India vs Scotland, Hockey World League Semifinals 2017 - As it happened

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India 4-1 Scotland, Fourth Quarter


19:56 (IST)15 JUN 2017

Till then. Goodnight and goodbye.

19:55 (IST)15 JUN 2017

Thanks for joining us today. Join us again a day after tomorrow when India take in Canada on the 17th of June again at 6-30pm.

19:54 (IST)15 JUN 2017

And that is it. The final hooter blows and Indian team begins on a winning note. 

India awry to begin with. But the stepped on the gas in the third quarter when the scored 4 after going into halftime a goal down. 

Good start for Roelant Oltamans' men

19:52 (IST)15 JUN 2017

60' - Scotland looking to get a late hurrah. Atkins with a greaf cross but not stick at the end of it.

19:51 (IST)15 JUN 2017

57'- Mandeep Singh down the right. Tries to play it in but can't get the purchase. 

19:49 (IST)15 JUN 2017

Great fight from the Indians in this game. They fell behind early and looked ragged. But they have regrouped. And really shown their class in the second half.

19:47 (IST)15 JUN 2017

54' - Chinglensena plays in Satvir at the top of the cirle but loses out.

19:46 (IST)15 JUN 2017

52' - India shifting the ball across the pitch and totallynin control.

19:44 (IST)15 JUN 2017

51'- Nutmeg from Manpreet. Gets it into Satvir who tries to get down the left. But he has to come back to Manpreet who recycles it into the middle.

19:42 (IST)15 JUN 2017

49' - India get a free hit in a promising position. Gets it into Sunil who goes down the basline on the right. 

Drags it back but no one there.

19:40 (IST)15 JUN 2017

47' - Ramandeep gets the ball at the edge of the box but it immediately surrounded by three defenders. The Scots have learnt their lessons. 

19:38 (IST)15 JUN 2017

46' -  Scotland on the charge early on in the fourth quarter. But Kothajit there for India to snuff out any danger.

19:35 (IST)15 JUN 2017

45' - Kenny Bain with a good chance on the long ball. But he mistraps and that opportunity goes begging.

19:34 (IST)15 JUN 2017

44' - India want more and Akashdeep with a great run down the baseline from the right. But Scotland defend well.

19:33 (IST)15 JUN 2017

43' -  India in complete control at the moment. 

19:32 (IST)15 JUN 2017


INDIA with the first PC of the game and Harmanpreet Singh shows his class. 

Rockets that one in to the right hand corner of the goal. Beautiful.

19:31 (IST)15 JUN 2017

Sunil calls for a referral as he thinks that there is a push on him.

And that is uphelf. PC to India.

19:30 (IST)15 JUN 2017

41' - India on the attack again. Talwinder down the left. Plays it into the middle. Looks for Sunil but je can't find it.

19:27 (IST)15 JUN 2017

40' - WHAT A GOAL! 

Manpreet with a great ball from the left. And Akashdeep with a fantastic touch. Deflects it in. That was world class.

19:25 (IST)15 JUN 2017

39'- India keepong possession and play it around the back and the midfield.

Satvir is back on.

19:24 (IST)15 JUN 2017

38'- India in full control at the.moment but they can't get complacent here.

19:23 (IST)15 JUN 2017

37' - India penalised with a green card as Satvir Singh nis sent to the sin bin.

19:23 (IST)15 JUN 2017

35' - Great steal in the midfield. The ball comes to Sardar who finds Talwalinder on the left.

He has all the time but he hits into turf and wide.

19:21 (IST)15 JUN 2017



It's Ramandeep again. Great work from Sunil at the edge of the circle as he gets in. 

Flicks the ball into the danger area and great movement from Ramandeep to get at the end of it. 

19:19 (IST)15 JUN 2017

33' India stepping up high. Attacking time and again. 

19:18 (IST)15 JUN 2017

32' India on the front foot now. And really buzzing away. Can they get a second.

19:17 (IST)15 JUN 2017

31' - GOAL! 

What a strike from Ramandeep with the Tomahawk from the left hand side of the circle. And thrashes thay one in. What a goal. 

19:16 (IST)15 JUN 2017

31' Pardeep Mor plays it across but Scotland get the free hit.

19:15 (IST)15 JUN 2017

31' - And we are underway here for the second half action. 

19:14 (IST)15 JUN 2017

The Scottish goalkeeper has been excellent in the first half. 

India looked clueless in the beginning but have had a foothold in the latter stages. They need to be more patient. 

19:06 (IST)15 JUN 2017

And that's it. The first half is over and India are down, shockingly to Scotland.

19:06 (IST)15 JUN 2017

30' -  But India get back and get the ball away.

19:06 (IST)15 JUN 2017

30' - Stolen well by Akashdeep who gets it to Sunil. He tries to find Harjeet who is surging down the middle. But that is taken away by an excellent tackle by Callum Duke and springs a counter.

19:04 (IST)15 JUN 2017

29'- India giving it a go in the last minutes. But give away a 25-yard hit for SCO.

19:03 (IST)15 JUN 2017

27' - Good defending by Scotland and they had a chance of their own there.

Kenny Bain stole the ball and played in Forsyth but he can't trap the ball. 

19:02 (IST)15 JUN 2017

26' - Good work by Scotland. Chinglesana and Manpreet has to go back as there is nothing much on offer.

19:01 (IST)15 JUN 2017

25' - MISS!!!

Thrashed in by Surender Kumar. That was bouncing and Akashdeep was unmarked at the far post. But the Indian forward can't deflect that into the goal.

19:00 (IST)15 JUN 2017

24 ' - SAVED!

Alexander with another great save. Akashdeep on the turn thumps that one from the left-hand side of the circle.

18:59 (IST)15 JUN 2017

23' - A green card for Jamie Wong there. India have a numerical advantage for the next two minutes.

18:58 (IST)15 JUN 2017

22' -  India again down the right. The ball gets to Pardeep Mor who is in an advanced area. Can't get much out of that and a 25-yard hit ensues.

18:57 (IST)15 JUN 2017

21' - NO ONE!

Another ball swept in by the Indians but again no one get a deflection in.

18:56 (IST)15 JUN 2017

20' - India build back from the left and a wonderful piece of skill and gets his defender. Gets Kothatjit into a threatening area who sweeps the ball in. But no deflections.

18:55 (IST)15 JUN 2017

20' - Sunil down the right and he goes back to Satvir Singh. And India try to build from the back

18:53 (IST)15 JUN 2017

18' -  Akashdeep with a great run down the left. Finds Ramandeep Singh but he is met by McIntyre who takes the ball away from the danger area.

18:53 (IST)15 JUN 2017

17' - Loose ball from Sardar Singh as he gives up possession cheaply but the Indian midfield close the gaps and get it back

18:52 (IST)15 JUN 2017

16' -  Scotland on the front foot at the beginning of 2nd quarter. David Forsyth with a brilliant run down the right. But Harmanpreet there to dispossess him.

18:50 (IST)15 JUN 2017

A bad bad start for Roelant Oltamns' men. They need to much better in the rest of the game.

18:49 (IST)15 JUN 2017

15' -  SAVE!!

Talwinder down the left for IND and he thrashes it across goal. Ramandeep with the diving deflection but that was saved by Alexander.

18:48 (IST)15 JUN 2017

15' -  Scotland down the left. And India get away with a high ball that was played off an Indian stick.

18:47 (IST)15 JUN 2017

14' - Dangerous from Surender Kumar as a hit from the back was above knee height. The Indians seem a bit jaded.
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