India vs Pakistan Hockey Live Score and match updates from Asia Cup 2017

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India 3-0 Pakistan. Q4, Satbir Singh, Harmanpreet Singh, Lalit Upadhyay


20:18 (IST)21 OCT 2017

The match started off strongly as both teams tested each other's defence in the first 2 quarters. India won many penalty corners and Pakistan crucially wasted a referral.

By the 3rd and 4th quarters, India decided to stop toying around and took Pakistan to the cleaners. India were really on song today and Manpreet is the Man of the Match. India are now too far away from Malaysia and South Korea and their place in the final is guaranteed

20:12 (IST)21 OCT 2017

There's the whistle! India have done it! They have defeated Pakistan 4-0

20:10 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Sumit not having a really good time as he gets clobbered again

20:07 (IST)21 OCT 2017

GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gurjant Singh adds a 4th goal

20:06 (IST)21 OCT 2017

India try for a 4th goal but this time aren't successful

20:03 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Some very interested onlookers as the Malaysian team and the South Korean team watch from the sidelines

20:01 (IST)21 OCT 2017

GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lalit hammers in a 3rd goal! Surely its all over for Pakistan!

20:00 (IST)21 OCT 2017

GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Harmanpreet Singh fires in a screamer

19:59 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Sumit gets an almighty shove from Atiq, the latter gets a yellow card and a 5-minute suspension

19:58 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Pakistan lose possession and India counterattack but the Pakistan keeper says nothing doing

19:57 (IST)21 OCT 2017

The Pakistan keeper, Malik pulling off magnificent saves

19:54 (IST)21 OCT 2017

India in a dangerous position and Pakistan concede a penalty corner

19:52 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Opportunity for Varun Kumar and he's missed! India still 1-0 ahead

19:49 (IST)21 OCT 2017

And thats the end of the 3rd quarter, India lead 1-0

19:48 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Crucial save from the Pakistan keeper to prevent the Men in Green going 2-0 down

19:46 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Satbir shoots but gets a deflection of Rashid and the ball rolls away harmlessly

19:45 (IST)21 OCT 2017

India win a penalty corner and Uthappa goes to the edge of the D. HARMANPREET! He has just missed

19:42 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Oh Wait!!! Its Satbir Singh, not Gurjant

19:41 (IST)21 OCT 2017


19:38 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Chinglensana shoots, looking for a teammate but the ball rolls out of play

19:37 (IST)21 OCT 2017

India focusing their circle entry in the center

19:35 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Both teams are on attack mode but the Indian strikers are faster than Pakistan

19:33 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Q3 begins and Pakistan are on the attack, Pakistan try and score but Suraj Karkera isn't letting anything past him

19:31 (IST)21 OCT 2017

So far in both quarters, the action has been fast-paced and a lot of opportunities on both ends

19:22 (IST)21 OCT 2017

That's the whistle! Q2 is over

19:20 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Harmanpreet shoots!!! Its off the crossbar!!!

19:19 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Abu Mahmood gets a green card and Pakistan want to review, quite forgetting that they've lost their referral

19:18 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Pakistan have a shot! But it takes a deflection and goes over the bar

19:16 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Pakistan win a PC but India want to review that

19:15 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Lovely ball from Akashdeep but no one in a good position

19:14 (IST)21 OCT 2017

He misses and cannot get to the rebound

19:13 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Chinglensana trying to build the counterattack and Ramandeep takes the shot!

19:13 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Sumit gets barged out of the way

19:12 (IST)21 OCT 2017

A great chance for Pakistan but no one was there to receive it

19:11 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Pakistan building up their attack but India win it back and Akashdeep is on the counterattack

19:06 (IST)21 OCT 2017

We are back and Pakistan on the attack straightaway

19:03 (IST)21 OCT 2017

We are goalless in the 1st Quarter as the whistle blows

19:03 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Pakistan simply shooting out of bounds now and throwing possession away

19:02 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Less than a minute left in the quarter

19:01 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Harmanpreet tries to get a shot in but the ball got stuck under his stick

19:00 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Ramandeep wins a PC for India

19:00 (IST)21 OCT 2017

India starting to lose the ball easily

18:59 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Pakistan putting India under pressure as Ramandeep slips

18:58 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Ali Shan takes the shot but Chikte saves yet again

18:58 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Rizwan Jr wins another PC for Pakistan

18:57 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Shot is taken but Akash Chikte saves

18:56 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Penalty corner for Pakistan

18:52 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Pakistan lose their referral and India win a free hit

18:52 (IST)21 OCT 2017

The ball hits Amit's stick but Pakistan think it hit his foot

18:51 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Pakistan miss and India on the counterattack but Pakistan review something
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