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Indian Grand Prix 4 LIVE Updates, Commentary and Olympic Qualificaiton

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 21, 2021 21:44 IST

Penultimate opportunity for Indian athletes to qualify for Olympics Indian Grand Prix 4


21:44 (IST)21 JUN 2021

This signs up our live coverage for Indian Grand Prix 4. Hope that Indian athletes achieve more qualification marks at the Interstates.. We'll keep you informed regarding the same... Till then, goodbye!!!

21:40 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Eldhose Paul won the last event of the evening, men's triple jump with a mark of 16.62 meters... Looks like a day not conducive for jumping... Earlier, Murali Sreeshankar jumped to a distance of 7.74 meters in the Long Jump...

21:06 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Men's Triple Jump is still going on at Patiala... However, the live stream has been wrapped up... We will update you once we get anything on it!!!

21:03 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Rohit Yadav won the men's javelin event with a throw of 75.83 meters...

21:00 (IST)21 JUN 2021

20:53 (IST)21 JUN 2021

HIMA DAS!!!!!! she clocks a brilliant 22.88 seconds!!! Misses the Olympic Qualification mark by 8 milliseconds!!!!

20:52 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Hima Das wins the 200 meters race!!!

20:52 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Dutee DNS in 200 meters!!!

20:49 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Up next is the last action from track tonight.. That is the epic clash between Archana Susedaran, Hima Das and Dutee Chand!!! Stay Tuned!!!

20:47 (IST)21 JUN 2021

4:08.27 for Harmilan Bains to register a new Personal Best for her in 1500 meters.. She is getting close to the Olympic qualification mark of 4:04.20...

20:45 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Harmilan Kaur... the queen wins the 1500 meters race for women.. we will confirm the timing asap...

20:42 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Harmilan Kaur is flying on the track!!!!

20:41 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Next up on the track is the epic clash between PU Chitra and Harmilan Bains in women's 1500 meters...

20:40 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Ajay Kumar Saroj wins the 1500 meters race for men... we will confirm the timings as soon as AFI publishes it... 

20:31 (IST)21 JUN 2021

The next action on the track will 1500 meters race for men. 

20:30 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Shankar Lal Swami clocked a timing of 8:34.40 minutes to win the men's 3000 meters Steeplechase...

20:26 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Annu Rani got her act right with her final throw to register a distance of 60.58 meters to win women's javelin... Her overall series was 56.44, 58.77, 58.63, Foul, 60.19, 60.58

20:19 (IST)21 JUN 2021

A timing of 16:01.37 minutes for Parul Chaudhary in 5000 meters for women... Conditions are quite difficult for long-distance running in Patiala today... 

20:10 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Kamalpreet Kaur on AFI Livestream says she wants to target a distance of 69-70 meters at the Tokyo Olympics!!!!! That is a huge statement...

20:07 (IST)21 JUN 2021

TajinderPal Singh Toor's throw of 21.49 meters also betters the previous Asian Record in Shot Put of Sultan Abdulmajeed Al-Hebshi which was 21.13 meters... 

19:44 (IST)21 JUN 2021

19:42 (IST)21 JUN 2021

TajinderPal Singh breaks the national record for men's shot put for India by throwing a distance of 21.49 meters.. betters his previous mark of 20.90 meters by a whopping 59 cms!!!

19:37 (IST)21 JUN 2021

19:32 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Dutee wins the 100-meter women's race with a timing of 11.17 seconds.. That is a new National Record.. misses the Olympics qualification mark by 2 milliseconds!!!!!

19:30 (IST)21 JUN 2021

National Record holder in 100m women, Dutee Chand goes in lane 4 in women's 100m event...

19:18 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Sarthak Bhambari wins the first of two 400 meter races for men with a timing of 47.45 seconds...

19:13 (IST)21 JUN 2021

The veteran quarter-miler MR Poovamma wins the A race of 400 meters for women with a timing of 53.78 seconds...

19:11 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Murali Sreeshankar jumps to a distance of 7.71 meters with his next attempt... not going great for the National record holder

19:09 (IST)21 JUN 2021

54.28 seconds by Revathi Veeramani in 400 meters run for women B final...

19:00 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Indian men's 4*400 relay team clocks a time of 3:02.61 minutes. This will keep them at the 16th qualification spot at the Road to Tokyo by top lists...

18:53 (IST)21 JUN 2021

4*400 meters for men relay up next

18:53 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Murali Sreeshankar with a leap of 7.64 meters in his 3rd attempt of Long Jump.. 

18:48 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Women's Javelin: Annu Rani with 58.63 meters in her next attempt... Looking ominous for her 

18:45 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Indian 4*100 women's relay team clocks a National record timing of 43.37 seconds.. great performance.. But not yet good enough for Tokyo Olympics 2020

18:41 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Indian team needs to go sub 43 here.

18:40 (IST)21 JUN 2021

The next action on the track is 4*100 meters relay race. 

18:36 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Annu Rani with a below-par 56.44 meters with her first attempt

18:34 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Long Jump for men is the next event in the lineup. Can Murali Sreeshankar inspire Mohammed Anees and co. to Olympic qualifying mark of 8.22 meters? We will find out..

18:29 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Jithin Paul did not start. MP Jabir clocks a time of 50.51 seconds in 400-meter hurdles.

18:25 (IST)21 JUN 2021

Women's javelin event starts in 5 minutes time. Let's see how Annu Rani does!!

18:16 (IST)21 JUN 2021

The next event lined up is 400-meter hurdles for men on track. Only MP Jabir and Jithin Paul have entered this event. Can anyone among them break into the Tokyo qualifying mark of 48.90 seconds... 

18:03 (IST)21 JUN 2021

66.59!!!! New National Record: Kamalpreet Kaur throws the discus to a mark of 66.59 meters in the women's discus event... She is going to be a big hope for us at the 2020 Olympics

17:53 (IST)21 JUN 2021

In the meantime, we can have a look at some of the athletes who can achieve direct qualification mark for Olympics at the Indian Grand Prix 4 here; Indian Grand Prix 4: 5 athletes who can achieve direct Tokyo Olympics 2020 qualification
PS: Seema Punia is not on the start list

17:48 (IST)21 JUN 2021

12 minutes to go before the action starts. The 1st event of the evening will be the women's discus event. As per the start lists, only the current National Record holder and Olympic bound, Kamalpreet Kaur, is in the starting lineup.

17:39 (IST)21 JUN 2021

For today's event, some of the star attractions would be Dutee Chand, Hima Das, men's 4*400 relay team, Annu Rani, Sreeshankar Murali, TajinderPal Singh Toor, Harmilan Kaur, PU Chitra, MP Jabir and Sudha Singh. Hope to see some Tokyo 2020 Olympics qualifications from our athletes today. 
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