

And we are back to even


19:10 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Zhang's occasional down-the-line shots off the forehand are not helping Sindhu

12-11 she leads

19:09 (IST)4 FEB 2018

And it's ALL LEVEL


19:09 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Huge scream from Sindhu as Zhang fails to change the direction

19:07 (IST)4 FEB 2018

It's 11-9 to Zhang going into the mid-game interval.

19:06 (IST)4 FEB 2018

A sharp crosscourt slice from the Indian

19:05 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Another point for the Indian


19:05 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Sindhu outsmarts the American at the net and pulls one back


19:04 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Sindhu manages to keep the shuttle away from the net and sends it right on the line

Trails 6-9

19:03 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Testing times for Sindhu as she goes down to 4-8

19:02 (IST)4 FEB 2018

A good couple of aggressive smashes from the American and she soars to 6-4

19:00 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Fabulous movement all over the court by both the shuttlers and Zhang gets one back through a drop.


18:59 (IST)4 FEB 2018

It's 3-3

18:58 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Aggressive smashes from Zhang!


18:58 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Zhang miscues a backhand lob

Sindhu up 3-1

18:57 (IST)4 FEB 2018

And Sindhu leads 2-1

18:57 (IST)4 FEB 2018


First point to Sindhu

18:54 (IST)4 FEB 2018

And Sindhu doesn't waste any time in wrapping up the second game.


18:53 (IST)4 FEB 2018

A are backhand volley error from Sindhu gifts a point to Zhang.

Sindhu still leads 19-11

18:52 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Again Zhang is beaten by the net


18:52 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Sindhu made her move the shuttle from side to side and ultimately Zhang's game broke down.
She is blocked by the net.

Sindhu 16-10

18:50 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Zhang is slowly coming back but the Indian still has her nose in front.


18:48 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Sindhu wrests away the momentum and goes up to 13-8

Roar from the crowd!

18:48 (IST)4 FEB 2018

And Sindhu has suddenly lost her sharpness.

A great few points from the American, who again makes Sindhu pay 

Zhang trails 8-12

18:46 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Zhang grabs a couple of points after the break to reduce the gap.


18:45 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Once again, Zhang's forehand breaks down and Sindhu is up 11-4 going into the mid-game interval.

18:43 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Zhang can't return a tight spinning net shot from Sindhu

She trails 4-9

18:42 (IST)4 FEB 2018

A rare mishit from Sindhu


18:41 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Quick flurry of points by the Indian


18:41 (IST)4 FEB 2018

The defending champion leads 7-2

18:40 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Sindhu leads 6-2

18:40 (IST)4 FEB 2018

Now Zhang is bothered by Sindhu's net game

She trails 2-5

18:39 (IST)4 FEB 2018

A lot more aggression from Sindhu!

Body smash and she is up 4-2
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