Intercontinental Cup 2018: Kenya vs New Zealand, Live Match Updates

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FT : Kenya 2-1 New Zealand


22:03 (IST)2 JUN 2018

FULL TIME : Kenya 2-1 New Zealand

An Ovella Ochieng winner gives the cohesive Kenyan unit all three points in the Match 2 of the Intercontinental Cup. 

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22:00 (IST)2 JUN 2018

90+7' Ocheing who scored the winner is being subbed off. Kenyans trying all they can to run down the clock.

21:56 (IST)2 JUN 2018

90+4' Sarpreet Singh goes for goal from the dead ball situation, misses the target by a few yards.

21:56 (IST)2 JUN 2018

90+3' Freekick to New Zealand in Cliffton range. Singh over it.

21:54 (IST)2 JUN 2018

7 Minutes Added on.

21:54 (IST)2 JUN 2018

90' Doyle booked for shoving one of the Kenyan players.

21:51 (IST)2 JUN 2018

Miheso Cliffton from Kenya who scored the freekick from Kenya has been adjudged the 'Hero of the Match'.

21:50 (IST)2 JUN 2018

88' The Kiwis showing some bit of urgency now with direct play in a bid to get atleast on level terms.

21:49 (IST)2 JUN 2018

86' Billingsley shoots over the target from outside the box.

21:49 (IST)2 JUN 2018

85' Mutamba goes for goal from distance, misses the target by quite some distance.

21:47 (IST)2 JUN 2018

83' Kenya going strong till the end. The Harambe Boys are constantly troubling the Kiwi defence with regular attacks.

21:45 (IST)2 JUN 2018

78' New Zealand are stuggling here to keep the Kenyan forward line in check. The Kiwis are letting possession go away rather cheapy instead of moving the ball forward.

21:40 (IST)2 JUN 2018

73' Kenya looking a completely different side in the second half with pacey runs from the flanks. New Zealand look a little down and out physically in the second half.

21:32 (IST)2 JUN 2018

69' GOAAAL! Ochieng scores with a calm finish on the counter to make it 2-1 for Kenya.

21:30 (IST)2 JUN 2018

67' Substitute Billingsley heads it straight to Matasi from a cross. 

21:27 (IST)2 JUN 2018

60' Kenya get a corner swung in, New Zealans clear their lines.

21:27 (IST)2 JUN 2018

58' Kenya get a cross in a Kiwi defended makes a hash of a simple clearance and almost gets the ball into the back of his own net if not for the Kiwi Goalkeeper.

21:19 (IST)2 JUN 2018

55' Deft one touch play by Kenya but can't manage to get the shot away. New Zealand recover.

21:18 (IST)2 JUN 2018

54' Kenya patiently stringing around passes among themselves, looking for an opening.

21:14 (IST)2 JUN 2018

50' Kenya with a different approach in the second half. More direct and straight approach.

21:11 (IST)2 JUN 2018

48' Ochieng shoots wide.

21:09 (IST)2 JUN 2018

Second half kicks off.

21:09 (IST)2 JUN 2018

HALF TIME : Kenya 1-1 New Zealand

A half largely dominated by the Kiwis. Sarpreet got the Kiwis the lead but Cliffton restored parity in the final kick of the half.

Second half ten minutes away. Stay Tuned to Sportskeeda.

20:51 (IST)2 JUN 2018

45+3' GOAAAAAAAAL! Cliffton scores a beautiful curling goal from the set piece. No chance whatsoever for the Kiwi shot-stopper. 

20:49 (IST)2 JUN 2018

45+1' Ridenton brings down Makwata. Freekick to Kenya in a good position.

20:48 (IST)2 JUN 2018

1 Minute Added on.

20:46 (IST)2 JUN 2018

43' GOAAAAAAAL! Sarpreet Singh scores a left footed curler and puts the Kiwis ahead. 

20:41 (IST)2 JUN 2018

39' Timothy Payne shoots from outside the box, misses the target by a good margin.

20:39 (IST)2 JUN 2018

36' OFF THE BAR! Otieno wrestles past a Kiwi defender, shoots from a tough angle and hits the crossbar!

20:37 (IST)2 JUN 2018

 33' Wonderful cross from the left by Kenya but there is no Red Shirt at the end of it to finish it off.

20:33 (IST)2 JUN 2018

30' New Zealand have a cross from the right, but Masati punches it away. That was a brilliant cross.

20:32 (IST)2 JUN 2018

27' The game has picked up pace and intensity after a ridiculously slow start initially.

20:28 (IST)2 JUN 2018

24' Chaos in the Kenya box. A cross from the right missed by everyone until Matasi collects with a dangerous fumble. Singh was lurking around.

20:27 (IST)2 JUN 2018

23' Kenya string in a series of passes, Cliffton goes for a long ranger but misses the target.

20:23 (IST)2 JUN 2018

21' Kenya get a corner, New Zealand clear their lines.

20:21 (IST)2 JUN 2018

20' The rain has become intense now. 

20:21 (IST)2 JUN 2018

19' Singh shoots, Matasi collects.

20:19 (IST)2 JUN 2018

17' MISS! Singh finds Rufer, who skies the ball away.

20:19 (IST)2 JUN 2018

16' It's drizzling here in Mumbai as Early Monsoon hits the city. Both the teams now may switch to aerial play.

20:18 (IST)2 JUN 2018

15' Corner not impressive, as Kenya recover.

20:18 (IST)2 JUN 2018

14' SAVE! Nikko Daniel gets the ball on his feet from a floated freekick, shoots but gets his shot cleared on goal-line by a Red shirt. Corner to New Zealans.

20:16 (IST)2 JUN 2018

13' Omoto penalised for a foul. New Zealand with a freekick.

20:13 (IST)2 JUN 2018

10' New Zealand dictating terms here with possession based play, but have not been able produce anything special so far. Kenya have all of their playera behind the ball.

20:10 (IST)2 JUN 2018

6' Sarpreet Singh crosses in from the left, but Matasi collects.

20:07 (IST)2 JUN 2018

4' Kenya try to build up from the left, but Eric Otieno is caught offside.

20:05 (IST)2 JUN 2018

2' Early Pressure from the Kiwis (New Zealand) as they get in a cross and a corner, but the Harambe Stars clear their lines. (Kenya)

20:03 (IST)2 JUN 2018

Kenya are in 4-3-3 while New Zealand are in 4-4-2.

20:03 (IST)2 JUN 2018

KICK-OFF! Kenya are in Reds while New Zealand are in All Whites.

19:57 (IST)2 JUN 2018

All formalities done and dusted, We are all set for kick-off!
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