ISL 2017 Live Score: Mumbai City FC vs FC Goa Live Match Updates Commentary

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FT : Mumbai City 2-1 FC Goa


21:58 (IST)25 NOV 2017

and it's FULL TIME in Mumbai!

FT : Mumbai City FC 2-1 FC Goa

Best match of the season so far! Mumbai City took the lead twice in the game to deny FC Goa any point in Andheri. Kattimani with a howler as Everton managed the opening goal. Coro scored the equaliser but was disallowed by the referee. FC Goa kept pressing and Arana scored the legal equaliser. Minutes later, Mumbai City's Thiago Santos scored the eventual winner against the run of play to clinch all three points for the Islanders.

Indian Super League action continues as ATK hosts FC Pune City tomorrow in Kolkata at 5:30 PM. Till then, I being Sayak Dipta sign off. Stay Tuned to Sportskeeda for furthur updates. Thank You and Good Night.

21:53 (IST)25 NOV 2017

90+4' FC Goa pressing immensely for that one important equaliser as they earn another corner.

21:52 (IST)25 NOV 2017

90+4' Corner cleared away.

21:52 (IST)25 NOV 2017


21:52 (IST)25 NOV 2017

91' Amrinder saves it and conceded a corner.

21:51 (IST)25 NOV 2017

90' Gearson Viera goes into the referee's box. Dangerous free-kick to FC Goa. Time for another Equaliser?

21:49 (IST)25 NOV 2017

88' GOAAAAAAAAAAAL! It's Mumbai City FC! Super Sub Thiago Santos scores the potential winner against the run of play on counter from the Goan corner. Mohammed Ali could not handle the Brazilian.

21:48 (IST)25 NOV 2017

88' Pressure building on Mumbai. Another corner to the away side.

21:47 (IST)25 NOV 2017

87' SAVE! Lanzarote with a fiery shot which is parried away brilliantly by Amrinder for a Goan corner.

21:45 (IST)25 NOV 2017

85' One would think justice has been served to the Gaurs, with referee disallowing a legit goal for the Goans earlier.

21:45 (IST)25 NOV 2017

84' GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! and here is the Equaliser! Coro with a brillaint ball into the box to Arana who slots it home. Exciting six minutes now.

21:42 (IST)25 NOV 2017

Emana replaced by Thiago Santos

21:40 (IST)25 NOV 2017

79' Balwant with a delicious cross which falls just a bit away from Emana

21:40 (IST)25 NOV 2017

76' Ahmed fouls Balwant. Free-kick for the home team.

21:35 (IST)25 NOV 2017

74' Emana dribbles past three defenders but fails to convert.

21:33 (IST)25 NOV 2017

73' Amrinder comes racing off the line before Ruidas heads the ball out.

21:28 (IST)25 NOV 2017

66' CONTROVERSY! Coro finds the net but referee's judges him offside, but the replay shows otherwise. A howler from the referee? FC Goa players are furious.

21:24 (IST)25 NOV 2017

63' Mandar with an over-hit cross which goes out on the far side for a Mumbai corner.

21:22 (IST)25 NOV 2017

62' Chinglansena booked for Simulation.

21:21 (IST)25 NOV 2017

59' GOAAAAAAAAAL! CRAZY SCENES IN MUMBAI. Kattimani with a big mistake as he was caught of possession as Everton's interception to Kattimani's pass ends up in the Goan net. Mumbai lead.

21:16 (IST)25 NOV 2017

56' Balwant with a challenge on Seriton while the Goans continue to keep possession.

21:13 (IST)25 NOV 2017

53' CLOSE! Lanzarote's lob goes over Amrinder in slow-mo but the shot-stopper is quick enough to pull the ball back in time!

21:11 (IST)25 NOV 2017

50' Emana passes the ball to Everton whose cross goes wide off the far post.

21:09 (IST)25 NOV 2017

47' Balwant has an half chance to slot it past Kattimani but the latter does well to get in between the weak attempt.

21:08 (IST)25 NOV 2017


Zakeer (IN) 
Raju (OUT)

21:06 (IST)25 NOV 2017

2nd half kicks-off!

20:51 (IST)25 NOV 2017

HALF TIME : Mumbai City 0-0 FC Goa

A pulsating first half comes to an end goalless. Both the teams had their chances but could not finish them, thanks to some brilliant tackles and saves from both the teams. Second half coming up!

20:49 (IST)25 NOV 2017

45+3' HOW DID GOA NOT SCORE THERE? Coro with the ball just in front of the goal but Amrinder pulls out an unbelievable save to make the scores remain goalless.

20:48 (IST)25 NOV 2017


20:45 (IST)25 NOV 2017

42' Everton has a chance, looks for support inside the box, doesn't find and ends up smashing the ball straight into Mohamed Ali. Corner for the home side.

20:40 (IST)25 NOV 2017

40' Balwant penalised for committing a foul while heading in a ball from a delicious cross in the Goan half.

20:39 (IST)25 NOV 2017

38' Mandar unleases a shot from distance which goes wide.

20:39 (IST)25 NOV 2017

36' Ruidas' long ball finds Everton Santos in the Goan half but Mandar Rao defends well to steal possession and launch an attack of their own.

20:38 (IST)25 NOV 2017

35' Hefty challenge from Marcio! He's booked with a yellow card for his foul on Arana.

20:33 (IST)25 NOV 2017

31' MISS! Balwant shoots wide as he was forced to go wide due to Everton. Kattimani not called to action.

20:31 (IST)25 NOV 2017

29' Mandar's shot blocked by Raju.

20:27 (IST)25 NOV 2017

25' Goa slowing down the game and keeping the ball for themselves.

20:25 (IST)25 NOV 2017

22' CHANCE! Seriton Fernandes's interceptions almost enters his own net as an own goal but for the left post.

20:24 (IST)25 NOV 2017

21' Lovely ball from Sanju Pradhan to Balwant but Mohammed Ali just did enough to clear his lines away.

20:21 (IST)25 NOV 2017

18' Arana with a half chance on the goal but Amrinder comes to the rescue.

20:18 (IST)25 NOV 2017

14' Nice one-two inside the box from Corominas and Lanzarote but Mumbai CityF C's defence does well to steal the ball and clear away.

20:16 (IST)25 NOV 2017

13' Lucian Goian with a brilliant interception to deny Edu Badia find Mandar Rao Desai.

20:13 (IST)25 NOV 2017

12' FC Goa caught offside as Coro attempts a through ball amid the Mumbai defense.

20:11 (IST)25 NOV 2017

11' FC Goa with some possession play in their own half.

20:11 (IST)25 NOV 2017

10' Brilliant ball to Arana down the right flank but the latter fails to control.

20:09 (IST)25 NOV 2017

7' Mumbai City get a throw-in. Raju Gaekwad with a long throw.

20:07 (IST)25 NOV 2017

4' CHANCE! Balwant was through on goal but Narayan Das comes to the rescue.

20:05 (IST)25 NOV 2017

3' Mandar with a darting run but Lucian Goian clears the ball way at the far side.

20:02 (IST)25 NOV 2017

1' Amrinder caught into action early on to clear things away.

20:01 (IST)25 NOV 2017

KICK-OFF! Mumbai City in Blue while FC Goa are in white.
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