Indian Women's League FINAL LIVE | Manipur Police SC v Sethu FC | IWL Live Score, Commentary, Updates & Result

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Sethu FC 3 (Dangmei Grace, Sabitra Bhandari x2) - 1 Manipur Police SC (Radharani Devi)


17:55 (IST)22 MAY 2019

FULL-TIME: Manipur Police SC 1-3 Sethu FC

A stunning second half response, after being 1-0 down at half-time. They have gone through the tournament unbeaten, and are deserving champions. Congratulations to Sethu FC.

17:54 (IST)22 MAY 2019


17:53 (IST)22 MAY 2019

90+3' Grace is through on goal, but that's a super save one-on-one from Panthoi

17:49 (IST)22 MAY 2019

88' Chance! Superb play from Prameshwori Devi, and a lovely cross into the near post area, where Bala is attacking the ball, and is a stud's length away from making contact with it. 

17:47 (IST)22 MAY 2019

87' A long shot from Ranjibala Devi, but that's easily caught by Sowmiya

17:41 (IST)22 MAY 2019

81' Bhandari races away from Radharani, and looks to square it into the central area, but Ranjibala Devi clears away for a Sethu corner. 

17:37 (IST)22 MAY 2019

77' Chance for Manipur! Prameshwori and Daya combine to set up an extravagant overhead kick from Bala, but she miscues her shot, and it's gone wide. 

17:36 (IST)22 MAY 2019

76' If you're watching the AIFF's live stream, like I am, I only pity you for having to listen to this commentator, whose name we don't know. He's not pronounced many names correctly yet, and has pronounced the same players' names in multiple different ways so far. 

17:30 (IST)22 MAY 2019


Another superb through ball from Indumathi, Bhandari raced through on goal, and slotted it past Panthoi with no fuss at all. Game over?

17:29 (IST)22 MAY 2019

68' Manipur Police have settled down a little bit more now, having steadied themselves from the jolt of the two goals they conceded. Still not created any opportunities in the second half though

17:21 (IST)22 MAY 2019


Lovely through ball from Indumathi, and Bhandari turns her afterburners on, and ghosts past a couple of defenders, before a superb finish into the far corner, and past Panthoi. 

17:20 (IST)22 MAY 2019

59' Another super ball to Grace, who's through on goal. She looks to chip it over Panthoi and into the net, but gets too much on it, and it's gone over the bar. 

17:18 (IST)22 MAY 2019

58' Sandhiya! She meets Grace's corner cleanly, but that;s gone well over the bar, and Panthoi can watch it sail over. 

17:18 (IST)22 MAY 2019

57' Sethu are now piling on the pressure! Superb move from Grace again, and she finds Sabitra on the edge of the box, but her shot is blocked and Sethu have a corner. 

17:17 (IST)22 MAY 2019


Dangmei Grace was set away on the right flank, with a superb pass, and she used her pace to get to the by-line, before a stunning cross to the back post, where Indumathi was on hand to slot it in, and haul her side back level. 

17:13 (IST)22 MAY 2019

53' Ashalata Devi floats in a lovely free-kick, and all Ranjibala Devi can do in the Manipur Police is to head the ball behind for a Sethu corner

17:11 (IST)22 MAY 2019

51' Sethu have controlled possession in the opening exchanges of the second period, but very little of note, in terms of chances for either side. 

17:05 (IST)22 MAY 2019

46' Sethu get us underway in the second half

17:04 (IST)22 MAY 2019

The players are back on the field for the second half. 

16:51 (IST)22 MAY 2019

HALF-TIME: Manipur Police 1-0 Sethu FC

Sethu have been rather pedestrian so far, but Manipur Police have put them under pressure. Both teams have been rather cautious in that half, and it will be interesting to see whether that goal ensures the opening of the floodgates in the second. Stick around for that, I'll be back in ten minutes. 

16:50 (IST)22 MAY 2019

45+3' THAT'S HALF-TIME! Radharani Devi's bullet header has Manipur Police in command of this final. 

16:49 (IST)22 MAY 2019

45+2' Ratanbala with a free-kick that asks a question of Panthoi, but the Manipur Police 'keeper has the answer as she tips the ball behind for a corner. 

16:48 (IST)22 MAY 2019

45+1' Daya Devi does brilliantly to bring down a long ball, and gets the better of Ashalata, to find Prameshwori in the centre, but her left-footed shot is well off target. 

16:46 (IST)22 MAY 2019

44' GOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!! RADHARANI DEVI GIVES MANIPUR POLICE THE LEAD! The corner goes back to the taker, Rinaroy Devi, who put in a super ball into the box, and Radharani attacked it superbly, and her bullet header gave Sowmiya no chance. 

16:43 (IST)22 MAY 2019

41' Almost! Daya Devi's hit the post! Whether she meant it or not, only she would know. That looked an attempted cross, but Sowmiya was beaten, and the post comes to Sethu's rescue

16:41 (IST)22 MAY 2019

39' Long shot! Mandakini Devi with another attempt from distance for the Police. But as with all the previous long shots they've had, there's no power on the shot, and it's an easy catch for Sowmiya. 

16:36 (IST)22 MAY 2019

34' Big chance! Sabitra is slipped in one-on-one with Panthoi, by a super through-ball from Ratanbala. The Nepalese has taken a shot, which is superbly save by Panthoi, who stood up brilliantly. 

16:34 (IST)22 MAY 2019

32' Sweety Devi has been involved in an engrossing battle with Bala Devi, and the centre-back has so far come out on top, with Bala not really getting too many sniffs at goal. 

16:29 (IST)22 MAY 2019

28' Another long shot from Manipur Police, this time it's Bala, but she has not hit the left-footed strike very well, and that's pretty uch rolled into the 'keeper's hands. 

16:26 (IST)22 MAY 2019

24' Big chance for Sandhiya! A long ball into the box is headed down towards the far post, where Sandhiya is there and waiting to get a shot away, but once again, she's scuffed it and her shot has gone wide. 

16:23 (IST)22 MAY 2019

21' Another corner cleared, another counter-attack lead by Grace, another mistake from Sandhiya sees her pass being intercepted, and the danger averted by the Manipur Police. 

16:22 (IST)22 MAY 2019

21' Manipur Police go straight back up the other end, and they have another corner. 

16:22 (IST)22 MAY 2019

20' Sethu clear the corner, and Grace and Sandhiya lead what looks like a potentially dangerous counter attack, but Sandhiya's thorugh ball to Grace is overhit, and once again Panthoi is in control. 

16:21 (IST)22 MAY 2019

20' Daya Devi wins another corner for Manipur Police, who are definitely in the driver's seat in this game, even if the most important statistic has the sides on level pegging. 

16:19 (IST)22 MAY 2019

17' Bala Devi dispossesses Sumithra in a dangerous area, and plays it square to Ranjana Chanu. Her ball looking for Daya Devi's run is far too overhit, and that's a goal-kick for Sethu

16:16 (IST)22 MAY 2019

15' Bala Devi has been brought down on the edge of the box by Sweety Devi, and is writhing on the floor in pain, but the referee has waved away her protests, and asked her to get up. 

16:15 (IST)22 MAY 2019

13' Big chance for Sethu! After confusion in the Manipur Police, Ranjibala Devi is dispossessed by Sabitra Bhandari, and the ball falls to Sandhiya, who scuffs her shot completely, and it rolls straight to Panthoi. 

16:14 (IST)22 MAY 2019

12' Sowmiya has her first real save of the game, even though straightforward. Rinaroy Devi takes a shot from distance, but that has no venom on it, and the Sethu 'keeper has an easy catch

16:12 (IST)22 MAY 2019

11' The free-kick is a waste, as Ashalata's take has too much on it, and falls straight into Panthoi's waiting arms

16:11 (IST)22 MAY 2019

10' Sethu have a free-kick in an interesting position, as Mandakini Devi brings down Dangmei Grace

16:11 (IST)22 MAY 2019

9' The corner comes to nothing as Sethu's 'keeper Sowmiya comes out and punches the ball away from danger

16:10 (IST)22 MAY 2019

8' Bala is on the move again, but she has a heavy touch, and just as the goalkeeper was to grab it, Sweety Devi puts a leg in and plays it behind for a Manipur Police corner

16:08 (IST)22 MAY 2019

7' If these initial exchanges are any indication, a repeat of the 6-4 scoreline from the group game between these two teams looks far-fetched

16:07 (IST)22 MAY 2019

5' Ashalata floats a free-kick into the box, but there's too much on it for Sabitra, and Panthoi can pick it up under no pressure

16:06 (IST)22 MAY 2019

5' Manipur Police are still in control of the opening exchanges, with Sethu not really able to make the ball stick, while in possession

16:04 (IST)22 MAY 2019

3' Cleared off the line! And it's her! Bala Devi gets on the end of the corner, and meets with a header, which is headed into the far corner, but the Sethi defender on the line was alert to the danger. 

16:04 (IST)22 MAY 2019

2' The Police with control of possession in the opening couple of minutes, here in Ludhiana, and they even have an early corner

16:03 (IST)22 MAY 2019

1' PEEEEPPP!! We're off, as Manipur Police look for a switch to the right flank, through Rankibala Devi, but there's too much pace on it, as Prameshwori Devi can't get on the end of it. 

16:02 (IST)22 MAY 2019

Sethu FC in all white. Manipur Police in all red. The latter will get us underway. 

16:01 (IST)22 MAY 2019

The teams have shook hands, they've had their pictures taken. We're all set to go!
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