India vs Malaysia Hockey Live Score and match updates from Asia Cup 2017

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India 5-2 Malaysia. Full Time! Akashdeep, Harmanpreet, Uthappa, Gurjant, Sunil; Rahim, Ramadan.


18:49 (IST)19 OCT 2017

Full Time! And with that, we come to the end of the game, as India complete a massive 6-2 drubbing of Malaysia. They have all but sealed their spot for the summit clash of the Hockey Asia Cup 2017. Mathematically, they need just a draw against Pakistan to make it through. Realistically the +4 goal difference can go a long way to help them out in this regard.

18:44 (IST)19 OCT 2017

59' - GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!! And its SARDAR SINGH! This is the Sardar of old, that we know. Akashdeep plays it down the channel inside the circle, as Sardar ran on to it, and on the run, played a reverse shot into the far post from a very tight angle!

18:43 (IST)19 OCT 2017

58' - GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLL!!!!!!! Ramadan pulls another one back for Malaysia! He received a long ball well inside the India circle, turned and poked it below the keeper's feet.

18:42 (IST)19 OCT 2017

58' - PC for Malaysia! Razie shoots, but Chikte again makes a diving save.

18:40 (IST)19 OCT 2017

58' - Ramadan breaks down the middle at great speed, but he is soon brought down by an Indian defender.

18:38 (IST)19 OCT 2017

55' - Razie enters the circle, turns, and pulls the trigger, but his shot is miscued, as his stick flies into the air, and grazes Chinglensana's head. That riled up a few of the Indian players, who had a heated exchange with the Malaysians. However, the umpires intervened in time, to cool down the situation.

18:36 (IST)19 OCT 2017

55' - PC for Malaysia! Another shot, and another brilliant save by Chikte.

18:35 (IST)19 OCT 2017

54 - PC for Malaysia! Rahim again goes for the bottom corner, but Chikte did well to make a diving save.

18:32 (IST)19 OCT 2017

54- Rahim weaved his way into the circle, went past three Indian defenders to earn a PC. However, India have challenged the call. However, the decision stands, and India lose their referral.

18:31 (IST)19 OCT 2017

53' - Ramandeep got the ball on the edge ofthe circle on the left flank, jinked past a defender and tried to earn a PC, but his efforts failed, as he ended up hitting the ball on his own foot.

18:28 (IST)19 OCT 2017

50' - GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rahim converts a PC for Malaysia, to pull one goal back for them. He received the ball at the top of the circle, and flicked it towards the near post, as the ball took a deflection off an Indian stick and went in.

18:26 (IST)19 OCT 2017

49' - Satpal snatches the ball in midfield and passes it to Lalit in space. He gets a 1-vs-1 situation, but then comes under some pressure from the defence, and gives away the ball.

18:24 (IST)19 OCT 2017

47' - Chance! Tenku runs with the ball to the centre of the circle and pulls the trigger, but his shot is again wide of the target.

18:22 (IST)19 OCT 2017

46' - Gurjant gets things underway, but Malaysia immediately get into the attack. However, India negotiate the attack and settle for a Malaysian long corner.

18:20 (IST)19 OCT 2017

End of Q3! This has been all about India! They have gone on a complete rampage against the Malaysians, who have shown good form this tournament. However, it does bot seem like they have any way back into the match now.

18:18 (IST)19 OCT 2017

44' - Chance! Tenku receives the ball inside the India circle, with his back to the goal. He was completely unmarked, as he turned and took his dhot, but again, his shot was well wide.

18:17 (IST)19 OCT 2017

43' - PC for Malaysia! Chinglensana did brilliantly to get a stick onto that shot, after which the ball was cleared. Akashdeep did brilliantly to sprint backwards and prevent the clearance from going out of play, and played a long through ball to Gurjant, but his pass was a little too ahead.

18:13 (IST)19 OCT 2017

40' - GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL!!!!  SV Sunil makes it 5-0 for India! Sardar steals the ball in India's circle and plays a=out a reverse stick to Sunil, who plays it through to Gurjant. Gurjant runs past a defender and enters the box, switches to his left side, and whips it across goal. A sliding Sunil knocks the ball over the line with his stick. 5-0 India!

18:09 (IST)19 OCT 2017

37' - Tenku tries to win a PC as he heads towards the India circle, and they immediately go for the review. But the replays show that the impact with Satbir's foot was outside the circle. Its only a free hit.

18:04 (IST)19 OCT 2017

33' - GGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gurjant makes it four! Akashdeep weaves his way past a couple of defenders on the right side, and crosses it across the face of the goal. Gurjant, who was waiting in exactly the correct spot, just had to tap it into an empty net. 4-0 India!

18:01 (IST)19 OCT 2017

31' - India get things underway, as they immediately win a long corner.

17:52 (IST)19 OCT 2017

Half Time! Malaysia have dominated the proceedings towards the end of the 2nd quarter, but the Indian defenders have been able to successfully foil them outside their circle, on most occasions. It has been a rather frustrating half for Malaysia, who have had their chances, but have been wasteful in front of goal. India, on the other hand, have shown their clinical side today, taking a big 3-0 lead into the dressing room at half time.

17:49 (IST)19 OCT 2017

28' - Sardar gets the ball back in the middle of the park, and plays it forward, but its a wayward pass, and Malaysia get back on the ball.

17:45 (IST)19 OCT 2017

24' - GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uthappa gets the third one! Ramandeep takes a shot, but it was deflected off a stick, and falls to Uthappa, who slams it into the far post.

17:43 (IST)19 OCT 2017

23' - That was a well taken PC, but Suraj made a good save to parry it away. 

17:42 (IST)19 OCT 2017

23 - Manpreet is penalised for a stick-check, and Malaysia get a PC.

17:40 (IST)19 OCT 2017

12' - Ramandeep makes a circle entry from the left and pulls the trigger while under pressure from Azri, but his back-swing catches Azri on the head. That looked painful.

17:38 (IST)19 OCT 2017

21' - PC! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!! Harmanpreet drag-flicks it towards the far post this time, and his shot is accurate, as it sails past an outstretched hand, and nestles into the Malaysia net.

17:36 (IST)19 OCT 2017

20' - PC! Harmanpreet drag flicks it into a Malaysia foot, and wins another PC!

17:35 (IST)19 OCT 2017

20' - Ramandeep wins a PC.

17:35 (IST)19 OCT 2017

19' - India mount the counter attack from that chance, as Akashdeep fizzes in a cross from the left flank, but it misses everyone.

17:34 (IST)19 OCT 2017

19' - A comical bit of play there, as Suraj saves the shot, as the ball gets stuck in his pads.

17:32 (IST)19 OCT 2017

18' - Tenku enters the box again, and earns a PC off Chinglensana.

17:32 (IST)19 OCT 2017

17' - Chance! Tenku receives a cross in front of goal, turns and shoots, but again, its high and wide.

17:30 (IST)19 OCT 2017

And Malaysia get the proceedings underway, as India get back on the ball, as they try to dominate possession.

17:30 (IST)19 OCT 2017

End of Q1! And with that we come to the end of the first quarter. India have been dominant, keeping 62% possession in the Malaysia half, while making 11 circle entries. However, for all that effort, they only have 2 shots on goal to show for it. Their saving grace is that they have gotten the opening goal.

17:28 (IST)19 OCT 2017

15' - Chance! Now Malaysia make a circle entry, and get their shot away, but their shot high and wide.

17:25 (IST)19 OCT 2017

14' - GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Akashdeep breaks the deadlock! He received the ball with his back to the goal, and a defender on his shoulder, as he turned and pulled the trigger, to place it in between the goalkeeper's legs.

17:24 (IST)19 OCT 2017

14' - Haziq gets back to the field after serving his suspension. Its an 11 vs 11 affair again.

17:23 (IST)19 OCT 2017

12' - Rohidas enters the circle and tries to earn a PC, but the umpire rules that the ball struck him on the stick.

17:21 (IST)19 OCT 2017

Green Card: Haziq of Malaysia gets a green card. Malaysia are down to 10 men for the next two minutes.

17:20 (IST)19 OCT 2017

10' - Malaysia make another circle entry, but their possession is short lived, as India soon get back on the ball.

17:17 (IST)19 OCT 2017

6' Ramandeep steals the ball in the middle of the park and sprints towards goal. He plays it through to Lalit inside the circle, as the latter pulls the trigger. However, his shot is parried away.

17:15 (IST)19 OCT 2017

5' - Penalty Corner, India! Another poor PC by India, as Malaysia clear the ball successfully.

17:14 (IST)19 OCT 2017

4' - Lalit enters the circle after a one-two, but he runs into a defender, and earns a PC. 

17:12 (IST)19 OCT 2017

2' - Malaysia mount an attack from the left wing, and make a circle entry,  but the angle is too tight, and the Indian defenders crowded them out in front of goal.

17:11 (IST)19 OCT 2017

1' - Malaysia get things underway, as India immediately get on the ball and try to launch an attack. However, the on-form Malaysia side get the ball back soon enough.

17:09 (IST)19 OCT 2017

The national anthems are done, and the players are ready to get the proceedings underway.

14:17 (IST)19 OCT 2017

India will be looking to get their first win in the Super 4 stage of the Hockey Asia Cup 2017, as they take on highflying Malaysia, in Dhaka, on Thursday.

Malaysia have been on top form this tournament, as they finished top ofGroup B, which also included tournament favourites South Korea. They followed up their good performance in the group stage with a 3-2 win over Asian giants Pakistan, on Wednesday, and are currently topping the Super 4 round robin stage.

India, on the other hand, have shown tremendous form in the group stage, as they scored as many as 15 goals in their three matches in Group A against the likes of Japan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

However, their performance in the Super 4 stage has been below par, as they barely managed a late equalizer to level things up at 1-1 against South Korea, on Wednesday.

The Indian attack has been on top form this tournament, with the trio of Akashdeep Singh, Lalit Upadhyay and Ramandeep Singh firing on all cylinders. The midfield has also looked solid, with the presence of the likes of Chinglensana Singh and captain Harmanpreet Singh.

Harmanpreet, who has been named captain for the tournament, has lead the team well, in the absence of regular captain and goalkeeper PR Sreejesh. While Sreejesh has been absent, the likes of Akash Chikte and Suraj Karkera.

Meanwhile, the defence has been solid as well, with the likes of Manpreet Singh and Amit Rohidas manning the back line. Sardar Singh, who has played as a midfielder throughout his career, has been a revelation in his newfound position at the heart of the Indian defence, playing long piercing balls out of the back.

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