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Indian Super Cup Qualifiers: ATK vs Chennai City FC, Live Score, Commentary & Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 16, 2018 22:00 IST

2nd Half : ATK 4-1 CCFC


22:00 (IST)16 MAR 2018

FULL TIME : ATK 4-1 Chennai City

It's been ATK all over in this match as Chennai City were put to their misery. A dominating performance from ATK, sees them qualify for the Hero Super Cup Round of 16 while the season is over for Chennai City.

That's it for today from Sportskeeda. This is Sayak signing off. Thank You and Good Night. 

21:57 (IST)16 MAR 2018

90+4' Soosairaj skies the freekick away. 

21:57 (IST)16 MAR 2018

90+3' Montel penalised for tripping Joachim. Freekick to CCFC.

21:56 (IST)16 MAR 2018

90+2' Soosairaj crosses in and finds Edwin in the box, who goes for an acrobatic attempt but fails to have a sweet connection as the ball is sailing over for an ATK goal-kick. 

21:54 (IST)16 MAR 2018

3 Minutes Added on. 

21:54 (IST)16 MAR 2018

90' CCFC still trying hard to reduce the deficit with constant delivery of long balls into the 18-yard box. 

21:53 (IST)16 MAR 2018

88' Substitution for ATK

Komal Thatal replaces Mbatha 

21:53 (IST)16 MAR 2018

87' Substitution for CCFC

Mashoor (IN) Sebastian (OUT)

21:51 (IST)16 MAR 2018

84' Substitution for ATK

Robin Singh (OUT) Shankar Sampingraj (IN)
Robbie Keane (OUT) Bipin Singh (IN)

21:49 (IST)16 MAR 2018

83' GOAAAAAAAL! Pure Brilliance from Robbie Keane as he calmy finishing with a brilliant touch past Kabir to make it 4-1. 

21:48 (IST)16 MAR 2018

82' Robin Singh is scattering every chance thrown to him with his terrible finishing as he again fails to find the target from a peach of a long ball.

21:44 (IST)16 MAR 2018

80' Mbathe finds Robin Singh with a beautiful cross, but the Delhi Lad heads towards the goal with no power whatsoever allowing Kabir to collect it with ease. 

21:43 (IST)16 MAR 2018

77' Pradeep Mohanraj booked for a terrible tackle on Mbatha. 

21:42 (IST)16 MAR 2018

76' GOAL! Ashutosh Mehta score from the corner after the inital delivery was spilled over by Kabir. 

21:39 (IST)16 MAR 2018

75' Mbathe challenged by Shumeiko who tried to find Keane into the box with a cross. Corner to ATK. 

21:38 (IST)16 MAR 2018

74' Couple of shots from Soosairaj and Joachim from good positions, but Poirei deals with them easily. 

21:35 (IST)16 MAR 2018

71' MISS! Brilliant curling effort from Joachim from the freekick as the ball goes inches wide. ATK survive a scare. 

21:34 (IST)16 MAR 2018

70' Chennai City earn a freekick in an interesting position after a shot hits Montel's hands outside the box. Soosairaj over it.

21:28 (IST)16 MAR 2018

64' Freekick falls to Soosairaj, but he scuffs it wide of the target. 

21:27 (IST)16 MAR 2018

63' Hitesh penalised for a foul on Sebastian. 

21:23 (IST)16 MAR 2018

59' First time effort from Mbathe from distance, but Kabir saves. 

21:22 (IST)16 MAR 2018

58' GOAAAAAL! Brilliant Build-up by ATK. Keane with a low cross finds Mbathe who lays it off for Zequinha who slots it home to make it 2-1. 

21:17 (IST)16 MAR 2018

53' Robin Singh finds himself in a one on one situation with Kabir, who saves it. 

21:14 (IST)16 MAR 2018

50' Chennai City now holding on to possession patiently and looking for an opening. 

21:09 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Second half kicks-off.

20:59 (IST)16 MAR 2018

HALF TIME : ATK 1-1 Chennai City FC

A half plagued by floodlight issues and dominated by ATK. ATK kept on pressing for the entire period but could only sneak in one goal while City restored parity from only a single meaningful attack through Joachim. An exciting second half on the cards. Stay Tuned. 

20:54 (IST)16 MAR 2018

45+7' GOAAAAAAAL! Joachim with a diving header from a brilliant cross finds the equaliser for City!

20:51 (IST)16 MAR 2018

45+6' Corner falls to Joachim who goes first time with a volley, but the ball is well over the target. 

20:51 (IST)16 MAR 2018

45+5' Chennai City earn a corner as Ashutosh Mehta dispossesses Joachim off the ball. 

20:50 (IST)16 MAR 2018

45+4' Zequinha is down injured after an altercation with Pandiyan. 

20:48 (IST)16 MAR 2018

45+3' Keane twists and tries to lays it off for Zequinha but Shumeiko intercepts and clears it away. 

20:47 (IST)16 MAR 2018

6 Minutes added on to compensate the flood light delay. 

20:45 (IST)16 MAR 2018

40' GOAAAAAAAAAL! Hitesh Sharma with a belter of a shot finds the back of the net. The ball went in like a bullet, literally. It is 1-0 to the defending Champions of the Super League. 

20:43 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Play resumes. 

20:36 (IST)16 MAR 2018

One of the Flood Lights have gone off and the referee has called off the game indefinitely.

20:34 (IST)16 MAR 2018

34' Robin Singh with a looped cross into the box but the keeper comes off his line and collects it with ease. 

20:30 (IST)16 MAR 2018

30' Mbatha with quick skills gets the cross in and Keane heads into the back of the net, but the referee at the far side raises his flag to indicate that the ball went out and then came in during the flight of the cross, thus cancelling the goal. 

20:27 (IST)16 MAR 2018

25' Lots of positive moves from ATK but the Chennai City defence are successful in seeing off all the attacks. 

20:21 (IST)16 MAR 2018

23' Sebastien booked for a poor challenge on Mbatha. 

20:21 (IST)16 MAR 2018

22' The freekick hits the wall. 

20:20 (IST)16 MAR 2018

21' Ashutosh Mehta penalised for a clash with Edwin Vanspaul. 

20:19 (IST)16 MAR 2018

19' Mbatha floats in a long cross from the right but finds no one. 

20:15 (IST)16 MAR 2018

16' Nothing much happening in the match. A cagey affair so far. 

20:11 (IST)16 MAR 2018

12' Soosairaj tripped by ATK defenders outside the 18-yard box, but the referee is not interested. 

20:09 (IST)16 MAR 2018

10' Zequinha with a brilliant cross from the left, goes past everybody as Keane is booked for using his hands to get the ball into the net.  

20:08 (IST)16 MAR 2018

9' ATK get a corner delivered in to the 18-yard box but City clear away. 

20:06 (IST)16 MAR 2018

6' Scrappy play from both the sides in what has been largely a midfield battle. 

20:02 (IST)16 MAR 2018

3' ATK passing it among themselves in the initial minutes. 

19:59 (IST)16 MAR 2018


19:57 (IST)16 MAR 2018

The teams have got their pre-match formalities done and dusted. We are moments away from the kick-off!
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