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Kabaddi Federation Cup 2018 Final: Karnataka vs Services, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 12, 2018 22:24 IST

The Karnataka vs Services final is set to get underway shortly.


22:24 (IST)12 FEB 2018

are Champions!!!!
They win the final 28-25! Hard luck Karnataka. They fought hard. 

22:21 (IST)12 FEB 2018

falters. Karnataka
in trouble.  

22:20 (IST)12 FEB 2018

Monu breaks the deadlock!Services
lead 25-24.  

22:16 (IST)12 FEB 2018

Silly mistake!
Monu is gifted a point. 23-23 

22:14 (IST)12 FEB 2018

Hegde with a vital 2 point raid.  

22:13 (IST)12 FEB 2018

peel away with a couple of quick bonus points. 21-18  

22:11 (IST)12 FEB 2018

Monu Goyat is tackled.18-18! Hectic. 

22:10 (IST)12 FEB 2018

Sukesh secures
a hand touch. 17-18 to Services.

22:09 (IST)12 FEB 2018

2 point game. Karnataka
inching closer !  

22:08 (IST)12 FEB 2018

There's a award 
going on stage and there's a final on the mat. Only in Maharashtra. 

22:06 (IST)12 FEB 2018

in the air. It's a crucial stage in the match.  

22:05 (IST)12 FEB 2018

Hegde is on fire! He continues
to trouble  
the opposition.

22:04 (IST)12 FEB 2018

13-16! Three point game. Services
getting complacent.

22:03 (IST)12 FEB 2018

But all eyes only on the game. Shabeer
testing the waters and goes back.  

22:02 (IST)12 FEB 2018

The announcer
needs to calm down. Politician Aditya Thackery is in the building! 

21:58 (IST)12 FEB 2018

needed someone to step up and Hegde delivered.
it remains to be seen if he can maintain this momentum.
His teammate Shabeer Bapu has been quiet so far.  

21:57 (IST)12 FEB 2018

Hegde once again! Services
All Out! 9-15 at Half Time. Karnataka
trail by only six. Thriller in Mumbai. 

21:54 (IST)12 FEB 2018

now down to 3 men! Comeback
on the cards ?  

21:53 (IST)12 FEB 2018

Hand touch! Sukesh Hegde! Finally Karnataka
secure a point. Boy that was hard work. 

21:52 (IST)12 FEB 2018

14-5 Services
a healthy lead.  

21:51 (IST)12 FEB 2018

The announcer
is obsessed
with Nitin Tomar's rs 93 lacs 
Pro Kabaddi price tag! 

21:49 (IST)12 FEB 2018

Game has slowed down a bit. Neither team taking risks. 

21:47 (IST)12 FEB 2018

Trivia - Men and Women's
Winners will receive the same prize money! Unlike Wimbledon! 

21:46 (IST)12 FEB 2018

This is now getting ugly for Karnataka!Somebody
needs to step up now.  

21:45 (IST)12 FEB 2018

suffer an early all out. 11-2 

21:43 (IST)12 FEB 2018

Nitin Tomar super raid! 8-1 Services.  

21:42 (IST)12 FEB 2018

Hegde almost scored a monster
super raid. But Services
have been misterly at the back. 

21:41 (IST)12 FEB 2018

Sukesh Hegde trying his best to up the tempo. No respite. 

21:39 (IST)12 FEB 2018

Jeeva Kumar attempts
to calm his team 
down. His team are 0-4 down.  

21:38 (IST)12 FEB 2018

Bapu is out! School boy error. 

21:37 (IST)12 FEB 2018

take an early lead of 2-0 as Karnataka
look to get into their groove. 

21:36 (IST)12 FEB 2018

The winner of Karnataka
vs Services will pocket home  a cool rs 2 lacs. Runners up will receive rs 1 lac. 

21:35 (IST)12 FEB 2018

The stadium
is jam packed!There
is not an inch of empty space right now.  

21:34 (IST)12 FEB 2018

it's Surjeet Singh vs Jeeva Kumar- the battle of rock solid defenders 

21:33 (IST)12 FEB 2018

Its Shabeer
Bapu vs 
Nitin Tomar  

21:32 (IST)12 FEB 2018

Ladies and gentlemen-both teams have entered the mat! Drumroll....

20:12 (IST)12 FEB 2018

Karnataka churned out a great performance to defeat home side Maharashtra in the semifinal of the 2018 Kabaddi Federation Cup in Mumbai, on Monday. 
Maharashtra had come into the match with the upper hand, as they were the home side, with star raider and captain Rishank Devadiga, and top defenders Vishal Mane and Girish Ernak in their ranks. 
However, despite having a good defence on paper, Sukesh Hegde of Karnataka managed to exploit the Maharashtra defenders and score the quick points to take the early lead. Once they had the lead, it was just a matter of seeing the game out, which Karnataka did with ease, winning it 39-31. 
Meanwhile, Services managed to hold on for dear life in the second semifinal, as Haryana mounted a late comeback, owing mainly to their defence, led by the likes of Manjeet Chhillar and Anup Kumar. Surjeet Singh guided Services well during the closing exchanges of the match, as they thwarted the late attempts by Haryana. 
Both the underdogs in the semifinals have made it to the summit clash, which promises to be an absolute thriller tonight. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda, as the decider for the Kabaddi Federation Cup 2018 men’s champions is set to get underway shortly. 

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