India vs Great Britain Hockey Live Score and match updates from Sultan Johor Cup 2017

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India 1-2 Great Britain, Full Time. Raushan; Sorsby, Waller.


15:09 (IST)28 OCT 2017

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15:03 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Full Time! And with that, we come to the end of the match, as the hooter goes off! This has been a disappointing day for India. They needed a win to make it to the final, but a loss puts their finals qualification chances in great jeopardy. Australia,who are on the same number of points as India, now need just a draw against Malaysia, to make it to the top two. Meanwhile, India will have to depend on Malaysia to beat the Aussies, in order to make it through to the final.

15:01 (IST)28 OCT 2017

With just seconds remaining on the clock, India get another shot on goal, but it is parried away by the Britain keeper.

14:58 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Dilpreet scoops it upfield, but it was not particularly aimed at anybody, and Britain get back on the ball.

14:57 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Britain win another ball in their half, and launch an attack, but Dilpreet cuts it off at the top of the Indian D

14:55 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Chance! Another great play by Britain as they dribble past Pankaj, but the resulting shot is blocked by an Indian stick!

14:50 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Britain win a Penalty Corner! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLL!!!!!!!! Jack Waller puts Britain in the lead! What a crucial time to score! Britain took a brilliant PC, as they tried a back pass instead of the flick from the top of the D. Pankaj saved the resulting shot, and a ouple of rebounds after that, but he was completely helpless, as it fell to Waller, who had to merely tap it in from a couple of yards out, into an empty goal. 2-1 Great Britain!

14:49 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Lakra makes a circle entry from the left, but Britain keeper Oliver is up to the task, as he kicks it away!

14:48 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Chance! Abhishek weaves his way past a couple of defenders in the box, switches to his left side and shoots, but his shot is deflected off a British stick, and goes out of play.

14:47 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Britain try to win a PC, but only manage to give it away to India

14:45 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Chance! India get the 4th quarter underway, but it is Britain who get the better chance, make the circle entry, only to hit the post. That was very close!

14:43 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And with that, the hooter goes off, signalling the end of Q3. This has been another tight quarter, as both the teams have gone looking for the goals, but the defenders have managed to hold-out.

14:42 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Paknaj kicks away a Britain shot, and India try to launch a counter from that. However, Waller soon intercepts that chance.

14:40 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Waller intercept a ball in defence, and Raushan brings him down. The pressure is eased off Britain!

14:39 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Britain get a long corner and play it in towards the D, but it trickles out of play

14:37 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Raushan heaves a long chipped ball upfield, hoping to find Dilpreet, but the ball drops too far, as it rolls out of play.

14:36 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Varinder Singh also earns a green card, as Britain get a Penalty Corner! However, India manage to negotiate that PC

14:34 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Chance! Britain fizz in a long ball into the India D, where a lurking Duncan Scott tried to flick it into goal, but India managed to save that.

14:32 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Sanjay comes in with a heavy tackle, and earns himself a green card. He has to serve some time on the bench, for now!

14:31 (IST)28 OCT 2017

It has been a rather tight start to the second half, here, as India and Great Britain look to make the inroads. We apologise again, for the delay in updates. We were facing some technical issues.

14:24 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And we're back for the second half, as India get us back underway!

14:16 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Half Time! And with that, the hooter goes off, signalling the end of the first half. It has been a rather tight affair in the first two quarters, with both the sides scoring one goal apiece, to make the score 1-1. For India, though, this may not be enough to take them through to the finals.

14:14 (IST)28 OCT 2017

India try hard to make the circle entry, but Britain are up to their job, as they keep India out.

14:12 (IST)28 OCT 2017

That goal seems to have given a lot of impetus to India, as they go looking for the winner!

14:10 (IST)28 OCT 2017

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!! Raushan Kumar levels tings up for India! Dilpreet fizzes it in towards the Britain D from long range, as Raushan gets a deflection on it, and scores the equaliser.

14:05 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Penalty Corner for GB. Scott pulls the trigger, but the Indian defence does well to negotiate the chance

14:02 (IST)28 OCT 2017

GOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!! Tom Sorsby puts the British in the lead! He took a swift drag-flick from a Penalty Corner, but it took a heavy deflection off an Indian stick, and went into the roof of the net.

13:59 (IST)28 OCT 2017

That chance trickles out.

13:58 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Great Britain win a penalty corner. The shot takes another deflection, and GB get another PC

13:56 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And we're underway in the second quarter of the match, as Great Britain again take the major attacking impetus.

13:52 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And with that, we come to the end of the first quarter, with the scores tied at 0-0.

13:50 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Mandeep tries to make a circle, passes to Harmanjeet, who wins a Penalty Corner! Pratap winds up the shot, but it is just inches wide!

13:47 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Its been a tentative first quarter, so far, as both the sides look to make the early breakthrough. We apologise for the delay in updates. We are facing some technical difficulties at the moment.

13:40 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Sanjay takes the shot, but it is saved by Chris Weaver.

13:39 (IST)28 OCT 2017

India win a Penalty Corner.

13:37 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And we're off, as Great Britain look to take the early initiative.

13:35 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And the team sheet is out!

13:35 (IST)28 OCT 2017

13:24 (IST)28 OCT 2017

India are all set to take on Great Britain in the final match of the round robin stage of the 2017 Sultan Johor Cup, in Johor Baru, on Saturday.

Both the sides have been on rampant form,  as they  look to make it to the summit clash of the tournament.

Great Britain have by far been the best team in the tournament, winning all of their four matches so far. With 12 points from four matches, Great Britain just need a draw against India in the last group stage match, in order to secure qualification for the final. The only way England can be knocked out is if they lose to India, and Australia also defeat Malaysia in their last match.

Meanwhile, India have landed themselves in a rather tight spot after having lost their last match against Australia 4-3. Australia, who had previously lost to Great Britain, are on the same number of points as India (9), and need to secure a win against hosts Malaysia, in order to secure their spot in the final.


Pankaj Rajak (GK), Shankar Senthamizh (GK), Mandeep Mor, Pratap Lakra, Harmanjit Singh, Vishal Singh, Raushan Kumar, Dilpreet Singh, Maninder Singh, Sanjay, Abhishek, Vishal Antil, Varinder Singh, Vivek Prasad (C), Suman Beck, Sukhjeet Singh, Rabichandra Moirangthem, Shilanand Lakra.
Great Britain:
Chris Wyver (GK), Oliver Payne (GK), James Sutcliffe, Gareth Griffiths, Cameron Golden, Alexander Blumfield, Jack Waller (C), Zachary Wallace, Jacob Draper, Nicholas Park, Josh Pavis, Edward Way, Nick Page, Duncan Scott, Benjamin Francis, Callum Macenzie, Tom Sorsby, Timothy Nurse.

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