India vs Pakistan Football Live Match Updates: SAFF Championship 2018 Semifinal

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Full time India( Manvir 49' 69', Passi 84') 3-1 Pakistan (Bashir 88')


21:42 (IST)12 SEP 2018

Full time -India( Manvir 49' 69', Passi 84') 3-1 Pakistan (Bashir 88')

21:24 (IST)12 SEP 2018

Full Time

20:55 (IST)12 SEP 2018

90+4 Chhangte looses the possession in what could've been a dangerous counter as Kaith came off his line to collect a cross from a Pak attacker!

20:53 (IST)12 SEP 2018

90+3' Sarthak comes off the backline to clear a dangerous cross with an aerobic dive!

20:52 (IST)12 SEP 2018

90+1' Riaz chests down a cross from right but his shot after a 360 turn misses the target!

20:51 (IST)12 SEP 2018

87' GOAALL!! Hasan Bashir scores for Pakistan! A loose header falls on to Hasan as his scorcher blazed through the left bottom corner and all Vishal Kaith could do was to watch!

20:49 (IST)12 SEP 2018

86' Altercation in the middle as Chahangte and No. 10 of Pakistan gets into a feisty fight, before Referee comes to intervene it!

20:47 (IST)12 SEP 2018

84' Farukh was again at the heart of the goal with a no-look through to his left as Ashique breezed through the left to deliver a pitch perfect cross and Sumeet Passi heads it home beating his marker enroute!

20:45 (IST)12 SEP 2018

84' GOOOOAAAALLL! Passi joins the party.

20:43 (IST)12 SEP 2018

81' Manvir is taken off the field in a stretcher as he seems to have injured his right leg. Sumeer Passi takes his place!

20:39 (IST)12 SEP 2018

76' Ashique goes past his marker from the right flank but his cross is far away from farukh who tries in vain to keep the possesion as Pak counter is foiled again by Indian backline!

20:37 (IST)12 SEP 2018

73' Substitution for Pakistan. 
Adil in for Younus

20:36 (IST)12 SEP 2018

73' Pakistan attempts a long throw which reaches Shahbaz after consecutive back headers but his shot is again wayward!

20:33 (IST)12 SEP 2018

69' Chhangte flaunts his skill with his first touch as he cuts in from the left to sweep past 3 consecutive Pak defenders and passes it to Vinit whose first touch towards right found Manvir as the lanky forward blasts into the top corner to score his second of the day!

20:30 (IST)12 SEP 2018


20:29 (IST)12 SEP 2018

68' Subhasish clears on the left from a surging Pak attack !

20:28 (IST)12 SEP 2018

67' Chhangte comes in for Nikhil poojari !

20:26 (IST)12 SEP 2018

65' Farukh earns a free kick from the right but Manvir heads it straight into the hands of Butt, the Pak custodian!

20:25 (IST)12 SEP 2018

64' Davinder fouls and gifts a free kick to Pakistan!

20:23 (IST)12 SEP 2018

63' Ashique barged  into a counter attack but Nikhil Poojary wastes the chance with a wayward shot!

20:19 (IST)12 SEP 2018

58' Corner kick goes straight into Kaith's hand but the youngstar fumbles and recovers to avert the danger!

20:18 (IST)12 SEP 2018

57' Pakistan gets a corner!

20:18 (IST)12 SEP 2018

55' Riaz again manages to defeat Davinder in the left but his cross is wayward!

20:16 (IST)12 SEP 2018

54' India is now pressing hard. Manvir and Farukh are looking menacing upfront!

20:12 (IST)12 SEP 2018

49'  Farukh to Ashique from the left and the latter stormed through the heart of Pakistan defense to deliver a nice cross at the near post. Manvir beats his marker and manages to give an essential touch as the deadlock is finally broken! India is leading Pakistan!

20:09 (IST)12 SEP 2018

49' GOOOOOAAALL!! Manvir scores!

20:08 (IST)12 SEP 2018

It was an enthralling half which saw end to end stuffs through out the 45 minutes. Pakistan started strong early on, flourishing upfront but India, led by Thapa and Vinit from the middle and Ashique and Nikhil Poojary from the flanks hosted an array of attacks  onto the Pak half . Pakistan rallied back towards the end of the half to rattle the Indian defence but couldn't break the deadlock!
The second half starts!

19:50 (IST)12 SEP 2018

45+1 Dangerous for India!
Hasan Bashir almost scored it from a nice curling cross from Saddam but the header misses the woodwork by an inch!

19:48 (IST)12 SEP 2018

42' Dangerous free kick for Pakistan just outside of the box... But they hit the wall as danger averts again!
This is Davinder's 4th mistake in this half!

19:45 (IST)12 SEP 2018

38' Brilliant stuff! End to end.The cleared ball finds Pakistan attacker again but Kaith is in full confidence today as he dived to his left to deny the opening goal .... The resultant counter sees Farukh miss the far post by a whisker

19:41 (IST)12 SEP 2018

37' And Kaith saves it !

19:40 (IST)12 SEP 2018

36' Heart bit stops for a second!

19:40 (IST)12 SEP 2018

36' Indirect Freekick Awarded inside the box to Pakistan!! Sarthak passes the ball to Kaith who made a naive offence of gathering it!

19:38 (IST)12 SEP 2018

35' Thapa mispasses from the left as Pakistan takes the possesion but a long ball aimed at Ali towards the left flank manages to fool both Davinder and him.
Lucky for him the ball crosses the touchline to gift India a Goal-kick!

19:33 (IST)12 SEP 2018

30' Goalie Yousuf Butt, the man of the moment for Pakistan needs some medical attention in the middle and  the game resumes

19:31 (IST)12 SEP 2018

26' Phase of subsequent attacks.. Thapa lays off a through for onrushing Ashique whose shot, aimed at the far post gets a crucial touch from the flying goalie of Pakistan!
This game is living up to its hype! Exciting stuff!

19:29 (IST)12 SEP 2018

24' What a brilliant CHAAANCEE!
Farukh takes a great run from the middle, takes off the marker which a back touch; passes it back to Manvir, but the forward's scorcher was brilliantly saved by Pak custodian!
Chances are in galore!

19:26 (IST)12 SEP 2018

22' Brilliant curling free kick by Md. Ashique Kuruniyan but Salam Ranjan heads it wide off the near post to clear the danger for Pakistan!

19:23 (IST)12 SEP 2018

20' Vinit orchestrate another Indian attack from the middle but Ashique's cross is too long for Manvir!

19:15 (IST)12 SEP 2018

9' CHAAANCE!! First Manvir comes close to scoring followed by Subhashish and Vinit taking one a piece attempt each!

19:13 (IST)12 SEP 2018

8' Finally the Indian attackers  are coming into the fray as they try to regroup after the early onslaught  by Pakistan! Manvir misses a half chance!

19:09 (IST)12 SEP 2018

5'  Pakistan come close!!
This time  Riyaz headed in a curling Freekick but Vishal Kaith stands tall as he waves the ball sailing past the near post.

19:05 (IST)12 SEP 2018

19:02 (IST)12 SEP 2018

19:00 (IST)12 SEP 2018

16:24 (IST)12 SEP 2018

Both the teams will be looking to field their best squads in the all-important Semifinal clash. Here is how we expect both the teams to line up:

India probable XI: Vishal Kaith; Jerry, Subhasish, Salam, Davinder; Ashique Kuruniyan, Germanpreet, Thapa, Lallianzuala; Manvir, Farukh.

Pakistan probable XI: Butt; Mohsin Ali, Rehman, Ahmed, Younas; Riaz, Qazi, Hussain, Khan; Bashir, Ali.

16:16 (IST)12 SEP 2018

Out of the 23 times the two sides have met earlier, India have won 10 matches, 10 games were drawn, and three were won by Pakistan. 

India have won all three of their previous 3 encounters. It will be exciting to see if the young squad is able to carry on the momentum. 

16:15 (IST)12 SEP 2018

Let us take a look at the head-to-head record between the two teams:

All time India vs Pakistan results

13:22 (IST)12 SEP 2018

India vs Pakistan is one of the most celebrated rivalries of all time. The football teams of the two nations will be locking horns after a long gap of 5 years.

The Blue Tigers finished on top of Group B after brushing aside challenges from Sri Lanka and Maldives and winning 2-0 in both the matches.

Although Stephen Constantine's men won both their group matches and were the only unbeaten team in the group stage, their wins were nowhere close to convincing as they could have done much better and scored many more goals.

A lot of easy chances were squandered up front and there were also a few defensive errors. Although it did not cost them in during the group stage, the young team -- led by Subhashish Bose -- needs to be extra careful in the upcoming semifinal. Ashique, Lallianzuala Chhangte were the goalscorers for India in the match against Sri Lanka, while Nikhil Poojary and Manvir Singh netted a goal a piece in the encounter against Maldives. Goalkeeper Vishal Kaith has also been great for India and has pulled off a few stunning saves en route to the semifinal.

The 7-time Champions of SAFF Championship, India, are the favourites going into the semifinal agianst Pakistan, whose best finish in the competition is a third place finish.

The Blue Tigers are currently ranked 96th in the World while the next best ranking of a team at the 2018 SAFF Championship is that of Maldives (150).

A relatively inexperienced squad -- missing the big names such as Sunil Chhetri, Jeje Lalpekhlua, Sandesh Jhingan, Gurpreet Singh Sandhu -- has been sent for the 2018 SAFF Championship. It will be a really good learning experience for them as they are bound to get good international exposure.

On the other hand, Pakistan lost a match against hosts Bangladesh but pulled off good victories against Nepal and Bhutan in Group A. Hassan Bashir, Faheem Ahmed, Muhammad Ali, and Muhammad Riaz have scored the goals for Pakistan thus far and the Indian defenders will need to keep a close eye on them.

All in all, the upcoming semifinal match promises to be a cracker! Stay tuned for all the LIVE UPDATES of the match.
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