India 0-0 Lazio, Under-17 Lazio Cup 2017, As It Happened

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India U-17 0-0 Lazio, Full-time


22:26 (IST)24 MAY 2017

It ends 0-0 between India Under-17s and Lazio Under-17s in Fiuggi here. The Colts put up a good fight but were unable to score the goal. It's two draws in two games for the Colts so far in the Lazio Cup. We will be back tomorrow with more India U-17s action. Until then, goodbye!

22:23 (IST)24 MAY 2017

H2, 34' India with a long throw into the Lazio box but the Italian side defend the Colts' attack well. 

22:19 (IST)24 MAY 2017

H2, 30' We are close to full-time here but the score still reads 0-0

22:18 (IST)24 MAY 2017

H2, 29' Chance for the Colts late into the second half with a freekick from the edge of the Lazio final third. Stalin's effort is off target as Lazio restart.

22:16 (IST)24 MAY 2017

H2, 28' Abhijit creates a shooting opportunity by cutting inside from the left, but his effort is blocked

22:14 (IST)24 MAY 2017

H2, 26' Nothing much happening near either goal as the ball is moving around in midfield. The Colts manage to create an opening with a low, fizzed cross across the Lazio box, but there is no one to get on the end of it. 0-0

22:11 (IST)24 MAY 2017

H2, 24' It's been a pretty even contest in the second half so far. Lazio haven't made things easy for the Colts, and neither has India's finishing. 0-0

22:08 (IST)24 MAY 2017

H2, 21' Lazio come close directly from a corner as the ball just lands over the bar and on the net. The Italians have looked better in the last few minutes. 0-0

22:06 (IST)24 MAY 2017

H2, 19' Lazio are slowly getting into the game, earning their second corner in quick succession. Could tired legs once again deny the Colts?

22:04 (IST)24 MAY 2017

H2, 17' Lazio create an opening from a corner but the final shot is blocked by a number of Indian defenders. That's about it from Lazio so far today in terms of attacking threat.

22:03 (IST)24 MAY 2017

H2, 16' Chance for India!

A one-one-one chance spurned by the Colts as Lazio's 'keeper continues his fine day in front of goal.

22:02 (IST)24 MAY 2017

H2, 14' The Colts have been attempting the long diagonal from the back but it hasn't been fruitful so far. Another long ball from the back is gathered easily by the Lazio keeper.

21:59 (IST)24 MAY 2017

H2, 11' Aniket with the ball on the right once again, and once again he fails to beat the first man. The Colts have built up well until the final third, where they seem to lose their cool.

21:56 (IST)24 MAY 2017

H2, 8' Jeakson with a brilliant cutting run but his shot is blocked and Lazio survive another India attack. How much longer before the Colts take the lead?

21:55 (IST)24 MAY 2017

H2, 7' Lazio have put up a blanket defence now, leaving the Colts with little space to attack. Aniket gets the ball on the right but fails to beat the first man.

21:53 (IST)24 MAY 2017

H2, 5' India look to gain the early advantage in the 2nd half but Lazio haven't looked like sitting back. An entertaining half is on the cards

21:48 (IST)24 MAY 2017

2nd, 1' And we are underway in the 2nd half!

21:41 (IST)24 MAY 2017

Inspired stuff from the Colts here but the deadlock is yet to be broken. Will the 2nd half be kinder to India?

21:40 (IST)24 MAY 2017

It's halftime here in Fiuggi with the score 0-0.  

21:36 (IST)24 MAY 2017

30' 0-0

21:36 (IST)24 MAY 2017

Chance for India!

The Colts hit Lazio on the break but the opposition goalkeeper makes a fine save to deny India. The follow-up shot from Komal is wayward. 

21:34 (IST)24 MAY 2017

27' Freekick to Lazio on the edge of India's defensive third. However, the delivery is poor and the Colts get away. 

21:32 (IST)24 MAY 2017

25' We are almost at the end of the 1st half and it's been a dominant half from the Colts. Still 0-0

21:28 (IST)24 MAY 2017

22' The Colts have been really aggressive off the ball, denying even a second of time to their opponents. 

21:26 (IST)24 MAY 2017

19' It's still 0-0

21:26 (IST)24 MAY 2017

19' Freekick to the Colts near the corner flag but it's a tame effort from Stalin which is cleared away easily. 

21:24 (IST)24 MAY 2017

17' Lazio enjoying a bit of possession here but there has been no penetration from the hosts. Another move breaks down, resulting in a goalkick for the Colts. 

21:21 (IST)24 MAY 2017

15' 0-0 Attacking-wise, the Colts have been miles better than their opponents today. 

21:20 (IST)24 MAY 2017

14' India hit the crossbar!

A long range effort nearly results in a goal for the impressive Colts. 

21:18 (IST)24 MAY 2017

11' Stalin with a wicked delivery from a central freekick 30 yards out. The ball dips just before arriving at the far post but the Lazio goalkeeper is alert and tips it behind for a corner. The corner is wasted by the Colts. 

21:16 (IST)24 MAY 2017

9' The high pressing Colts put the Lazio goalkeeper under pressure from a back pass. India are on the ascendancy here but the opening goal hasn't yet arrived. 

21:13 (IST)24 MAY 2017

7' First time diagonal balls being attempted by Lazio but India's high defensive line has no problem dealing with them. 

21:11 (IST)24 MAY 2017

5' Lazio haven't seen much of the ball as it has all been the Colts so far. Still 0-0 though but India with the best chance in the 2nd minute. 

21:09 (IST)24 MAY 2017

2' Early attack from the right by the Colts, resulting in a corner. It's taken short and the cross is almost turned into the net but for the crossbar. The follow-up shot is hit high. Early chance for the Colts

21:08 (IST)24 MAY 2017

1' Lazio have swarmed over the Indians​ in the early exchanges. The home team mean business here. 

21:06 (IST)24 MAY 2017

1' And we are underway with Lazio kicking off proceedings!

21:03 (IST)24 MAY 2017

Both teams are now out on the pitch as kick-off is imminent.

20:59 (IST)24 MAY 2017

India Under-17s' latest results:

India 1-2 Sporting CP
India 1-1 Saint Leu
India 2-0 Italy Under-17s
India 1-1 Lega Pro XI

20:56 (IST)24 MAY 2017

We are minutes away from kick-off here in Fiuggi as the Indian Colts square off to Lazio Under-17s.

15:20 (IST)24 MAY 2017

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Indian Under-17 team.

Today, the Indian Colts take on Lazio in the Lazio Cup 2017. The Colts are on the back of a 1–1 draw with a Lega Pro XI yesterday and will look to get their first win of the Lazio Cup today.

Fiuggi will be the venue for the game which will be the day’s fourth kick-off. The match will be of 60 minutes duration and starts at 9 PM Indian Standard Time.

Both teams’ squads are as follows:

India: 5 Stalin Sanjeev, 1 Moiranghtem Dheeraj, 2 Thangjam Boris Singh, 3 Rakip Mohamad, 4 Ali Anwar, 6 Wanjam Singh Suresh, 7 Kiyam Singh Amarjit, 8 Sarangi Shubham, 9 Thatal Komal, 10 Jadhav Anil Aniket, 11 Sarkar Abhijit, 12 Meher Saurabh, 13 Singh Jitendra, 14 Praveen Rahul Kannoly, 15 Ali Rahim, 16 Gill Singh Prabhusukhan, 17 Naorem Nongdamba, 18 Deshpande Namit.

Lazio: 9 Federico Scaffidi, 6 Roberto De Angelis, 3 Nicoló Armini, 4 Raffaele Silvestre, 5 Leonardo Iattia, 7 Alessandro Cerbara, 8 Fabio Francucci, 10 Andrea Spoletini, 11 Matteo Napolitano, 12 Matteo Pinna, 13 Gianmarco Marini, 14 Mattia Petricco, 15 Alessio Mengoni, 16 Daniele Napolitano, 17 Matteo Terenzi, 18 Lorenzo Nicodemo.
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