India 2-0 Italy, Under-17 Friendly Match, As It Happened

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India U-17s 2-0 Italy U-17s, Full-time


20:24 (IST)19 MAY 2017

That's all from us here. We look forward to having you live for more India Under-17s matches. Until next time, goodbye.

20:24 (IST)19 MAY 2017

What a win for the Colts today. It wasn't only the goals. The way the Colts took Italy apart and didn't allow them a single clear-cut chance at goal is a testament to the progress this group has made. Today marks a special day for Indian football. India 2-0 Italy

20:22 (IST)19 MAY 2017

That's the full-time whistle as India script history by beating Italy 2-0.

20:17 (IST)19 MAY 2017

Oh what a chance for India!

Aniket again with a curling effort after a fine move but the forward narrowly shoots over. It's been an all-round solid performance from the Colts. 

20:15 (IST)19 MAY 2017

The game's now slowly petering out as India have all but sealed their win. We are into the final few minutes. 

20:14 (IST)19 MAY 2017

Rahul slots the loose ball into an empty net to give India a 2-0 advantage. 

20:12 (IST)19 MAY 2017

The Colts finally double their lead. It's India 2-0 Italy. 

20:11 (IST)19 MAY 2017


20:11 (IST)19 MAY 2017

We are into the final quarter hour of the game as India lead Italy 1-0. It's been one hell of a display from the Colts here. 

20:07 (IST)19 MAY 2017

The shot is weak and is straight at Gill. India still lead 1-0. 

20:07 (IST)19 MAY 2017

Freekick from the edge of the box for Italy!

20:05 (IST)19 MAY 2017

What a chance for India!

Open goal miss by the Colts as another chance goes begging here. It seems the 2nd goal won't go in for India here. 

20:01 (IST)19 MAY 2017

Italy have looked below par today as they have clearly struggled to create chances. Once again here, the Azzurri's corner is expertly dealt with by India's defenders. 

19:59 (IST)19 MAY 2017

Aniket with another clearcut chance but he blazes over with virtually an open goal gaping. How many more misses before he finds the net?

19:57 (IST)19 MAY 2017

Chance for India! 

A poor clearance by the Italy goalkeeper allows Aniket a free shot on goal but the number 11 shoots high. Disappointing from the forward as he has now let two, three gilt edges chances pass. 

19:54 (IST)19 MAY 2017

It's still 1-0 to India. 

19:54 (IST)19 MAY 2017

Another chance wasted by India!

A sweeping counterattack opened up the Italy backline but Aniket dallies on the ball and fails to get a proper  shot away. 

19:51 (IST)19 MAY 2017

What a miss for the Colts there. 

19:51 (IST)19 MAY 2017

Chance for India!

Aniket in a one-on-one with the goalkeeper but his shot is too close to the keeper who keeps the score at 1-0. 

19:49 (IST)19 MAY 2017

Chance for Italy!

Italy have struggled to get out of their own half in the 2nd half but one slide rule pass is enough to break past India's lines. However, the cross at the end of it is well defended.  

19:46 (IST)19 MAY 2017

India have settled into a 4-5-1 shape but the pressing from midfield, which has been immense today, is still on display. 

19:44 (IST)19 MAY 2017

Shot from Italy after a loose pass at the back set the lurking Italian attacker free on goal but he shoots wide. 

19:42 (IST)19 MAY 2017

Great forward pressing by the Colts but this time their effort was overzealous, ending up conceding a freekick. 

19:40 (IST)19 MAY 2017

Italy have started on the front foot in the second half but India haven't sat back. They have been pretty direct throughout the match and that looks set to continue. 

19:37 (IST)19 MAY 2017

And we have kicked off in the 2nd half. 

19:24 (IST)19 MAY 2017

The goal came in the 31st minute as Abhijit's cross took a deflection before creeping in. With that strike, the Indian Colts took a first half lead for the first time on their ongoing European tour.

19:22 (IST)19 MAY 2017

That's the halftime whistle at the Stadio Citta di Arezzo where the Indian Colts lead their Italian counterparts 1-0. India have dominated proceedings from the off and the one-goal lead is the least they deserve for their 1st half efforts. Italy have gone missing in the entire game so far. 

19:19 (IST)19 MAY 2017

All the play is happening inside the Italy half as the Colts push for a second goal. However, they have lacked incision ever since the opening goal. 

19:15 (IST)19 MAY 2017

Another chance for India from a right wing cross but the Italian goalkeeper claims the ball this time. 

19:13 (IST)19 MAY 2017

This is perfect for the Colts now as Italy are forced to take the initiative. India can now hit on the break with their fast forwards. 

19:11 (IST)19 MAY 2017

India have outplayed their opponents in every aspect today so far. It remains to be seen how long they can hold on to their 1-0 lead. 

19:09 (IST)19 MAY 2017

The lead is thr least the Colts deserve after their fine showing so far. They are probing again but Italy hold on. 

19:08 (IST)19 MAY 2017

This is the first time the Colts have taken the lead in their European tour. 

19:07 (IST)19 MAY 2017


19:06 (IST)19 MAY 2017

It was Stalin with that brilliant slaloming run and shot. 

19:05 (IST)19 MAY 2017

What a chance for India!

A great run from the right leads to a shooting opportunity which is sent just over the bar. Close shave there!

19:03 (IST)19 MAY 2017

Brilliant defending by the Colts as a switch of play isolated Italy's left winger but he is expertly stopped from running clear. 0-0

19:01 (IST)19 MAY 2017

It's still 0-0 though

19:00 (IST)19 MAY 2017

India are pressing in the opposition half as well. This intensity from the Colts looks refreshing. 

18:57 (IST)19 MAY 2017

Italy haven't been allowed time on the ball to string a few forward passes together. Hence, they have tried the long ball but without much joy. 

18:56 (IST)19 MAY 2017

Chance for India!

A cross from the right is headed away by the Italian defence but the follow-up shot goes way high. 

18:54 (IST)19 MAY 2017

India have looked a different unit today with their proactive pressing and constant attacking. Once again, they thwart an Italy attack with a touchline press. 

18:51 (IST)19 MAY 2017

It's still 0-0. 

18:51 (IST)19 MAY 2017

Freekick for India from a pretty central area which is wasted. Goalkick to Italy but India have had the better start. 

18:49 (IST)19 MAY 2017

Chance for India!

Aniket makes a great run into the heart of the Italy defence but he is eventually pushed off the ball as he tried to shoot from a narrow angle. 

18:46 (IST)19 MAY 2017

India have looked the more aggressive of the two but Italy are being pure Italian at this stage: not conceding a goal. 

18:45 (IST)19 MAY 2017

Chance for India!

A quick throw-in releases the Indian right-winger but he cuts inside and shoots straight at the goalkeeper. 

18:44 (IST)19 MAY 2017

Offside for Italy as a chipped ball from the right-back finds the forward in an offside position. 

18:43 (IST)19 MAY 2017

Chance for India from the left hand side but the final shot is hit wide of target. Komal is involved early on. 

18:42 (IST)19 MAY 2017

India have looked more patient with their buildup play today as Italy are standing off. That has helped the Colts to create the early openings. 0-0
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