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Indian Super Cup 2018: Chennaiyin FC vs Aizawl FC, Live Score, Commentary & Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 31, 2018 23:01 IST

AET : Chennaiyin 2-2 Aizawl


23:01 (IST)31 MAR 2018

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22:56 (IST)31 MAR 2018

AET : Chennaiyin FC 2-2 Aizawl FC.

Aizawl FC go through on penalties. (5-3)

They will face winners of the Round of 16 tie between East Bengal and Mumbai City in the Quarter Finals. 

22:48 (IST)31 MAR 2018

KICK 5 : Lalmuan Kima score. Aizawl 5-3. 

22:47 (IST)31 MAR 2018

KICK 4 : Dhanpal Ganesh scores. Chennaiyi 3-4. 

22:46 (IST)31 MAR 2018

KICK 4 : Kimkima scores. Aizawl. 4-3.

22:45 (IST)31 MAR 2018

KICK 3 : Dhanachandra scores. Chennaiyin 3-2. 

22:44 (IST)31 MAR 2018

KICK 3 : Saighani scores. Aizawl 3-1. 

22:43 (IST)31 MAR 2018

KICK 2 : Rafi misses. Chennaiyin 1-2. 

22:42 (IST)31 MAR 2018

KICK 2 : Dodoz scores. Aizawl 2-1. 

22:41 (IST)31 MAR 2018

KICK 1 : Bikramjit Singh scores. Chennaiyin 1-1. 

22:40 (IST)31 MAR 2018

KICK 1 : Ionescu scores. Aizawl 1-0.

22:35 (IST)31 MAR 2018

AET : Chennaiyin FC 2-2 Aizawl FC.

We are into Penalties. 

22:34 (IST)31 MAR 2018

119' Dodoz goes past everybody but shoots with a feeble attempt. 

22:30 (IST)31 MAR 2018

114' GOAAAAAAL! Dhana shoots low and hard, goes past everybody in the box into the back of the net. It's 2-2 now. 

22:27 (IST)31 MAR 2018

111' Chennaiyin piling up intense pressure as they go on looking for the equaliser. 

22:22 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Second half of Extra time kicks-off. 

22:20 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Half Time (ET) Chennaiyin FC 1-2 Aizawl FC

22:19 (IST)31 MAR 2018

104' CHANCE! Ionescu crosses in towards Dodoz. The ball is missed everybody and Dodoz as well who could have tapped home but for few centimeters to put Aizawl into the next round. 

22:17 (IST)31 MAR 2018

102' The game has gone cagey again with Chennaiyin playing patient possession play but can't penetrate in, 

22:08 (IST)31 MAR 2018

95' Mailson Alves penalised for a high boot as he goes for an aerial ball. 

22:04 (IST)31 MAR 2018

91' GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! What a start to the first period of extra time. Ionescu dribbles past four defenders and dispatches a shot into the back of the net. 

22:03 (IST)31 MAR 2018

1st Half of Extra Time kicks-off.

22:03 (IST)31 MAR 2018

FULL TIME : Chennaiyin FC 1-1 Aizawl FC

A second half dominated by Chennaiyin FC finally saw them eqaualise and come into the game. We are into Extra Time. 

21:55 (IST)31 MAR 2018

5 Minutes Added on. 

21:53 (IST)31 MAR 2018

90' EQUAAAAAAAIZER! A Header rattles off the woodwork and falls to Mailson who taps it home. 

21:50 (IST)31 MAR 2018

88' Plenty of half chances for Chennaiyin in the last couple of minutes after an initial corner swung in but Aizawl somehow survive. 

21:45 (IST)31 MAR 2018

83' Similar fashion of Gavilan swinging in dangerous looking balls in the box from freekicks. as the Aizawl defense clear their lines on this occasion as well. 

21:40 (IST)31 MAR 2018

80' WHAT A MISS! Bedeshwor with the biggest miss of the match as he is left unmarked in front of goal, but somehow scuffed it way wide of the target. Should have been 1-1 right here. Aizawl survive. 

21:38 (IST)31 MAR 2018

77' Masih Saighani looks in a considerate amount of pain and Stretchers are out for him. 

21:37 (IST)31 MAR 2018

77' MISS! Rafi heads agonizingly wide from a cross from the left. 

21:36 (IST)31 MAR 2018

76' Brilliant out-swinging freekick floated in by Gavilan Martinez but Arup Debnath dives bravely and punches the ball away. 

21:35 (IST)31 MAR 2018

75' Thoi Singh tries to lay Bikramjit lay off but Jaryan intercepts with a timely foot-in to bail the NorthEastern out of danger. 

21:34 (IST)31 MAR 2018

74' Lalmuan Kima tries to cross in after creating space for himself. but he runs the ball out of play. 

21:33 (IST)31 MAR 2018

73' Dinliana swings in a pacy freekick from the near side but Chennaiyin clear their lines. 

21:32 (IST)31 MAR 2018

72' Gavilan floats in a delicious ball into the box from the freekick, but Aizawl clear their lines. 

21:31 (IST)31 MAR 2018

71' Alfred K Jaryan penalised for bringing down Jude Nworah. 

21:31 (IST)31 MAR 2018

70' Substitution for Aizawl FC : Lalchhuanawma Varte replaces an injured Hmingthan Mawia who was earlier stretchered out of play. 

21:29 (IST)31 MAR 2018

68' Substitution for Chennaiyin FC : Thoi Singh replaces Keenan Almeida. 

21:27 (IST)31 MAR 2018

67' Andrei Ionescu booked for holding Martinez from the back. 

21:27 (IST)31 MAR 2018

66' One of the Aizawl players has been stretchered out of the field as he is suspected to be injured. 

21:26 (IST)31 MAR 2018

62' Dodoz fouled by Mailson at the far side. 

21:22 (IST)31 MAR 2018

60' Substitution for Aizawl FC : Lalmuan Kima replacs Muanpuia.

21:20 (IST)31 MAR 2018

59' Dodoz has chance to shoot but passes it to Saighani who is tackled hard by Lalrinzuala and dispossesses him. 

21:18 (IST)31 MAR 2018

56' The game has turned into a cagey affair has both teams are largely involved in a midfield battle in the middle of the pitch. 

21:12 (IST)31 MAR 2018

52' Bikramjit Singh clashes into Andrei Ionescu and goes into the referee's book after six minutes of play. 

21:11 (IST)31 MAR 2018

51' Dodoz lays off Alfred K Jaryan who shoots inches wide from distance although Karanjeet dived to have it covered. 

21:10 (IST)31 MAR 2018

50' Promising start in the second half for Chennaiyin FC with some positive moves up the pitch. 

21:07 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Second half kicks-off. 

21:07 (IST)31 MAR 2018

Substitution at Half Time : (Chennaiyin FC)
Bedashwor Singh replaces Francis Fernandes
Bikramjit Singh replaces Anirudh Thapa.

20:51 (IST)31 MAR 2018

HALF TIME : Chennaiyin FC 0-1 Aizawl FC

A half dominated by Aizawl FC sees the Reds lead at the break. Can the Blues of Chennai bounce back? Second half ten minutes away. 
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