India vs New Zealand Hockey (FT: 2-3): Live Commentary and Score, 4 Nations Invitational Tournament 2016

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13:09 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Rupinder Pal Singh got one back for India but it proved to be too late.

13:07 (IST)26 NOV 2016

All credit to New Zealand for remaining in the game and stepping up the gas just when they needed. India play Malaysia in the 3rd-4th place playoff.

13:02 (IST)26 NOV 2016

India will be really disappointed with this loss here.

13:02 (IST)26 NOV 2016

FULL TIME India 2-3 New Zealand

13:00 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q4 India 2-3 New Zealand - India get a penalty corner. No time remaining. Sardar injects and it is saved. NEW ZEALAND win

12:58 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q4 15' India 2-3 New Zealand - GOOOALL?? NO!!! The ball goes in but it is disallowed.

12:56 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q4' 13 India 2-3 New Zealand - Can India find an equaliser? They get lucky as New Zealand are down to 10. The BlackSticks try to run the clock down.

12:55 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q4 13' India 2-3 New Zealand - India look to have woken up and have 11 outfielders now on the field. This is a good game.

12:53 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q4 12' India 2-3 New Zealand - India answer right back and win a penalty corner. Can Rupinder make amends? Sardar injects, RUPINDER SCORESSSSSSSSS GOALLLLLLL

12:51 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q4 11' India 1-3 New Zealand - India concede a penalty corner. SAVED by CHIKTE but they get another penalty corner. GOOOOOALLLLLLLL INGLES

12:48 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q4 10' India 1-2 New Zealand - New Zealand are smelling blood here and are looking to go for the kill. Suddenly, it is India who have to do the hard work.

12:46 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q4 7' India 1-2 New Zealand - India have committed suicidal mistake here and they might have to pay for it. Such a flat start in the final quarter could cost them.

12:44 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q4 5' India 1-2 New Zealand - Absolutely shambolic defending from India as they let New Zealand in on two occasions. New Zealand are looking inspired. This is an incredible turnaround.

12:42 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q4 India 1-2 New Zealand - JACOB SMITH scores and New Zealand lead. HOW ABOUT THAT

12:41 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q4 2' India 1-1 New Zealand - GOOOOOALLLLLL by Nick Ross and the BLACKSTICKS are level.

12:39 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q4 2' India 1-0 New Zealand - New Zealand need to score two goals and not let India score another if they want to qualify for the final. They start aggressively but the ball goes back to India. 

12:38 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q4 begins.

12:36 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Quarter 3 ends and India are leading by 1-0

12:35 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q3 15' India 1-0 New Zealand - India looking rather comfortable on the ball here. New Zealand attack but Raghunath tackles well. The third quarter comes to an end.

12:34 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q3 11' India 1-0 New Zealand - A rare dull passage of two minutes in the game here as New Zealand's search for an equaliser continues.

12:32 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q3 9' India 1-0 New Zealand - India are maintaining their composure here but New Zealand are lurking.

12:29 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q3 7' India 1-0 New Zealand - GREAT SAVE BY AKASH CHIKTE!!! What a save!! He has kept India in the contest. New Zealand should have leveled there.

12:25 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q3 5' India 1-0 New Zealand - Sardar has seen a lot of the ball today and while he has been good, chances created by him have been minimal.

12:23 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q3' 2 India 1-0 New Zealand - The BlackSticks get us away in the second half. They try to attack but India regain possession soon. India go forward through Nikkin Thimmiah but the effort is just wide from Affan.

12:20 (IST)26 NOV 2016

We are back!!!

12:13 (IST)26 NOV 2016

We will be back shortly with the second half. Stay with us!!!!

12:13 (IST)26 NOV 2016

India have been pretty decent in the first half despite not playing up to their potential.

12:11 (IST)26 NOV 2016

HALF TIME India 1-0 New Zealand

12:11 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q2 15' India 1-0 New Zealand - Sardar Singh getting a lot of space in the midfield but he is playing too deep. New Zealand attack and take a shot but Chikte makes an easy save.HALF TIME

12:08 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q2 13' India 1-0 New Zealand - India string together a couple of passes before the driving the ball in. They are attacking with a lot of intent here.

12:07 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q2 11' India 1-0 New Zealand - Great passage of passing by India here as they try to attack. NEARLY there. Top class run by Nikkin Thimmiah there. He is playing with a lot of strapping on his thigh.

12:04 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q2 9' India 1-0 New Zealand - New Zealand are pressing hard here and they need to do a lot more of that. Sardar showing a lot of class here. What movement!!!

12:03 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q2 7' India 1-0 New Zealand - India are attacking a lot more now. Satbeer drives the ball in but it is defended well by New Zealand.The Black Sticks try to get forward but the ball goes out of play.

12:00 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q2 5' India 1-0 New Zealand - Akashdeep absolutely crucial in that goal and India have much more confidence now. What do New Zealand have in them? Can they bounce back?

11:57 (IST)26 NOV 2016


11:57 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q2 3' India 0-0 New Zealand - India get us underway in the second quarter and are looking to be a little more active. THEY GET A PENALTY STROKE

11:55 (IST)26 NOV 2016

We are underway!!!

11:53 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Quarter 2 to begin shortly

11:52 (IST)26 NOV 2016

End of Quarter 1 and score remains 0-0

11:51 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q1 15' India 0-0 New Zealand - India have been subdued by an excellently setup New Zealand team. Right as we say that. India get a PENALTY CORNER. Rupinder is lurking. Sardar injects. GREAT SAVE. The game goes on after the penalty corner but New Zealand survive. Top defending.

11:48 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q1 12' India 0-0 New Zealand - Sardar Singh trying to produce his customary long Hollywood passes. He is playing really deep. Sardar goes off. New Zealand put a great ball in. It goes in goal but no touch.

11:46 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q1 10' India 0-0 New Zealand - More than half of the first quarter gone and you cannot choose between the two team. A lot of caution on display here from both teams.

11:44 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q1 8' India 0-0 New Zealand - New Zealand give the ball away and India attack but fail to crack the defence. India trying to control the game.

11:42 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q1 6' India 0-0 New Zealand - New Zealand seeing more of the ball now and are attacking. They enter the circle but Raghunath defends really well.

11:41 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Q1 5' India 0-0 New Zealand - India are keeping a lot of the ball and New Zealand are chasing the ball. The Black Sticks attack though and SAVED by Chikte. India need to make use of possession.

11:38 (IST)26 NOV 2016

 Q1 2' India 0-0 New Zealand - India break forward early in the game but the ball goes out of play. India keeping possession and spraying passes all over the turf. This is a decent start by the Men in Blue, who are in white.

11:36 (IST)26 NOV 2016

We are ready to go.

11:35 (IST)26 NOV 2016

Chikte starts in goal for India. He has been in amazing form. It is amazing how he has filled the big shoes of PR Sreejesh.

11:32 (IST)26 NOV 2016

India need to win this to seal a final spot. The winner of this match is going to play Australia in the final tomorrow.

11:29 (IST)26 NOV 2016

The match is about to begin as the flags have been brought on to the astro turf and the teams will be out soon.

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