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Indian Football Live | AFC U-23 Championship Qualifiers | India U-23 v Uzbekistan U-23 Live Score, Result, Commentary, Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 22, 2019 19:22 IST

India 0-3 Uzbekistan (Kobilov, Abdixolikov x 2)


19:22 (IST)22 MAR 2019

India are back in action on Sunday, when they take on Tajikistan. Do join us for that one, until then, it's goodbye. 

19:22 (IST)22 MAR 2019

That pretty much seals India's fate, then. They're going to require a miracle of epic proportions to qualify for the tournament in Thailand next year. The goal difference has taken a beating as well, with a 3-0 reverse tonight. 

19:21 (IST)22 MAR 2019

90' PEEEEPPP! That's full-time, and Uzbekistan have run out 3-0 winners. 

19:16 (IST)22 MAR 2019

89' Komal rattles the woodwork! He's cut in from the left flank, and that's a sensational curling effort towards goal. The Uzbek 'keeper has no hope, but a coat of paint denies Komal and India. 

19:15 (IST)22 MAR 2019

88' That was the chance for the hat-trick! Abdixolikov is through one-on-one after an inch-perfect through ball to him. He's looked to beat Dheeraj on his left, but the Indian custodian stands tall!

19:13 (IST)22 MAR 2019


ON - Asish Rai
OFF - NIshu Kumar

19:12 (IST)22 MAR 2019

85' BIG CHANCE FOR UZBEKISTAN AGAIN! And they've missed, without even taking a shot. They had several opportunities to take the shot, but kept delaying the pulling of the trigger, and in the end, Golui puts it out off Kenjabaev. 

19:11 (IST)22 MAR 2019

83' GOAL! Uzbekistan are now adding sheen to this comprehensive win!

Bobir Abdixolikov receives the ball after a scramble in the area was left uncleared by the Indian defence, and an easy finish for him past a hapless Dheeraj. 

19:08 (IST)22 MAR 2019

81' India substitution

ON - Rahim Ali
OFF - Sahal Abdul Samad

19:08 (IST)22 MAR 2019

81' India have a free-kick in a dangerous area, as Thapa is brought down

19:07 (IST)22 MAR 2019

80' Substitution - Uzbekistan
Tukhtasinov Nurillo
Oybek Bozorov

19:05 (IST)22 MAR 2019

78' GOAL! Uzbekistan double their lead, after a mistake from Golui!

He's played that straight into the path of Bobir Abdixolikov, and Uzbekistan have the game wrapped up now

19:02 (IST)22 MAR 2019

73' THERE'S PANDEMONIUM IN THE INDIAN DEFENSIVE AREA. Dheeraj has gone walkabout for no reason, but India survive, as Bora clears the cross away

18:59 (IST)22 MAR 2019

71' Chhangte curls in a free-kick into the box, and there's confusion in the Uzbek box, but Golui has fouled the Uzbek 'keeper and the chance is gone

18:57 (IST)22 MAR 2019

70' Nishu gives the ball away straight to Yakhshiboev, but the Uzbek striker's attempted left-footed curler is wide of the post. Dheeraj was at full stretch. 

18:56 (IST)22 MAR 2019

68' Yet another save by Dheeraj to keep the scoreline intact.
This time, it's Tukhtasinov Nurillo, who is all by himself on the right side of the box to take a poke at the goal.
Dheeraj closes his feet and blocks it.

18:54 (IST)22 MAR 2019

Uzbekistan have a couple of chances from a corner but it finally took a punch from Dheeraj to get the ball away from danger. Uzbekistan are piling the pressure on India.

18:52 (IST)22 MAR 2019

64' Substitution - Uzbekistan
OUT- Mirjakhon Mirakhmadov
IN - Jasurbek Yakhshiboev

18:49 (IST)22 MAR 2019

62' Substitute Komal Thatal with his first contribution from the right. Poor execution as the left-footer curls flows wide of the goal.
There's some activity on the Uzbek bench.

18:46 (IST)22 MAR 2019

He's one on one with the goalkeeper but oh wait, the linesman flags him offside. 
If only he had timed his run better, that would have been the equaliser.

18:45 (IST)22 MAR 2019

58' SAVE!
Uzbekistan threaten again with substitute Bobir taking a poke after poke at the defender.
He finally draws himself into the box but Dheeraj ventures out to pick the ball before the shot.

18:42 (IST)22 MAR 2019

55' Substitution - India
OFF - Rahul KP
ON - Komal Thatal

18:41 (IST)22 MAR 2019

53' SHOT!
Gaurav Bora can't exactly put away the danger and Uzbekistan's Urunov Oston curls it towards the far post. Dheeraj makes a full stretch dive. It's anyway wide.

18:39 (IST)22 MAR 2019

52' Substitution - Uzbekistan
OUT - Amonov Azizbek
IN - Bobir Abdixolikov

18:36 (IST)22 MAR 2019

Lallianzuala Chhangte shows his class on the left flank. Nishu Kumar supports him well with a pass and the winger's cross is cleared away. Chhangte powers in again and wins a corner this time.

18:35 (IST)22 MAR 2019

48' Early domination by the hosts Uzbeks.
Dheeraj called into the action twice already. But India have a run of possession now.

18:32 (IST)22 MAR 2019


18:17 (IST)22 MAR 2019


India will be kicking themselves. They had two glorious chances, through Anirudh Thapa and Rahul KP. They spurned both. Then, after dealing rather efficiently with Uzbek attacks throughout the half, they conceded a penalty right at the end of the half, and they now trail. 

Mountain to climb in the second half. 

18:17 (IST)22 MAR 2019

45+1' One minute of injury time at the end of the first half. 

18:16 (IST)22 MAR 2019

45' GOAL! Kobilov scores, as he puts the ball in the corner to Dheeraj's right. The Indian 'keeper dived the right way, but had no chance, it was a perfectly struck penalty. 

18:15 (IST)22 MAR 2019

44' PENALTY TO UZBEKISTAN! Gaurav Bora, the culprit! Uzbekistan played it around, and found Ilkhomjhon in space. Bora stuck a leg out, and caught the man and got none of the ball. Clear penalty, no complaints from the Indians either. 

18:12 (IST)22 MAR 2019

42' Kenjabaev's in-swinging corner is perfectly delivered with pace, towards Kobilov, but the captain's header is well wide. 

18:11 (IST)22 MAR 2019

41' Kenjabaev faces up one-on-one to Sarthak and teases him, jinking one way and then the other. But Thapa is having none of that, as he gets a foot in and concedes teh corner. 

18:11 (IST)22 MAR 2019

40' In the brief window India had with the ball, Rahul gives it away. Then compounds his mistake by fouling Kenjabaev, and Uzbekistan have a free-kick, which they take promptly, and resume their exercise in possession. 

18:10 (IST)22 MAR 2019

40' Uzbekistan, after a brief shaky spell in the middle, are now back to stroking the ball around with comfort. Over the past ten minutes, the Indians have only been chasing shadows. 

18:08 (IST)22 MAR 2019

37' Nishu has given the ball away in a dangerous area, and Rustamov has pounced on it. He's taken another shot, he's taken another shot that has gone wide. 

18:07 (IST)22 MAR 2019

37' Another shot from distance for the Uzbeks, this time from Rustamov. Again, Dheeraj isn't troubled. 

18:06 (IST)22 MAR 2019

33' Ilkhomjhon is down, and needs treatment. Play has been stopped now. 

18:01 (IST)22 MAR 2019

30' Once again, Thapa loses the ball in midfield. It's played over the top, looking for Kenjabaev's run, but Dheeraj is off his line and out to claim it. 

17:59 (IST)22 MAR 2019

27' Saved by Dheeraj! Superb! It's that man Kenjabaev again, who finds himself in acres of space, as Sarthak had tucked in. Kenjabaev was found by a super through-ball from Tukhtasinov. His shot is a good one too, but Dheeraj has stuck out a big left arm, and kept it out. India survive!

17:57 (IST)22 MAR 2019

26' There's a scramble in the India box, as none of the defenders take charge and deal with the bouncing ball. In the end, somehow, Anwar and Bora clear the danger, between them. 

17:54 (IST)22 MAR 2019

24' The corner is played into a dangerous area, but Mirakhmadov's header is lacking in direction, and Dheeraj still doesn't have a save to make. 

17:54 (IST)22 MAR 2019

23' Uzbekistan have another corner, after Nishu sticks to his man and blocks the cross from Azizbek. 

17:53 (IST)22 MAR 2019

22' Kenjabaev teases Sarthak on India's right flank. But Vinit is there helping out, and plays it off the Uzbek attacker, and out, for an India throw-in. 

17:51 (IST)22 MAR 2019

20' RAHUL RAHUL RAHUL! What have you done?! What a chance! Another ball over the top, finds the Kerala winger in space on the right wing, he's beaten the Uzbek winger, and is one-on-one with the 'keeper, but the custodian smothers his shot. Daniel was right there, Rahul should really have played the square ball, and India would've been 1-0 up. 

17:50 (IST)22 MAR 2019

19' That's a tame effort from Kenjabaev, who gets no swerve on the free-kick. Dheeraj just watches it sail wide. 

17:49 (IST)22 MAR 2019

18' Thapa's attempted lob to Rahul is intercepted by Ilkhomjon, and he's racing towards Dheeraj's goal. But Vinit stops him in his tracks, the referee says illegally. Uzbekistan have a free-kick that Kenjabaev will take

17:47 (IST)22 MAR 2019

16' Gaurav looks to find Rahul running in behind, with a long ball, but that's a vital intervention from the Uzbek left-back, who gets a graze on it. Sarthak takes the long-throw, but Uzbekistan clear. 

17:46 (IST)22 MAR 2019

15' India are finding space on the wings, especially with Chhangte, who is troubling the Uzbek right-back. The Indians now need to sort the radar on their crosses. 

17:44 (IST)22 MAR 2019

13' Thapa, with a lovely cross-field pass, finds Rahul in space on the right. The youngster from Kerala crosses it in, but India have only Daniel in the box, and the cross is far away from where he had stationed himself. 
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