India 0-3 China, Sudirman Cup 2017 quarterfinal, As it happened.

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India lose to China, 0-3


10:52 (IST)26 MAY 2017

That's it from us today. The tie is over before PV Sindhu could even have a say.

The mixed doubles and men's singles were vital if India were to win this. Sadly for India, neither of the matches could produce a win. 

Thank you for joining us. Till next time. Good day and good bye. :)

10:21 (IST)26 MAY 2017

21-9, 21-11 -  this is as convincing as it gets.

10:21 (IST)26 MAY 2017


That's it 21-11 in the second. China win the tie 3-0. Done and dusted before PV Sindhu could even have a say in this.

10:20 (IST)26 MAY 2017


In fact now it's match point. Two quick points and China are on the verge.

10:19 (IST)26 MAY 2017


The youngsters pull a point back.

10:19 (IST)26 MAY 2017


And it's nearly over. Last resistance. Or is there any?

10:19 (IST)26 MAY 2017

China can smell it now. 

17-10. And they are four points away from beating India.

10:18 (IST)26 MAY 2017

But Shertty and Satwiksairaj are not going down without a fight. Into double figures for the first time. 10-16 here.

10:16 (IST)26 MAY 2017

And the Chinese are romping home now. 14-8.

10:14 (IST)26 MAY 2017

And another point to the Chinese. This is not as one-sided as the first game. But the Chinese have a firm handle on the situation.

At the break in the second game. It's 11-8.

10:13 (IST)26 MAY 2017

But Haifeng and Nan again seem to have sensed the danger and take back the lead.

10-8 now.

10:12 (IST)26 MAY 2017

The Indian youngsters now look full of belief though. They have nothing to lose and get themselves back at 8-8.

10:11 (IST)26 MAY 2017

But they can't capitalise as China take an 8-7 lead.

10:11 (IST)26 MAY 2017

Another quick exchange means India have the serve back at 7-7.

10:10 (IST)26 MAY 2017

And they draw level now at 6-6.

10:10 (IST)26 MAY 2017

But Haifeng and Nan are quick to strike bakck.

China trail 5-6 in the second game.

10:09 (IST)26 MAY 2017

A brilliant rally and the Indian pair showing their potential here. 6-4 to the Indians.

10:08 (IST)26 MAY 2017

But the Indian teenage pairing really showing some fight. Take the lead at 5-3.

But the experienced Chinese pair have it back at 4-5.

10:07 (IST)26 MAY 2017

And the Chinese making a comeback now. India's lead but to one and the second game is at 4-3.

10:07 (IST)26 MAY 2017

But the Indians have started the second game on the front foot. 

A really strong start means they are up 4-1. But can they carry the momentum throughout the game?

That is the big question.

10:04 (IST)26 MAY 2017


And they have just milked this. 21-9. The gulf in class is just too big here. 

Great learning opportunity for the Indian pair but this one is going to sting.

10:03 (IST)26 MAY 2017

Game point.

Another point and another one to the Chinese pair.

10:02 (IST)26 MAY 2017

A quick exchange and it's 19-9 now. The Chinese have made this a rout.

10:02 (IST)26 MAY 2017

18-8 and the question is now whether the Indians can reach the double-digit mark.

10:01 (IST)26 MAY 2017

And a nine-point lead now. Haifeng and nan now 17-8 up.

10:00 (IST)26 MAY 2017

But the Indians are just short on experience here and it's showing. 15-7 and this can be over quickly.

09:59 (IST)26 MAY 2017

The Indian teenagers are fighting it hard here. 

Bring it back to 7-13. But they need more. Much more.

09:59 (IST)26 MAY 2017

But the Chinese show their class and get the lead back to eight 13-5 here.

09:58 (IST)26 MAY 2017

The Indians begin the second well and it's 5-11 now.

09:57 (IST)26 MAY 2017

And the Chinese pair is dominating right throughout here. They go into the break 11-3 up in the first game.

09:55 (IST)26 MAY 2017

And a 6-point lead now at 8-2.

09:55 (IST)26 MAY 2017

And now it's 7-2. The Chinese pair making it look easy here.

09:54 (IST)26 MAY 2017

And the Chinese have jetted out of the box and taken an early 5-1 lead.

09:53 (IST)26 MAY 2017

Interestingly, the Chinese have chosen a different pair today it is going to be FU Haifeng and Zhang Nan battling it out.

09:52 (IST)26 MAY 2017

The Chinese pair won gold at the Badminton Asia Championships earlier this year.

The Indian pair, on the other hand, are both teenagers with Shetty being 19 and Satwiksairaj just 16.

But you have to say that the Indian youngsters have a really bright future ahead of them.

However, this is going to be a David vs Goliath battle.

09:48 (IST)26 MAY 2017

They will be up against LI Junhui and LIU Yuchen.

09:46 (IST)26 MAY 2017

Chirag Shetty and Satwiksairaj Rankireddy have the hopes of the nation on their shoulder. Can they pull off an upset?

09:44 (IST)26 MAY 2017

The men's doubles is up next and that is going to be one uphill task. 

I won't be surprised if China don't wrap it up by the time PV Sindhu hits the court for the fourth match of this tie.

09:43 (IST)26 MAY 2017

And that's it!

Another heartbreak from India. Srikanth with a spirited effort. But that is all that's going to be, Loses the second game and the match.

China takes a 2-0 lead.

09:41 (IST)26 MAY 2017


Long can smell it now. 20-17.

09:41 (IST)26 MAY 2017

But Long is showing his class again and again. Relentless from the Olympic champion. 

19-17. Two points away from the match.

09:40 (IST)26 MAY 2017

What does Srikanth Kidambi have in his bag? 

The answer is fight. Gets it to 17-18. He needs more of that.

09:39 (IST)26 MAY 2017

Long comes back. Another point and it's 18-16 to the Chinese.

09:39 (IST)26 MAY 2017

And another. 16-17. And we are in for a tense finish it seems.

09:38 (IST)26 MAY 2017

Pulls it back to 15-17. That's a start. But he needs more now.

09:38 (IST)26 MAY 2017

But Long now just four points away from giving China a 2-0 lead.

Can Srikanth make a mom=numental comeback here.

09:37 (IST)26 MAY 2017

And Srikanth fires back. 

Makes this 14-16. There is still life in the Indian.

09:36 (IST)26 MAY 2017

An enthralling battle between two superb players but Long just inches away. 

16-13. Srikanth has to make a stand now or it's going to be curtains soon.

09:35 (IST)26 MAY 2017

And another point for Long.

15-13 and Kidambi can't let this one slip any further.

09:34 (IST)26 MAY 2017

And just as Kidambi looks to have got himself back, Long again showing his class there. 14-13 to the Chinese.
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