Intercontinental Cup 2018: Kenya vs Chinese Taipei, Live Match Updates

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FT : Chinese Taipei 0-4 Kenya


21:55 (IST)8 JUN 2018

FT : Chinese Taipei 0-4 Kenya

A comprehensive performance from Kenya in the second half puts the Harambee Boys into the final for a summit clash against India on June 10.

That's it from us for tonight. This is Sayak signing off. Thank You and Good Night. Stay Tuned to Sportskeeda. 

21:55 (IST)8 JUN 2018

4 Minutes Added on.

21:55 (IST)8 JUN 2018

Otieno is announced as the 'Hero of the Match'.

21:50 (IST)8 JUN 2018

88' GOAAAAAAL! The freekick is helped on it's way by a header, the keeper saves it but fails to hold on it allowing Jockins Otieno to score his second for the night.

21:48 (IST)8 JUN 2018

86' Freekick to Kenya at the right side.

21:46 (IST)8 JUN 2018

81' Hao Wei heads wide from a cross.

21:37 (IST)8 JUN 2018

76' Hao Wei shoots. The shot is way off target.

21:36 (IST)8 JUN 2018

75' Couple of Substitutions for Kenya. Game resumes.

21:32 (IST)8 JUN 2018

69' GOAAAAAL! Timothy Otieno scores as the Taiwanese goalkeeper makes a huge error and leaves the goal empty.

21:29 (IST)8 JUN 2018

67' Ovella Ochieng's cross is wayward.

21:25 (IST)8 JUN 2018

60' Freekick into the danger zone by Taiwan, Kenya clear it away.

21:16 (IST)8 JUN 2018

54' GOAAAL! Otieno scores from the spot. 2-0 to Kenya.

21:15 (IST)8 JUN 2018

53' Penalty to Kenya. Mutamba brought down in the box by the keeper.

21:14 (IST)8 JUN 2018

52' GOAAL!  Dennis taps it home from the corner. 1-0 to Kenya.

21:12 (IST)8 JUN 2018

51' Otieno shoots, Hung Chieu saves. Corner to Kenya.

21:12 (IST)8 JUN 2018

50' Kuei Hung shoots, saved. Gets a rebound, fires it over the target 

21:07 (IST)8 JUN 2018

Patilah Omoto replaced by Timothy Balton for Kenya.

21:07 (IST)8 JUN 2018

Timothy Otieno replaces Cliffton Miheso for Kenya.

21:06 (IST)8 JUN 2018

Second half kicks off.

20:49 (IST)8 JUN 2018

HALF TIME : Kenya 0-0 Chinese Taipei

An evenly matched second half comes to a close level pegging. Kenya need three goals in 45 minutes to qualify for the Final. 

Stay Tuned to Sportskeeda. Second half up next.

20:46 (IST)8 JUN 2018

3 Minutes Added on.

20:45 (IST)8 JUN 2018

 43' Hao Wei with a quick dribble inside, goes for a curler, misses.

20:42 (IST)8 JUN 2018

 41' Kenya get a corner swung in, the Taiwanese goalkeeper makes a mess of a simple save but the defenders bail Taipei out. 

20:39 (IST)8 JUN 2018

37' Chinese Taipei get a freekick into the box, but Kenyan defence is resilient enough to see off the lurking danger.

20:34 (IST)8 JUN 2018

33' Omoto shoots. Saved.

20:31 (IST)8 JUN 2018

30' SAVE! Chuan Chen heads straight to Matasi from the corner. Kenya recover.

20:31 (IST)8 JUN 2018

29' Ming Wang shoots from a tough angle after a brilliant Taipei build-up. Matasi saves for a Chinese Taipei corner.

20:28 (IST)8 JUN 2018

26' Mao Li dribbles and cuts in, shoots and hits the sidd netting. Some quick skills by the youngster here.

20:25 (IST)8 JUN 2018

22' Trouble for Chinese Taipei. The Goalkeeper Chieh-Pan is subbed off due to a knee injury, Hung Chu replaces the former.

20:23 (IST)8 JUN 2018

21' Otieno draws out the Taiwanese goalkeeper, but fails to hit the target. 

20:21 (IST)8 JUN 2018

20' After an early Kenya carnage, Taipei is slowly clawing back into the game.

20:15 (IST)8 JUN 2018

14' Ochieng goes for a volley first time, the shot is wide.

20:14 (IST)8 JUN 2018

12' Cliffton swings in a freekick into the danger zone, but Hung heads it away.

20:12 (IST)8 JUN 2018

11' MISS! SO CLOSE! Mutamba literally heads the ball milimetres wide of the target from the corner. Taiwan living dangerously.

20:10 (IST)8 JUN 2018

10' Dennis with a good weighted ball towards Ochieng, but Hung clears the safety. Corner to Kenya.

20:09 (IST)8 JUN 2018

8' Couple of corners for Kenya, but Taiwan get any danger averted.

20:08 (IST)8 JUN 2018

 6' Cliffton's shot from the distance is saved.

20:06 (IST)8 JUN 2018

4' Taiwanese Goalkeeper is called into action as Kenya build up an attack with a long ball from defence.

20:05 (IST)8 JUN 2018

3' Both the sides trying to settle in here. No real chance for both the teams.

20:01 (IST)8 JUN 2018

Kick-off in Mumbai.

19:58 (IST)8 JUN 2018

The teams are out. Chinese Taipei are in Blue while Kenya is in Red. Pre-Match Formalities done and dusted. Kick-off next.

19:53 (IST)8 JUN 2018

Kenya need to win by 3 goals or more to qualify for the Final.

19:49 (IST)8 JUN 2018


Starting XI :
Patrick Matasi (GK), Jockins Atudo, Eric Ouma, Mike Kibwage, Musa Mohammed (C), Dennis Odhiambo, Patilah Omotto, Duncan Otieno, Cliffton Miheso, Ovella Ochieng, Pistone Mutamba

Substitutes : Timothy Odhiambo (GK), Bolton Omwenga, Bernard Ochieng, Johnstone Omurwa, Vincent Wasambo, Chrispin Oduor, Kenneth Muguna, Timothy Otieno, John Makwatta.

Chinese Taipei

Starting XI :
Wen Chieh Pan (GK), Chien-Ming Wang, Ting-Yang Chen, Tzu-Kuei Hung, Ruei Wang, Wei Chuan Chan (C), Mao Li, Hao-Wei Chen, Chao-An Chen, Shao-Chieh Tu, En-Le Chu

Substitutes : Mao-Ting Wei, Yen-Shu Wu, William Donkin, Shen-Wei Chen, Chang Lun-Lin, Yi-Wei Chen, Hao Cheng, Yu-Hung Chu (GK), Ching-Hsuan Chen, Ming-Hsiu Chao, Hung-Wei Chen, Shou-Che Tsai (GK)

18:16 (IST)8 JUN 2018

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's LIVE coverage of the Intercontinental Cup! Next up is: Kenya vs Chinese Taipei

18:14 (IST)8 JUN 2018

The last group game of the Intercontinental Cup will be between Kenya and Chinese Taipei.

Kenya started the competition on a positive note, as they defeated New Zealand 2-1, with Miheso and Ochieng producing one goal each. The Harambee Stars then received a 3-0 thrashing from India in their second match. On the other hand, the Chinese Taipei lost both their matches, the first one was a 5-0 drubbing by India, and the second was a 0-1 loss to New Zealand. 

India is the only team safely through the final, and Kenya still have a good chance of qualifying so it is a do-or-die situation for them. Chinese Taipei are already out of contention, so chances are that the coach will field newer players to see how they fare.

After New Zealand defeated India 2-1 on June 7, things have gotten really interesting. 

Kenya need to win the upcoming battle by at least 3 goals. In case they win 3-0, then both head-to-head and goal difference will be negated for India, New Zealand, and Kenya. A win by a three-goal margin would put Kenya on the same goal difference as New Zealand, however Kenya would qualify to the final as they would have scored more goals at the end of the group stage. It will be interesting to see how things pan out in this match. 
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