Indian Super Cup 2018 Final: East Bengal vs Bengaluru FC, Live Match Updates

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East Bengal 1-4 Bengaluru FC; Full Time


18:02 (IST)20 APR 2018

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17:58 (IST)20 APR 2018

Full Time
Bengaluru FC win the first ever Hero Super Cup title in style defeating East Bengal 4-1.

In the process, the Blues also registered their first trophy of the season. It was an enthralling game of football, but in the end it was Albert Roca's men who showed great character to pull the game around after going 1-0 down against the I-League heavyweights.

For East Bengal, it was a game of missed opportunities as they failed to emerge winner despite enjoying a promising start.

Hero of the match: Sunil Chhetri

17:54 (IST)20 APR 2018

90+4' BFC with the final attack of the game as the ref blows the final whistle!!

17:54 (IST)20 APR 2018

90+3' Substitution!
Nicolas Fedor goes out to make way for Lahlimpuia.

17:53 (IST)20 APR 2018

90+2' BFC playing the ball around in their own half as the dugout has already started celebrating. 

17:52 (IST)20 APR 2018

90' 4 minutes have been added on. 

17:50 (IST)20 APR 2018

89' Goooaaall!!

And Chhetri puts the final nail in East Bengal's coffin. The skipper scores as he heads the ball into the net after a wonderful run by Bheke and a pin pointed cross. 

17:48 (IST)20 APR 2018

87' Substitution
Final change for EB. Lone goal scorer Kromah makes way for fellow striker Dudu. 

17:48 (IST)20 APR 2018

87' Yellow card!

YC Johnson for pulling a bypassing Katsumi

Free kick to EB from a lucrative region. Al Amna behind the set piece.

17:46 (IST)20 APR 2018

86' It's started to pouring in at the Kalinga stadium as the KEB supporters take aid of the rain to hid their tears. 
EB still trying hard to find a gap but BFC are looking extremely robust in their defence. 

17:44 (IST)20 APR 2018

83' Substitution 
Second change for EB. joby Justin comes on to replace Ralte. 

17:43 (IST)20 APR 2018

82' East bengal unable to retain possession of the ball and meekly handing it over to bengaluru as has been throughout this afternoon. 

17:42 (IST)20 APR 2018

81' We enter the final 10 minutes of the inaugural Super Cup. Can EB script a comeback or will BFC win their first trophy of the season?

17:40 (IST)20 APR 2018

80' Katsumi tries to cut in from the left flank but BFC is exposing very little in their defence as the ball head for a goal-kick. 

17:39 (IST)20 APR 2018

78' BFC looking happy to play the ball around at the moment as they enjoy a 2 goal lead. 

17:37 (IST)20 APR 2018

77' We are into the final quarter of the game as Bengaluru win a corner! Al Amna clears the delivery. Consecutive corners for the Blues.  

17:35 (IST)20 APR 2018

75' And we are back as Bengaluru resume the attack. 

17:34 (IST)20 APR 2018

73' Water Break!
Things seem to get heated up after Miku's goal as the referee blows the whistle for a cooling break. 

17:31 (IST)20 APR 2018

70' Gooaaal!!

Victor Perez to Miku into the box who takes one touch to get past his marker and set himself up for a shot as he finishes it off with a top corner goal. 

Sheer quality from the Venezuelan. 

17:29 (IST)20 APR 2018

68' Gooooaaal!!

And the Blues captain deliver as he scores sending Ubaid diving the wrong way. 

A calm finish from Sunil Chhetri to put Bengaluru in the lead. 

17:28 (IST)20 APR 2018

67' Penalty!!

Albert Roca's men handed a wild card to go up. The ball touches Gurwinder's hands who had it raised from Subhaish's cross as the ref blows towards the spot.

Chhetri behind the deadball.

17:26 (IST)20 APR 2018

66' Miku with a clever touch to lose Eduardo but fails to put it into the near post from a tight angle. Good work from Ubaid!

17:25 (IST)20 APR 2018

65' Dovale with a ball aimed at Victor Perez into the box. Ubaid leaves his mark in an attempt to intercept it as Perez failed to head it home to an empty net. 

17:24 (IST)20 APR 2018

63' Miku inside the penalty area but is covered by three East Bengal defenders and the ball is cleared

17:23 (IST)20 APR 2018

62' EB substitute Deepak with a headed clearance from the box but the ball lands on Udanta but his volley just sails over the crossbar.  

17:21 (IST)20 APR 2018

61' Substitution!
First change for Bengaluru. Paartalu goes out, Anotonio Dovale comes in

17:20 (IST)20 APR 2018

59' EB currently sitting deep in their own half as Bengaluru attack with all their men. 

17:19 (IST)20 APR 2018

58' Ralte with an attempt from the distance but it's easy palming for Gurpreet. 

17:17 (IST)20 APR 2018

56' Al Amna curls it well from the free kick but Gurpreet makes a finger tip save. Corner to EB. No end result.

17:16 (IST)20 APR 2018

55' A lazy tackle on Ralte. Free kick to EB from a dangerous position.
Can they convert it and take the lead again?

17:14 (IST)20 APR 2018

54' Al Amna on the run and played onto Chullova who is challenged. Throw in for EB.

17:12 (IST)20 APR 2018

51' Substitution
Lobo out, Deepak K in

17:12 (IST)20 APR 2018

50' Offside!

Cavin Lobo with a deceptive body shimmy and hits it strong which Gurpreet fails to collect. Kromah capitalizes on the loose ball and puts into the net but the assistant referee had his flag up. 

17:09 (IST)20 APR 2018

48' ' Paartalu takes on Katsumi on the right corner inside the east bengal half and Gurwinder makes a rough challenge. Gurwinder needs to be careful as he's already on a yellow.

17:07 (IST)20 APR 2018

46' We are back with the second half as EB kicks it off from the middle!

16:55 (IST)20 APR 2018

Half Time

The two teams shares spoils at the end of the first half. I-League heavyweight East Bengal broke the initial deadlock riding on Kromah's acrobatic attempt. But Albert Roca's men were adamant to pull the match back with Bheke scoring on the brink of half time to level scores. 

However, the half was marred by the red card of Samad Mallick following his punch on Subhasish Bose's face. 

We'll be back soon after a short breather. Stay tuned as the second half drama unfolds.

16:51 (IST)20 APR 2018

45+6' Bengaluru on the attack but the ball goes out of play for a goal kick. A little bit of time added owing to the treatment time for Subhasish and the ref blows whistle for the end of first half.

16:51 (IST)20 APR 2018

45+3' Play resume after Bose receive medical attention.

16:47 (IST)20 APR 2018

45+1' Red Card
Indeed there is. What a turn of events!

Samad Mallick receives the red for losing his temper. The EB defender loses cool and end up punching Subhasish Bose on the face reducing the Red and Golds to 10 men.

16:46 (IST)20 APR 2018

45' 4 extra minutes added on.
Is there still more drama left in the match?

16:45 (IST)20 APR 2018

44' Yellow Card!
Yet another booking. This time it' Aucho for his tackle on Miku.

16:45 (IST)20 APR 2018

43' What a chance!!
Gurwinder with a poor tackle on Udanta but the ref plays advantage. Miku with a perfectly waited through to Victor Perez but the Blues man fail to keep it on target.

Gurwinder booked with an yellow for his tackle!

16:43 (IST)20 APR 2018

42' East Bengal on the attack and the ball onto Al Amna and his cross finds a diving Gurpreet's hands. Danger averted!

16:41 (IST)20 APR 2018

39' Gooooaaall!!!

And BFC has pulled the game back on level terms. Rahul Bheke does well to beat Kromah to put the ball in the back of the net with a strong header from the corner. Ubaid could barely move!

16:39 (IST)20 APR 2018

37' Subhasish with a long ball into the EB box which leads to a series of attacks but the EB defence stands robust put it out for a corner!

16:37 (IST)20 APR 2018

35' Bheke chases the ball but it runs out for a goal kick in favour of EB

16:37 (IST)20 APR 2018

34' Miku with a wicked nudge on Gurwinder as he tries to clear the ball. The EB players are furious as the ref doesn't book the Venezuelan.

16:33 (IST)20 APR 2018

32' Aucho down as EB players demand the ball to be cleared but the bengaluru players look unhappy with the decision. Referee starts the proceedings by dropping the ball as BFC resume attack!

16:29 (IST)20 APR 2018

28' Goooaaall!

And they do!! The Red and the Gold Brigade go up, courtesy Ansuman Kromah's acrobatic attempt. 

Gurpreet palms off the ball weakly as Kromah puts it into the net with an overhead kick.

16:28 (IST)20 APR 2018

26' Ralte tries to whip a cross in but the BFC defenders put it away for a corner. 

Can EB convert this?
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