Kabaddi Masters Dubai 2018: Group B, Iran vs Korea, Live Match Updates

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Iran 35-20 Korea Republic (Full Time)


22:28 (IST)22 JUN 2018

That's all from the live coverage of the Kabaddi Masters Dubai 2018 as Iran defeat Korean Republic in the opening fixture of the Group B at the Al-Wasl Stadium in Dubai, UAE.

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22:25 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Full Time:

Iran 35-20 Korea Republic

Iran play a dominating match as they win 35-20 over the Korean Republic. Mohammad Nabibaksh, Mohammad Malak and Mohammad Maghsoudlou shone for the Iranian side with timely raids and tackle points. For the Korean side, it was the lone man Jang Kun Lee who shone with a Super 10 performance in an otherwise lacklustre Korean performance.

22:23 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Jang Kun Lee goes in for the final raid of the match, a Do-or-Die raid and is caught on the left corner with a diving ankle hold tackle.

That's the end of the match!!

22:22 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Korea get a tackle point in Iran's final raid with a good ankle hold by Young Chang Ko near the right corner.

22:22 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Jang Kun Lee gets his Super 10 in the match as he has scored 10 out of the 13 raid points for the Korean Republic.

22:20 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Jang Kun Lee is back in play in the final two minutes of the match. 

22:20 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Hyuenil Park is taken out by the Iranian raider after he failed to tackle him at the centre of the defence and escaped showing his strength on the mat.

22:19 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Hyeunil Park with a swift move as he dodges the rushing defender and swoops past to score the point.

22:18 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Dong Geon Lee is caught on the right corner after an attempted high kick with a well-timed tackle by the Iran defence.

The score is now 33-17 with less than four minutes to go.

22:17 (IST)22 JUN 2018

The Korean defence do well to take out the Iranian raider as they just manage to keep him out of reach of the midline near the left lobby.

22:17 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Jang Kun Lee misses out on his Super Raid again as he gets caught in a superbly executed tackle at the centre of the mat.

22:16 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Nabibaksh goes in too deep and gets caught but a Korean defender bowed out of bounds and the ref awards a point to each side.

22:15 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Dong Geon Lee scores an easy bonus as Iran do not show much resistance and allow him the easy point.

22:14 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Hyeunil tries to move across the defence but is caught by Maghsoudlou with a thigh hold and is unable to escape as Iranian defenders crowd him out.

22:14 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Jang Kun Lee starts the raiding after the all-out but is caught on the right corner as Iran assert their dominance on the mat.

22:13 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Maghsoudlou comes in against the single man Jang Kun Lee and gets away to score the all-out.

22:12 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Hyuenil comes into the side but is caught by Nabibaksh on the right corner with an ankle hold. Korea down to one.

22:12 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Timeout called as Iran lead by 10 points over the Koreans with just over nine minutes to go in the match.

22:10 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Young Chang Ko gets caught with a thigh hodl tackle as Korea go down to just two men and are looking at another all-out.

22:09 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Jang Kun Lee goes in for the Do-or-Die raid and manages to score the point with a quick touch on the right corner.

22:08 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Nabibaksh on fire!! Executes the lion jump again as he gets away in the Do-or-Die raid.

22:08 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Korea are playing with a Do-or-Die strategy as they keep the Iranians on the hooks but are still eight points ahead.

22:06 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Nosrati goes in for the Do-or-Die raid and is caught by the Korean defenders on the right corner with a well-timed team effort.

22:06 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Dong Geon Lee is taken out by the Iranian defence again as they swarm the raider and secure the point.

22:04 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Iranian raider Nabibaksh with a genius move as he steps on the lobby seeing Chan Sik Park rushing who goes out of bounds. One point for each side.

22:03 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Jang Kun Lee keeps his challenge going as he gets another quick touch point on the right corner.

22:02 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Iran continue to extend their lead as they take out Dong Geon Lee with a combined effort.

22:01 (IST)22 JUN 2018

And we're off in the second half as Iran are in a comfortable lead over the Koreans.

21:54 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Half Time:

Iran have dominated proceedings in the first half as Korea have relied on their main man Jang Kun Lee who has scored 7 raid points. Mohammad Nabibaksh and Mohammad Maghsoudlou have been the standout raiders for the Iranian side.

Score: Iran 16 - Korea 9

21:53 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Maghsoudlou puts in the last raid of the half and barely manages to get past the midline as Young Chang Ko rushed in from the defence.

21:52 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Korea have been awarded a technical point by the referees.

21:52 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Maghsoudlou gets the bonus point on the left corner with a smartly timed leg extension. Iran maintain their lead in the first half as we near the end.

21:51 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Jang Kune Lee gets two!! The captain lives up to his name and keeps scoring the raids for Korea as he does well using the lobby after the two touches.

21:50 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Nabibaksh gets another raid point to his credit as he escapes a thigh hold tackle from the centre of the defence.

21:48 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Dong Geon lee tries to sneak a quick touch and escape point but the Iranian defence swarm on the raider to score the tackle point.

21:48 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Jang Kun Lee takes more than the allotted time for the raid and Iran have the first all-out of the match.

21:46 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Maghsoudlou goes against two men and gets a revers kick touch on Young Chang Ko again relegating Korea down to the last man, Jang Kun Lee. Can he keep them alive again?

21:45 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Jang Kun Lee is the last man standing for Korea and he gets the touch!! Great move by the Korea captain as he keeps Korea alive in the match and avoids the all-out reviving his teammate.

21:44 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Jang Kun Lee puts in a blank raid. Nabibaksh is at it again as he executes a superb jump after a touch and escapes to put Korea down to the lone man Jang Kun Lee.

21:43 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Nabibaksh is on song as he escapes with a great move putting Korea down to just two men as Iran take a three-point lead in the match.

21:41 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Nabibaksh scores a great running hand touch as Korea are down to three men on the mat now. The score reads 6-4 now.

21:38 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Amin Nosrati scores two raid points but in his attempt to get past the line, gets a knock and is down for a while but gets up. 

21:35 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Dong Geon Lee gets caught!! The raider tries to escape quickly after a hand touch but gets caught in the thigh hold as the Iran defenders swarm him to get the point.

21:35 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Maghsoudlou claims a touch point and is rightfully awarded by the refs as he scores a running hand touch with a swift move across the mat. All square in the match so far!!

21:34 (IST)22 JUN 2018

He went too deep...Nabibaksh is lured in by the Korean defence and he takes the bait!! As soon as he passed the bonus line, the Korean defence pounced on him and got the tackle point.

21:33 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Maghsoudlou makes it equal on the scoreboard as he gets the leg touch on the left corner of Korea Republic. 

21:32 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Jang Kun Lee gets his second!! The raider gets a good running hand touch on the left corner as he uses the lobby to get back. Korea take a slight lead.

21:30 (IST)22 JUN 2018

Jang Kun Lee gets the bonus point!! The Bengal Warriors raider goes to the right corner and gets the bonus easily.

21:29 (IST)22 JUN 2018

1-0!! Mohammad Nabibaksh gets the first point of the match with a sweeping leg extenstion at the centre of the mat. Gets the scoreboard going for Iran.

21:28 (IST)22 JUN 2018

The toss has been won by Korea and the captain Jang Kun Lee chooses the court. Iran will raid first in the match.
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