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  • IPL Live Score: Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Gujarat Lions Live commentary and match updates; GL win by 7 wickets.

IPL Live Score: Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Gujarat Lions Live commentary and match updates; GL win by 7 wickets.

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 27, 2017 23:12 IST

Desperately seeking a win, the wounded Lions take on the weary Royal Challengers at Bengaluru.


23:12 (IST)27 APR 2017

That's all from the Sportskeeda team tonight. Stay with us for more through the IPL. For now though, its good night and good bye.

23:11 (IST)27 APR 2017

309 runs for Suresh Riana, he has the Orange Cap. Tye is the man of the match.

23:08 (IST)27 APR 2017

The match summed up RCB's season so far and Kohli hit the nail on the head when he spoke of lack of intent. The side looks demotivated, they've chopped and changed their batting order and just haven't come up with a winning formula. 

They stars aren't firing and unlike last year, when they made a late rally, the signs don't quite indicate an encore. 

23:02 (IST)27 APR 2017

Finch propelled the GL innings with a thumping 72 (34). Raina held the innings together with a solid 34 (30). Badree was the pick of the bowlers for RCB with 2/29.

Virat Kohli: "When there's lack of intent, it's never easy to lose games. Tonight was not clinical. We need to get more consistent with our performances. You need some luck going your way, when it doesn't, it goes against you. The guys were too hesitant to try too many things, which you should do."

"It (pitch) was coming on well. Under lights, it pretty much the same. Credit to him (Finch) he played a fantastic knock."

22:58 (IST)27 APR 2017

This win will good a world of good for GL's confidence and their run rate as well. 

22:58 (IST)27 APR 2017

It's a comprehensive result for GL and they've decimated RCB. 

22:57 (IST)27 APR 2017

And Riana strikes the winning runs as GL win by 7 wickets with 39 deliveries to spare.

22:57 (IST)27 APR 2017

Raina picks up a boundary off Head and scores are level.

22:56 (IST)27 APR 2017

Travis Head has the ball. Raina has 300 runs in IPL 2017 now. Talk about leading from the front for his side.

22:54 (IST)27 APR 2017

Overs: 13 Score: 124/3

22:53 (IST)27 APR 2017

Raina charges down the track this time, times it well and it sails over long on. SIX more for GL.

22:52 (IST)27 APR 2017

Ravindra Jadeja is the next man for GL. Walks in with 19 needed off 47.

22:51 (IST)27 APR 2017

Finch finally departs. He strikes a short ball from Negi and finds ABD at long on.
GL: 115/3

22:50 (IST)27 APR 2017

Overs: 12 Score: 115/2

22:49 (IST)27 APR 2017

21 off 50 now. GL are destroying RCB here tonight.

22:49 (IST)27 APR 2017

Finch now decides to play the reverse sweep, he gets it fine and past the short third man. FOUR more!

22:48 (IST)27 APR 2017

Chahal gets another over. But Riana's does what he does best, sweeps the leg-spinner towards wide midwicket for FOUR.

22:47 (IST)27 APR 2017

And another one. SIX again. He mistimes a slog and still manages to clear the mid wicket fence.
Overs:11 Score: 104/2

22:46 (IST)27 APR 2017

A half volley from Negi gets a Finch treatment. He strikes it straight back over the sight screen. Another huge SIX.

22:44 (IST)27 APR 2017

The game's getting away from Virat Kohli and there's nothing he can do about it. He brings Negi on now. 

22:42 (IST)27 APR 2017

Overs: 10 Score: 89/2

22:42 (IST)27 APR 2017

Finch attempts a switch hit and misses. 

22:41 (IST)27 APR 2017

Yes he has! Replays show that Chahal has overstepped and Raina gets to say and party on. It's a free hit to boot.

22:41 (IST)27 APR 2017

Raina decides to take on Chahal and plays his customary slog sweep. He hits it down mid wicket's throat. But hang on a minute, has he overstepped here.

22:40 (IST)27 APR 2017

Chahal responds by beating Finch in the flight and then beating Raina. 

22:38 (IST)27 APR 2017

Chahal starts his second over with a wide delivery, Raina manages to get bat on a late cut for FOUR.

22:35 (IST)27 APR 2017

Finch brings up his fifty. His 51 (22) is now the fastest fifty for GL.
Overs: 9 Score: 81/2

22:33 (IST)27 APR 2017

He's not done just yet, Finch. A good length ball and Finch deposits it over mid wicket for a huge SIX! 

22:32 (IST)27 APR 2017

And he repeats it with a lofted drive over extracover for another FOUR. He's denting RCB. Choudhary appears shaken a bit as he sends the next one wide down the leg side.

22:31 (IST)27 APR 2017

Finch continues to rock on. Short from Choudhary and he's quickly into position and pulls it away over midwicket for FOUR.

22:30 (IST)27 APR 2017

Choudhary with his second over. The crowd's gone quite. They really haven't had much to cheer about tonight. 

22:29 (IST)27 APR 2017

Overs: 8 Score: 62/2
11 off that over. Not the kind of start that Chahal was looking for.  

22:26 (IST)27 APR 2017

Finch welcomes Chahal with a huge SIX over midwicket. He charged down the track and launched into that one. He's onto 33 off 16 already.

22:26 (IST)27 APR 2017

Chahal into the attack now. He's a strike bowler for RCB. They're counting on his to pull a rabbit out of the hat here. 83 off 77, that's the equation now. 

22:24 (IST)27 APR 2017

Overs: 7 Score: 51/2

22:24 (IST)27 APR 2017

Choudhary's treating Finch to a dose of bouncers in this over. Three consecutive play and misses.

22:22 (IST)27 APR 2017

Virat Kohli's shaking his head. Clearly, he's not happy with the way things have panned tonight. Raina's rotating the strike now with ease. 

22:21 (IST)27 APR 2017

Aniket Choudhary's into the attack now. He's bowling to a red hot Finch. 

22:19 (IST)27 APR 2017

He cross-bats a short ball down the ground to long off for another boundary. This is a good approach from GL. A cameo at the top of the order will ease their cause.

Overs: 6 Score: 49/2

22:16 (IST)27 APR 2017

Finch is throwing his bat around. Finds the outside edge off Aravind and it races through the vacant third man area for FOUR.

22:15 (IST)27 APR 2017

Overs: 5 Score: 38/2

22:14 (IST)27 APR 2017

And he does it again. Another SIX! Over mid wicket this time. The first one was miles over mid wicket too and crashed into the roof. 

22:13 (IST)27 APR 2017

Finch slog sweeps his second ball and it hits the roof. Six!

22:12 (IST)27 APR 2017

GL: 23/2
 is the new man in for GL.

22:12 (IST)27 APR 2017

Badree returns. McCullum takes him on, charges down the track and look to clear long on. ABD is in the way and takes it easy. Kohli lets out a huge war cry.

22:11 (IST)27 APR 2017

Overs:4 Score: 23/1
A tidy over that from Aravind, he's been good for RCB with all his variations in pace and length.

22:09 (IST)27 APR 2017

Aravind's digging it in short and testing Riana. A second one on the trot hands GL a free hit. It's a yorker and Riana dig its out to point.

22:07 (IST)27 APR 2017

RCB need early wickets to make a match out of this one here. And it doesn't end there, they'll have to keep chipping away at regular intervals. 

22:06 (IST)27 APR 2017

Aravind gets another over. Wraps Raina on the pads and lets out a huge appeal. That was going down. 

22:04 (IST)27 APR 2017

Overs: 3 Score: 19/1
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