India vs Denmark Live Score and Commentary Sudirman Cup 2017 Group Match

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 22, 2017 12:30 IST

Denmark beats India 4-1


12:30 (IST)22 MAY 2017

That wraps up our liveblog for today. Hope you enjoyed it. We shall be back tomorrow with the live coverage of India's second group match. Do join us then. Till then, keep following Sportskeeda for more updates on Indian badminton. Goodbye.

12:28 (IST)22 MAY 2017

Without a doubt, India needs to do some hard work for a win tomorrow.

12:27 (IST)22 MAY 2017

India next face the 5/8th seeds Indonesia in their second group match on Tuesday.

12:25 (IST)22 MAY 2017

And with that, Denmark beats India 4-1 in their Group D opener to make a strong start to their Sudirman Cup 2017 campaign.

12:23 (IST)22 MAY 2017

That was a close match. Unfortunately for India, it went to Denmark in the end.

12:22 (IST)22 MAY 2017

But the Danes edged past them to take win, 18-21, 21-15, 23-21.

12:21 (IST)22 MAY 2017

India put up a strong fight and made it 21-21

11:45 (IST)22 MAY 2017

Third game


11:42 (IST)22 MAY 2017

Denmark has levelled this match by taking the second game, 21-15.

11:39 (IST)22 MAY 2017

It's 16-14 for the Danes

11:35 (IST)22 MAY 2017

It is 14-11 for the Danes

11:29 (IST)22 MAY 2017

Even at 7-7

11:28 (IST)22 MAY 2017

It's a very tight game now...little to separate the two teams....

11:23 (IST)22 MAY 2017

The Danes go up to 3-1

11:23 (IST)22 MAY 2017

Second game

Can they make this a memorable victory? 

It's 1-1

11:20 (IST)22 MAY 2017

And the Indians take the first game 21-18 over the World No. 2 pair!! Wow!!!!

11:19 (IST)22 MAY 2017

Game points at 20-18

11:19 (IST)22 MAY 2017

The Indians have remarkably gone back to leading the game, 19-17

11:16 (IST)22 MAY 2017

16-16 now

11:16 (IST)22 MAY 2017

Ashwini was involved in a humdinger of a mixed doubles match earlier in the morning. She will definitely try to make it tough for the Danes.

11:15 (IST)22 MAY 2017

Once more it is all level at 15-15

11:12 (IST)22 MAY 2017

Denmark up 14-12

11:11 (IST)22 MAY 2017

India back in the lead at 12-11

11:09 (IST)22 MAY 2017

The Danes storm back to 11-10 lead at half-time.

11:08 (IST)22 MAY 2017

The lead has been cut short to 10-9

11:08 (IST)22 MAY 2017

In an amazing turnaround, the Indians have not only levelled but have even seized the lead from the World No. 2 pair. India up 10-7

11:07 (IST)22 MAY 2017

But the Indians are now trailing by just one point at 6-7

11:05 (IST)22 MAY 2017

But the Danes have inched ahead to 7-4

11:05 (IST)22 MAY 2017

The first game is evenly tied at 4-4

11:04 (IST)22 MAY 2017

In the final match of this tie, the Indian women's doubles pair of Ashwini Ponnappa and Sikki Reddy take on Kamilla Rytter Juhl and Christinna Pedersen.

10:55 (IST)22 MAY 2017

Denmark still leads 3-1 in the overall score

10:54 (IST)22 MAY 2017

This win gives India their first point of the day

10:54 (IST)22 MAY 2017

WHAT A DOMINATION that was by Sindhu in the second game!

10:53 (IST)22 MAY 2017

Sindhu WINS 21-18, 21-6

10:51 (IST)22 MAY 2017

Sindhu has smashed her way to 18-6 now

10:50 (IST)22 MAY 2017

Calm, confident....this is the girl who has won two international titles this year!

10:49 (IST)22 MAY 2017

Unstoppable Sindhu is now racing to the finish line.... 13-4

10:47 (IST)22 MAY 2017

It's 10-4 for the Indian

10:45 (IST)22 MAY 2017

Second game

Big lead for Sindhu as she goes up 7-3

10:41 (IST)22 MAY 2017

Sindhu stops the Danish comeback and wraps up the opening game, 21-18.

10:38 (IST)22 MAY 2017

Line is breathing down Sindhu's neck now....17-19

10:34 (IST)22 MAY 2017

18-13 for the Indian

10:31 (IST)22 MAY 2017

Sindhu stops the Danish momentum for a 14-10 lead.

10:31 (IST)22 MAY 2017

But she needs to be cautious...a spirited Line is trying to come back and makes it 9-12

10:30 (IST)22 MAY 2017

Aggressive, accurate, PV Sindhu is now fully in control of this match.... 12-6

10:27 (IST)22 MAY 2017

Sindhu has gone up to 9-6

10:25 (IST)22 MAY 2017

Sindhu now leads 6-5....the Dane is not giving up

10:23 (IST)22 MAY 2017

3 points on the trot for Sindhu....she leads 4-3

10:22 (IST)22 MAY 2017

Surprise! Surprise! It is the Dane who opens up a 3-1 lead

10:21 (IST)22 MAY 2017

Up next is one match where India has a strong chance of winning. World No. 4 PV Sindhu takes on Denmark's 26th ranked Line Kjaersfeldt.
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