Japan Open 2018: PV Sindhu vs Gao Fangjie Second Round, Live Score and Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 13, 2018 12:32 IST

Sindhu loses 18-21, 19-21 to go out in the second round.


12:32 (IST)13 SEP 2018

That brings us to the end of our live coverage.

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12:29 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Sindhu just didn't have anything left to fight with.

Was totally spent.

Let us hope this early exit will help her to get some much-needed rest before the China Open next week.

12:28 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Gao comes up with a huge smash and finishes the job!

Sindhu loses 18-21, 19-21 to go out in the second round.

12:26 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Another smash from Sindhu!


12:25 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Sindhu finds the corner after a long rally!


12:24 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Big smash!

Sindhu 17-20

12:24 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Sindhu saves one.


12:23 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Match points for Gao.


12:23 (IST)13 SEP 2018

It's 19-15 to Gao.

Very frustrating look on Sindhu's face

12:23 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Sindhu definitely needs a bit of time to recalibrate her goals 

12:22 (IST)13 SEP 2018

18-14 to Gao

12:21 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Fatigue, both physical and emotional, has definitely built up.

It's a very different Sindhu.

12:21 (IST)13 SEP 2018

The attacking shots are few and far between now

12:21 (IST)13 SEP 2018

She is now trailing 14-17 

12:20 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Is the hectic schedule really playing a part today?

It sure does seem so. Sindhu just hasn't anything left in the tank.

12:19 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Sindhu trailing 12-16 now

12:18 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Sindhu nodding her head as yet another point goes Gao's way.

The body language isn't very good.

12:17 (IST)13 SEP 2018

And another point for her as well.


12:17 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Finally one point for her as she rushes to the net!

Sindhu 10-15

12:16 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Sindhu just hasn't looked her usual self at all.

12:16 (IST)13 SEP 2018

14-9 to Gao.

Worrying times ahead for the Indian camp!

12:13 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Gao gets the very next point.


12:13 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Sindhu finally gets a point!

She made Gao move all over the court.


12:11 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Eight straight points for Gao

11-7 at the midgame break.

12:11 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Gao is now fully in control!

Power, pace.....she is doing everything right while Sindhu can only remain content as a spectator!

10-7 to Gao

12:08 (IST)13 SEP 2018

The lead has vanished now!

It's 7-7

12:07 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Gao is going for crosscourt shots. The angles are hurting Sindhu.

Gao has come back to 5-7

12:06 (IST)13 SEP 2018

It's 7-3 to the Indian now

12:05 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Far more alert now, Sindhu goes up to 6-2

12:03 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Sindhu continues to dominate through sheer power and attack.

She is up 5-1

12:01 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Sindhu makes a strong start to Game 2 and leads 3-0

11:57 (IST)13 SEP 2018

And Gao makes no mistake!

She takes the first game 21-18

11:57 (IST)13 SEP 2018

And Sindhu's shot at the net is ineffective.

Gao has game points at 20-18

11:56 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Sindhu's attempted dropshot fall to her part of the court.

Gao 19-18

11:55 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Again Gao puts up an aggressive display.


11:54 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Gao comes up with a lot more attack and makes a body smash 

It's 17-17

11:53 (IST)13 SEP 2018

It's 17-15 to Sindhu now

11:52 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Sindhu playing with more patience, injecting a few deft touches into the rallies.

She is up 16-14

11:51 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Sindhu looking more pumped up now.

She is up 15-14

11:49 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Sindhu has the lead for the first time in this game!

She is up 14-13

11:49 (IST)13 SEP 2018

And she has levelled!

It's 13-13

11:48 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Sindhu now showing exceptional defence and directing the shuttle to Gao's backhands.

Sindhu 12-13

11:47 (IST)13 SEP 2018

The difference between the two continues to be of three points.

Gao up 13-10.

11:44 (IST)13 SEP 2018

It's 11-8 to Gao going into the midgame interval.

11:43 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Great display at the net from Sindhu!


11:43 (IST)13 SEP 2018

A big smash from Sindhu!


11:42 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Sindhu has stayed on Gao's heels but still has not managed to close the gap.

Sindhu now 6-10

11:39 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Struggling to read the deceptions.

Sindhu now trails 4-8

11:38 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Sindhu looking very tentative and unsure.

Gao has gone up to 8-2

11:37 (IST)13 SEP 2018

Sindhu finally gets one point back and trails 2-6
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