India vs Ireland Olympics 2021 hockey LIVE score, commentary & updates

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Catch the LIVE scores of India vs Ireland women's Pool A Olympics 2021 hockey match


11:18 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Full time scorecard

10:49 (IST)30 JUL 2021

India have done it! It was a late goal, after all the efforts, all the pressure, and it is worth it in the end for them. For Ireland? Not as much though. 

What a fantastic game of Hockey we have just witnessed! Take a second to catch your breath, as India have done the remarkable. At one point it did not seem possible, but India pull through, through thick and thin to score a late winner. 

India set things rolling in a very positive manner in the first quarter, with an aggressive and attack minded approach. They got close to the goal, with many chances but seemed a little rusty with their final passes and finishes. 

Ireland played the patient game in the start and took their chances on counter attacks to turn the pressure on India, but the latter did not budge and stayed in shape. Although in the second quarter, it was Ireland who took charge to move the ball around a little better and create a few chances. They enjoyed their luxury for a few minutes, before India took charge once again to dictate terms. 

McFarren and Savita were the two heroes for their sides, by miles, without a doubt. Both were brilliant, and were just impossible to beat. They were charging up the pitch, diving, and doing everything one expects from their keeper to do so. Even when the defences failed, both stood tall and kept their teams in the hunt. 

India seemed to be winning penalty corners as if they were practice and they were doing drills. But they could not make use of even one, and were off their mark there as well. The same can be said for the irish, but as compared to India, they had far few chances. 

India started the third quarter really well, staying in charge, and moving the game at their pace. Attacks after attacks came, but the goal did not. Few fantastic cheeky tries by both the teams, but the defences did enough to keep the attackers quiet. Both teams were on their toes, and were turning defence into attack in a matter of second, but then again, neither had any goals to show for. 

Down to the last quarter, India's hopes riding on one goal to be in contention to qualify for the quarter finals. They were just that little bit more desperate than Ireland and late in the quarter, after a gazillion attempts, India got the break through. It was Rani was making the moves at the back end of the game for them. She saw an opportunity, an opening and drilled a shot down to Navneet who had to just tap it in. 

McFerran was caught off her line, and the defense could just not get into a position to block this out. India had the lead and there was not a lot of time left for the Irish to fight back. They brought in an extra player for their keeper and switched to all out attack, but our Indians, being the stubborn breed we are, did not let that bother them. They stuck to their tactics, and held their nerved for the final couple of minutes of the game. 

Ireland did their best to breach the Indian fortress but failed and ran out of time. India prosper and mark their first win in the group with a real shot at qualification. Just one game left and looking at the opponents, one would bet on India to make it through, when compared to Ireland. But let's not get ahead of ourselves and just cherish this win for now. 

This game has been a nail biter and it was our pleasure bringing it to you. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, and you will join us next time as well. For now, we bid you farewell! 

10:48 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Full time. India 1-0 Ireland!! 

Agony for Ireland, absolute ecstasy for India.

10:47 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Intensity in an all time high at the moment! Ireland struggling to keep the ball for long in an attempt to get forward, but India being resilient are continuing their method of attacking and are close to a second goal. 

10:46 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Just one minute of play left...

10:45 (IST)30 JUL 2021

McFerran has been pulled out of the game, and Ireland all are going all out attack for that equaliser. Things are heating up in the middle with two minutes to go now. 

10:44 (IST)30 JUL 2021

INDIA SCORE! FINALLY WE HAVE THE BREAKTHROUGH! The entire bench has gone into crazy celebrations and why shouldn't they. Rani yet again at the heart of things for India and she's the architect of this goal too. 

10:44 (IST)30 JUL 2021

India 1-0 Ireland
Rani flicks it into the inner circle where Navneet taps it in!

10:42 (IST)30 JUL 2021

McFerran dives to her right and pulls out a stunning save, getting her stick to tip the ball away from goal and she's saved her side yet again today. Both the keepers need to take a bow for their brilliant efforts today. 

10:42 (IST)30 JUL 2021

56' WHAT A SAVE! Irish keeper dives and saves one with her stick!

10:41 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Savita saving a couple of shots from point blank range and has kept India's hopes alive. The forwards need to do justice to her efforts and get in a late goal. Down to the last 5 minutes now. 

10:40 (IST)30 JUL 2021

55' Two chances for Ireland in the box and they fail to find the back of the net!

10:37 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Ireland attack immediately but Savita is to the rescue again. India turn their defense into attack straight away and make their way to the oppositions circle. India are getting forward nicely, but are only being slightly lousy with their final pass and that is not helping their fate in this group. 

10:36 (IST)30 JUL 2021

51' India attack at the run of play but fail to convert a close chance as the Irish defence overcrowded the box.

10:35 (IST)30 JUL 2021

50' Counterattack from Ireland but Savitha keeps it out.

10:35 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Grit and determination from the Irish defenders as they force India out of the circle. Sharmila had a great run from the right flank. bisecting into the circle, but could not produce that last pass. 

10:34 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Tete is back on the field.

10:31 (IST)30 JUL 2021

46' Green card for Tete. India will be a player short for the next couple of minutes.

10:30 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Final quarter kicks off.

10:27 (IST)30 JUL 2021

There goes another quarter, and surprisingly it still is goalless. Penalty Corners have continued to come in, attacks have continued to come in, but the goal does not seem to come today. 

It's been rather frustrating for both the sides, as they're giving it their all for that one gaol, but so far nothing. Let's hope the final quarter produces one or more goals for the sheer purpose of a result. There has been no sacrifice in terms of quality of the game and the intensity of the game. 

One goal on either side of the pitch now, will be extremely crucial. Maybe the opponent might not have enough time to come back, maybe scoring the first goal, opens doors for another to follow. Maybe it provokes the opposition to force a comeback. All possibilities on the table as we dive into the final quarter. 

10:26 (IST)30 JUL 2021

India 0-0 Ireland. Third quarter ends.

10:25 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Attacks continue to come for either side, but scoring a goal seems a distant dream today. For India more than Ireland. Ireland can still qualify with a draw but India are only making their task all the more impossible. 

10:20 (IST)30 JUL 2021

40' Penalty corner for India

10:19 (IST)30 JUL 2021

38' Excellent run from Sharmila. Too tight an angle for that shot to go in.

10:16 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Ireland win the penalty corner, miss it, India run a counter and charge inside the circle. But yet again, a golden chance goes begging. Both teams seem to have lost the skill of finishing here. Both possess the quality, there is no doubt to it, but we still haven't seen a goal. 

10:15 (IST)30 JUL 2021

35' OH NO! How did Navneet miss that! A simple one on one failed to convert.

10:14 (IST)30 JUL 2021

33' The defence keeps the shot out and immediately counter-attack but fail to enter the centre.

10:13 (IST)30 JUL 2021

The referal isn't upheld as Ireland are positioning themselves for penalty corner.

10:12 (IST)30 JUL 2021

33' Penalty corner for Ireland this time. India review the decision.

10:11 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Penalty corner number 11 and 12 also do not produce anything for India. Oh when will that goal come. Surely, the players will be getting frustrated too. 

10:10 (IST)30 JUL 2021

32' Penalty corner streak comes to an end

10:10 (IST)30 JUL 2021

ANOTHER PENALTY CORNER! Losing the count at this moment.

10:09 (IST)30 JUL 2021

The referal wasn't upheld but India earn another penalty corner soon as the play continued.

10:08 (IST)30 JUL 2021

ALMOST! How close can they get here? It's the narrowest of margins we're talking about here, and it's McFerran yet again to the rescue. 

10:07 (IST)30 JUL 2021

That was missed by milimeteres! Ireland survive yet again and it's a check for another potential penalty corner.

10:07 (IST)30 JUL 2021

It's taken India 30 seconds exactly to win another Penalty Corner, but can they make the most of it? 

10:06 (IST)30 JUL 2021

31' Penalty corner for India.

10:05 (IST)30 JUL 2021

3rd quarter kicks off.

09:58 (IST)30 JUL 2021

First half stats!

09:56 (IST)30 JUL 2021

An enthralling first half this has been and it is hard to separate either of the teams, but India do have the edge over Ireland. But talk about those final two minutes of the half. India, winning as many as five penalty corners at the end, but failing to score on either. Ten in total in the game, and they've found it difficult to hit the target. 

Ireland will be pleased with India's misses as it has kept them in the game. They too have missed chances but not as many as India. Both the keepers have starred in the first half and are looking impenetrable. 

India will have to analyze and finish at least one or two of the many chances they are creating. Even during the final minutes of the first half it was all India. Be it from open play or from the penalty corners, they have been ruthless in winning them and finding space, but they've just figured out how to finish. 

One goal could help India open the floodgates and give them the confidence to score more. But the same can be said for Ireland too, who have also attacked enough, more so in the second half. Savita has done well to keep the ball out and keep the Irish at bay, but can she continue to do that? 

Both teams will be dying to score and take the advantage early on in the second half. Both have enough quality in them to score, but they just need some confidence in the final third. One goal could change the entire momentum of the game. 

Let's get back to it and find out will India survive for another game, or will they book their return ticket today itself! 

09:56 (IST)30 JUL 2021

India 0-0 Ireland. End of the second quarter.

09:55 (IST)30 JUL 2021

The penalty corner streak comes to an end as Ireland finally manage to keep the ball out without getting hit on their legs.

09:55 (IST)30 JUL 2021

That's the 5th penalty corner earned in a minute now!

09:54 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Make that 4 in a row now! What is going on!

09:53 (IST)30 JUL 2021

30' Third penalty corner in a row for India now.

09:53 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Irish keeper denies Grace a goal but India earn another penalty corner.

09:52 (IST)30 JUL 2021

29' Penalty corner for India

09:51 (IST)30 JUL 2021

It's Savita to the rescue once again. She has been a rock at the back today and is seeming unbothered by anything coming her way. 

09:51 (IST)30 JUL 2021

28' Another Irish attack blocked out! They are starting to put on a show here now!

09:48 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Ireland had the advantage with a player less on the goal line, but McLoughlin pushes the defender and loses possession for her team. 
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