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ISL 2017-18 Live Score, Delhi Dynamos vs Kerala Blasters Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 10, 2018 22:04 IST

Delhi 1 - 3 Kerala (Kotal 44'; Hume 12', 78', 83')


22:04 (IST)10 JAN 2018



The Malayalee outfit come away from the capital with a much-needed win as they vault into 6th and signal a warning to those ahead. It was all about Iain Hume's tenacity and footballing skill and the much-loved Canadian (
Humettan as he's known in the Southern State) has rewarded the members of the Yellow Army who made the long, long, trek North. 

Delhi, so impressive for vast periods of the game, will feel hard done by but they remain rooted to the bottom. A special word for Lalianzuala Chhangte who was easily the second-best player on the pitch behind the irreprisible Hume. 

That's all from me, Anirudh Menon. Thank you for your company. 

'twas a pleasure. 


22:00 (IST)10 JAN 2018

95' David James kills time with Loken replacing Jackichand for the final thirty seconds of the match

21:59 (IST)10 JAN 2018

94' Keziron magicks his way past three in the middle of the field before playing in Sifenos. The big lad does a couple of awkward step-overs before running into Rodrigues... he wants a pen, but the ref - correctly - is having none of it. 

21:58 (IST)10 JAN 2018

93' Seityasen and Lalrruathara get into a tussle and the Kerala left-back, outstanding today as the commentators have kept saying, wins it quite easily

21:57 (IST)10 JAN 2018

92' WOOF! Jhingan bicycle kicks a bouncing ball into the cold air before Milan Singh hoicks it as far away from his area as possible

21:57 (IST)10 JAN 2018

91' Delhi appear resigned to their fate... as Lumu lifts a hopeless ball into the vast expense of nothingness that lays ahead of Seityasen on Delhi's left. 

21:56 (IST)10 JAN 2018


21:55 (IST)10 JAN 2018

89' Edu makes a bit of space at the edge of the box with a lovely dribble before laying it off to David Nghaite, but the young lad screws his snapshot well wide 

21:54 (IST)10 JAN 2018

87' Milan Singh is brought on by David James to close the match-up - and he gives the hattrick hero a break. This was Hume's match, especially the last fifteen-odd minutes

21:53 (IST)10 JAN 2018

86' Delhi are trying to make a match of this... Sekar and Paulinho taking it in turns to try and pierce the Kerala defence. The latter does so eventually, but finds Guyon a mile and a half offside. 

21:50 (IST)10 JAN 2018

Once again that was all about the Canadian's sublime combination of courage, determination, and skill. He chases a long punt forward before outpacing Cichero and chipping the onrushing Sharma with a deft touch. WOOF! Another superb goal, and that's his hattrick. Lovely. 

21:48 (IST)10 JAN 2018


21:48 (IST)10 JAN 2018

81' OH MY WORDS! SANDESH JHINGAN! Lumu put in a superb ball that seemed to be destined to have a date Nghaite's boot and subsequently the Kerala net but the Kerala captain slides in with a screamingly magnificent tackle. 

21:46 (IST)10 JAN 2018

81' Kerala are passing the ball about with calm confidence now... a goal up, they are playing their best football of the half. Hume's breathe life into them. 

21:45 (IST)10 JAN 2018

79' WHY PORTUGAL, WHY! The Delhi coach does the right thing by bringing on Seityasen Singh... but does the absolute worst thing by taking off their best player in Lallianzuala Chhangte

21:44 (IST)10 JAN 2018

OH MAMMA MIA WHAT A GOAL! WHAT. A. GOAL. Hume ran into space down the left, cut back in - send Paulinho AND Rodrigues to the wrong post office and curled an absolutely beautiful shot right into the bottom corner. WOOF! WHAT. A. GOAL!

21:43 (IST)10 JAN 2018


21:41 (IST)10 JAN 2018

76' Paulinho twinkle-toes his way past thee challenges and Delhi move inexorably forward. 

21:41 (IST)10 JAN 2018

74' Just as I finish typing that, Iain Hume plays an absolute peach of the ball that allows Jackichand to romp forward into the box... where he inexplicably tries to square the ball and wastes the chance to shoot! Delhi stream forward and Chhangte curls an absolutely gorgeous ball into the Kerala box but Nghaite screws a hopeless effort wide.  

21:38 (IST)10 JAN 2018

73' And the wayward passing - first from Sekar and then from Keziron - isn't helping.

21:38 (IST)10 JAN 2018

72' Kotal runs down the wing and crosses the ball into Kotal. I'll be honest, it's a bit boring at the moment. 

21:36 (IST)10 JAN 2018

71' Keziron does well to challenge Paulinho, and win the ball back - before moving forward and passing it on to Sifneos, Lumu takes the ball off the big man with absurd (and concerning if you are in the Kerala camp) ease

21:35 (IST)10 JAN 2018

70' They play it short and win a throw-in. Although, it's not much of a win in this scenario. Delhi are forced back to their own half-way line.

21:34 (IST)10 JAN 2018

69' Some smart work from the home side - specifically Sekar and Paulinho sees Keziron pull down the latter as the Brazilian looked to romp forward into space. Chhangte then runs into the box, and wins a corner off Brown 

21:32 (IST)10 JAN 2018

66' OOOO LA LA! CONTROVERSY! Chhangte marauds into the box and goes down under pressure from Lalruatthara. Never a penalty, and the ref agrees. The ball bounces out of play off Guyon. Never a corner... but the ref disagrees. Nothing comes off the corner, though

21:30 (IST)10 JAN 2018

65' Delhi make a change as they take off Romeo Fernandes and bring on Guyon Fernandes. With Xabier out, Delhi can - of course- have another foreigner on the field now

21:30 (IST)10 JAN 2018

64' Siam Hanghal, who's been quiet all night, takes a pop from thirty yards. His apology is testament to the rubbishness of his effort

21:29 (IST)10 JAN 2018

63' A flash of urgency as Sifneos plays a give-and-go with Pekuson but the backtracking Edu Moya does enough to nick the ball off the Dutchman. 

21:28 (IST)10 JAN 2018

62' Delhi sense they have the upper hand here, and they're closing down with the rabid intensity of a team that's out for a win. Kerala. however, are not panicking all that much and are playing some neat football of their own.  

21:27 (IST)10 JAN 2018

61' Sekar tries to play in Lumu but overhits the ball and Roy will take his time with this goalkick

21:27 (IST)10 JAN 2018

60' UFF! Kerala are under the cosh here as Romeo and Chhangte take turns to send in crosses into the box but nothing comes of either except for a ripple of panic flashing through the Kerala backline

21:26 (IST)10 JAN 2018

59' Sharma runs onto a backpass and makes an absolute hash of the clearance, but thankfully for him it's straight to Cichero and Delhi scramble clear. Comedy gold. 

21:24 (IST)10 JAN 2018

58' OOOOO! ROMEO! Chhangte sweeps in a decent ball that Kerala can't really clear. Pritam Kotal shows nifty footwork to get himself into space just outside the Kerala box, before he lays it off to Romeo. The Goan takes a touch and lashes a ball at goal that has the stadium on its feet... but the ripple in the net was from the ball smacking it onto the side. 

21:23 (IST)10 JAN 2018

57' Hume's chasing gets him into some trouble as he gets pulled up for going in too aggressively on the Delhi centre-backs. From the freekick, Delhi work it out onto the left... 

21:21 (IST)10 JAN 2018

55' WOOF! Lumu marauds into the centre of the park and smacks a powerful shot at Roy's goal... but's it always heading wide. 

21:20 (IST)10 JAN 2018

54' 20-year-old Sifneos is just strolling around the park as 55-million-year-old Hume chases each and every ball that comes within range. Sigh. 

21:19 (IST)10 JAN 2018

53' By the by, Kotal has been - rightly - confirmed as Delhi's goalscorer. The goalkeeper is back on his feet too, so all round good news for that Delhi defense

21:18 (IST)10 JAN 2018

52' Sharma looks in considerable pain as both Cichero and Sifneos seem to have bumped into him. Senor Portugal is praying to all the Gods he knows that his keeper gets up. 

21:18 (IST)10 JAN 2018

51' OOOO LA LA! Hume does superbly to draw a couple of Delhi lads and play in Sifneos with a lovely ball... but the substitute goalkeeper Sharma does ever so well to brave his way to the ball and smother it before Sifneos gets a sniff. 

21:16 (IST)10 JAN 2018

48' Sifneos is a snappy little fella' isn't he. Ok, he's not all that little and when he snaps at your heels you tend to feel it. Cichero is the latest to attest to that as he gets caught by the enthusiastic Dutchman 

21:14 (IST)10 JAN 2018

47' OH! OFFSIDE! Pekuson holds and holds and holds as he sees Lalratthua overlap past, and that delay means the left back is caught a mile offside when he finally gets the ball inside the Delhi box. 

21:13 (IST)10 JAN 2018

46' OOOH HO! NGHAITE! The young striker jogs into the Kerala third, sees everyone back down for some reason, and has a pop at goal. Which fizzes not all that far wide.

21:10 (IST)10 JAN 2018


20:56 (IST)10 JAN 2018


It's Delhi 1 - Kerala 1 as the two sides go into the break. Please, O' Mighty One, let the second half be better. 

20:55 (IST)10 JAN 2018

54' The ref spends a minute remonstrating with the coach - while Arnab Sharma sprints on in Xabier's stead. The coach was furious the ref didn't blow for halftime and give him a chance to investigate Xabier's issue with more leisure. 

20:54 (IST)10 JAN 2018


20:52 (IST)10 JAN 2018

51' Ok, Xabier is out of it. He receives a simple enough backpass and he passes it out of play before collapsing on the pitch. Senor Portugal is raving mad. 

20:51 (IST)10 JAN 2018

50' There's going to be more than five minutes added on here, neh? Xabier slowly gets back on to his feet. 

20:49 (IST)10 JAN 2018

48' OH MY! Sifneos goes in hard on Xabier as the Dutchman looks to close the keeper down... but he catches him late on the right foot and the Spaniard is in all sorts of pain. OUCH. 

20:48 (IST)10 JAN 2018

47' The first minute passes without incident. So does the second. The commentators, though, say that the fourth official has awarded Delhi's goal to Romeo - the man who took the freekick - as it appears Kotal didn't really get his head to it. Will confirm this as soon as possible
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