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India Open 2018, Semi-final: Pranaav Jerry Chopra-Sikki Reddy vs Mathias Christiansen-Christinna Pedersen, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 03, 2018 21:07 IST

Christiansen and Pedersen win 21-16, 21-19


21:07 (IST)3 FEB 2018

But don't go anywhere as PV Sindhu will be in action in about half an hour from now.

We'll bring you live updates from her semi-final.

You can follow it live HERE:

21:06 (IST)3 FEB 2018

Sikki and Pranaav fought very well but broke down under pressure on the most crucial points. That is what helped the Danes to win the match and make their way into the final.

21:05 (IST)3 FEB 2018

This time Sikki sends the shuttle wide after a flurry of exchanges at the net.

Match to the Danes

21-16, 21-19

21:03 (IST)3 FEB 2018

Hawkeye awards a point to the Indians.


21:02 (IST)3 FEB 2018

Now it's Chopra's turn to make a mistake at the net.

The Dane lead 20-18

21:02 (IST)3 FEB 2018

Service error from Sikki


21:01 (IST)3 FEB 2018

Pedersen makes a return error.


21:01 (IST)3 FEB 2018

Sikki fails to return a tight spinning net shot.


21:00 (IST)3 FEB 2018

But the Indians have managed to make amends too.


20:59 (IST)3 FEB 2018

The difference between the two teams has been the fact that the Indians are making mistakes under pressure while the Danes haven't.

Otherwise, the Indians are fighting very well.

The Danes are up 17-15

20:57 (IST)3 FEB 2018

And quickly it is 15-15

20:57 (IST)3 FEB 2018

It's a one-point advantage for the Danes.


20:55 (IST)3 FEB 2018



20:55 (IST)3 FEB 2018

It's a two-point lead for the fifth seeds as the Indians put up a courageous display.


20:52 (IST)3 FEB 2018

Chopra would rue missing a sitter!

He had the opening, just could not execute the smash.

The Danes are up 12-9

20:49 (IST)3 FEB 2018

A big smash from Mathias lets the Danes take an 11-8 lead going into the mid-game interval.

20:47 (IST)3 FEB 2018

Once more, Sikki fumbles at the net and sends the Danes up to 9-7

20:46 (IST)3 FEB 2018

It's 8-6 to the fifth seeds

20:45 (IST)3 FEB 2018

A good couple of points from the Indians to close the gap.

The Danes are up 6-5

20:44 (IST)3 FEB 2018

But the Danes have lifted their game and are finding the gaps to push the shuttle through.

They have built a 6-3 lead

20:42 (IST)3 FEB 2018

And we are all level 


20:42 (IST)3 FEB 2018

They levelled matters at 2-2 but once again Sikki messed up a backhand volley and the Indians trail 2-3

20:41 (IST)3 FEB 2018

The Indians are struggling to return and trail 0-2 in the initial stages of Game 2

20:38 (IST)3 FEB 2018

Chopra could not put the shuttle across the net and the first game goes to the Danes.


20:37 (IST)3 FEB 2018

A couple of loose shots at this juncture of the game are simply not helping the Indians.

They trail 15-19

20:36 (IST)3 FEB 2018

It's 17-15 to the Danish pair.

They are looking more comfortable of the two at the moment

20:34 (IST)3 FEB 2018

And IT'S BACK TO 15-15 

20:33 (IST)3 FEB 2018

The Danes get 2 points on the trot with some deft touches.


20:32 (IST)3 FEB 2018

Now Sikki finds a down-the-line smash!


20:31 (IST)3 FEB 2018

Mathias makes amends with a smash down the middle

13-12 to the Danes

20:31 (IST)3 FEB 2018

Chopra's relentless defence forces an error off Mathias and the SCORES ARE LEVELLED!


20:29 (IST)3 FEB 2018

Some fine play by the Indians after the break and they now trail 10-11

20:27 (IST)3 FEB 2018

The Danes go up to 11-8 going into the mid-game interval.

20:26 (IST)3 FEB 2018

The Indians have narrowed the gap to two points.


20:25 (IST)3 FEB 2018

It's 9-5 to the Danes

20:23 (IST)3 FEB 2018

The Danes are showing excellent coordination and movement.

They continue to outfox the Indians and now lead 8-3

20:23 (IST)3 FEB 2018

Great hands at the net by Christiansen and they lead 6-3

20:21 (IST)3 FEB 2018

Pedersen is blocked by the net and their lead is cut down to one point.


20:20 (IST)3 FEB 2018

The Indians get a point but the Danes go up to 3-1

20:19 (IST)3 FEB 2018

And they lead 2-0

20:19 (IST)3 FEB 2018

First point to the Danes

20:19 (IST)3 FEB 2018

And we are under way!

20:16 (IST)3 FEB 2018

Good evening! The players are on court. The match is about to start.

17:28 (IST)3 FEB 2018

Good evening and welcome to the Sportskeeda liveblog of the 2018 India Open semi-finals. After some disappointing performances by Indian shuttlers in the quarter-finals of this tournament, only PV Sindhu and the mixed doubles pair of Pranaav Jerry Chopra and N Sikki Reddy are left.

The eighth seeded Chopra and Reddy are India's No. 1 mixed doubles pair and won the Syed Modi International Grand Prix Gold last year. They also reached the semi-finals of the Japan Open Superseries in September.

Currently, they are ranked 24th after the deduction of points from their Syed Modi International campaign last year.

Their opponents are currently placed at 28th in the world rankings and are the fifth seeds. The two pairs have never met.

Pedersen and Christiansen are a relatively new pairing, who joined forces towards the end of last year. But they started performing very impressively right after teaming up. They made it to back-to-back Superseries finals at the China Open and the Hong Kong Open. And that itself says they will be tough opponents for the Indian duo.
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