India vs Benfica, As it Happened, Under-17 Practice Match

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India U-17 0-3 Benfica, Full-time


00:29 (IST)6 MAY 2017

That's it then. The Indian Under-17 team lose their fourth match of their Portuguese tour. However, the 3-0 scoreline wasn't a fair reflection of the game today, which saw contrasting fortunes in finishing from both sides. That said, India couldn't stop Benfica from winning by three goals today. 

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00:26 (IST)6 MAY 2017

Full-time: India U-17s 0-3 Benfica

00:25 (IST)6 MAY 2017

0-3 Chance for India as a one-v-one is spurned. That, perhaps, sums up the day for the Colts.

00:23 (IST)6 MAY 2017

Although the Colts are 0-3 down, the pace at which the game is played has been enjoyable. That's perhaps the magic of practice matches.

00:20 (IST)6 MAY 2017

0-3 The game is petering out as the clock ticks to 90 minutes but the Colts are still on the attack, trying to take people on and shooting. Their end-product today, however, has lacked bite.

00:17 (IST)6 MAY 2017

We are into the dying embers of the match as another defeat looms for the India Colts. Benfica have looked far more superior than their visitors today and deserve their lead.

00:16 (IST)6 MAY 2017

Corner for India here. Could they capitalise? No, as the delivery is too deep and the second ball is shot straight at the Benfica keeper.

00:09 (IST)6 MAY 2017

It's still India 0-3 Benfica.

00:09 (IST)6 MAY 2017

0-3 What a penalty save by Dheeraj there. The goalkeeper stops India from going 4-0 down.

00:08 (IST)6 MAY 2017

0-3 Penalty to Benfica!

00:05 (IST)6 MAY 2017

India 0-3 Benfica

It's seemingly over now for the Colts.

00:04 (IST)6 MAY 2017

GOAL for Benfica!

00:03 (IST)6 MAY 2017

0-2 Komal goes on a driving run cutting inside but he is eventually stopped by the strong, physical Benfica defence. India have had to rely on moments of individual brilliance to create chances so far.

00:00 (IST)6 MAY 2017

0-2 Chance for India as Aniket's mazy run beats one defender but his cross is cleared away by the Benfica defence. Benfica survive but India are looking dangerous in their rare attacking forays this half.

23:57 (IST)5 MAY 2017

Benfica make their 1st substitution.

23:56 (IST)5 MAY 2017

0-2 Positive signs from the Colts as they go on the attack and nearly score a goal via a cross from the left wing. India are far from letting up here at the Seixal Stadium.

23:54 (IST)5 MAY 2017

0-2 Chance for Benfica as a clever turn in midfield bypasses India's press from behind. The space left behind is exploited but the Benfica winger's cross is headed over the bar. 

23:53 (IST)5 MAY 2017

0-2 It is Benfica who are keeping the ball for long periods and then cutting the Indian defence with ease. India have looked out of sorts so far in the 2nd half after having had to chase the ball for the most part.

23:47 (IST)5 MAY 2017

0-2 The 2nd Benfica goal came off a deflection from Rahul. Neither the run of play nor luck seems to favour the Colts today.

23:46 (IST)5 MAY 2017

India 0-2 Benfica

The Colts can't defend a short corner as Benfica walk the ball into the 18-yard box before a fierce shot beats Dheeraj low on his near post.

23:45 (IST)5 MAY 2017

GOAL for Benfica!

23:42 (IST)5 MAY 2017

India 0-1 Benfica

Komal concedes a dangerous free kick just on the edge of the box. The effort from Benfica sails just over as the Colts restart.

23:40 (IST)5 MAY 2017

The 2nd half kicks off.

23:40 (IST)5 MAY 2017

Half-time: India 0-1 Benfica

It all started with Benfica pinning India back before they earned a flurry of corners as the Colts somehow survived the early onslaught. Norton de Matos's charges pushed up as the 1st half worn on, leaving themselves open to counterattacks. One such counterattack saw the home side earn a corner from which they scored the opening goal. India showed some fight after conceding but that hasn't been enough so far. Let's see what the 2nd half brings us.

23:27 (IST)5 MAY 2017

The referee whistles for half-time and India Colts trail 0-1 at the break. The 2nd half will start shortly.

23:26 (IST)5 MAY 2017

0-1 The Colts are already looking weary as the first half enters its dying stages. Benfica have had more than 10 corners so far.

23:21 (IST)5 MAY 2017

0-1 Chance for India!

Rahul drives forward from wide right and cuts inside before firing in a shot that goes just over the bar. That's the closest the Colts have come to scoring a goal this afternoon.

23:18 (IST)5 MAY 2017

0-1 One good thing about India so far has been their propensity to attack and defend in numbers. That has not yielded a goal yet, but it could come any time soon.

23:14 (IST)5 MAY 2017

0-1 Stalin releases Aniket with a searching ball through the flanks but the forward struggles to keep it under control with his first touch. India's passes have been longer than Benfica's so far.

23:12 (IST)5 MAY 2017

0-1 The speed with with Benfica turn defence into attack is something the Colts can learn here as they have been fairly slow in going forward.

23:10 (IST)5 MAY 2017

0-1 India attack immediately after conceding but a shot from 25 yards goes just wide. 

23:09 (IST)5 MAY 2017

India 0-1 Benfica

23:09 (IST)5 MAY 2017

0-1 A glut of early corners for Benfica was a sign of their pressure and they have made one of them count. A second ball ends up in the back of the net as the Colts fall behind here 

23:08 (IST)5 MAY 2017

GOAL for Benfica!

23:05 (IST)5 MAY 2017

0-0 India move forward with a sweeping attack but it ends in a corner for the Blues. The delivery is pretty close to goal but Benfica's goalkeeper holds on well. First proper attack of the game for the Colts.

23:03 (IST)5 MAY 2017

0-0 Chance for Benfica but Dheeraj comes out quickly to distract the Benfica forward, who hits his shot wide of the target.

23:02 (IST)5 MAY 2017

0-0 Benfica have favoured their left wing more while attacking, forcing India to effectively play in a 5-4-1 shape without the ball. On the ball, there has been a lack of imagination in passing, as Benfica pin the Colts back.

23:00 (IST)5 MAY 2017

0-0 Nine men behind the ball and a lone man up front lurking 60 yards away from his closest teammate. Benfica are ramping up the pressure but India hold well.

22:59 (IST)5 MAY 2017

0-0 We have seen this reactive brand of football on this entire tour so far, hence it is no surprise that India are mostly defending in this game.

22:57 (IST)5 MAY 2017

0-0 India have sat deep inside their own half, therefore the 0-0 scoreline seems pretty damning for the Benfica players.

22:53 (IST)5 MAY 2017

0-0 India are slowly pushing up and preventing Benfica from building up with ease. But that leads to a Benfica counter and a one-v-one with Dheeraj who saves.

22:49 (IST)5 MAY 2017

0-0. Benfica have shifted the ball well from flank to flank but India have maintained a good presence down the centre of the pitch, not allowing the Eagles to penetrate. That has forced the home side to enter the final third from wide areas.

22:47 (IST)5 MAY 2017

Early pressure from Benfica here and they earn a corner early on. The delivery fizzes past the Benfica players waiting in the box and goes out for a throw-in to India.

22:45 (IST)5 MAY 2017

The Colts are pretty much stationed inside their own half, thereby posing problems to Benfica in unlocking their defence.

22:43 (IST)5 MAY 2017

Aand we have kicked off at the Seixal Stadium.

22:38 (IST)5 MAY 2017

The game hasn't yet kicked off. 

22:25 (IST)5 MAY 2017

It's been 3 losses and a draw for the Colts, not such a great return of results, but as coach Luis Norton de Matos pointed, results at this stage are less important than the preparation for the main event that is the Under-17 World Cup.

The Under-17 World Cup starts in October and will feature the India Under-17s as the hosts.

22:23 (IST)5 MAY 2017

India Under-17s have so far played 4 games on their European exposure tour. The results of those games are as follows:

India 1-2 Vitoria de Setubal

India 1-2 Belenenses

India 2-2 Benfica

India 1-4 Estoril

22:13 (IST)5 MAY 2017

The line-ups are out. India Under-17s will start with these eleven players: Dheeraj (GK), Sanjeev, Suresh, Ninthoi, Amarjit, Komal, Aniket, Jitendra, Rahul, Hendry, Jeakson.

We are 18 minutes away from kick-off at the Seixal Stadium for round two of India Colts vs Benfica. Remember, round one ended in a stalemate.

14:05 (IST)5 MAY 2017

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