Kabaddi Masters Dubai 2018: Group B, South Korea vs Argentina, Live Match Updates

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Republic of Korea 72 - 16 Argentina (FT)


20:59 (IST)24 JUN 2018

That's all from the group 'B' clash between Republic of Korea and Argentina! Switch tabs to follow all the action from the exciting battle between Pakistan and Kenya. 

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20:58 (IST)24 JUN 2018

With this win, Korea manage to stay alive in the competition and will look to keep the momentum going while Argentina will need to re-think their strategies and regroup to put up a far more improved performance in their next outing. 

20:53 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Republic of Korea win 72-16 over Argentina! 

A commanding show put up by the Jang Kun Lee-led side, who made the most of Argentina's hasty tackles to amass points in heaps led by the talented Gyung Tae Kim, who finished with 11 raid points. 

The defence unit too had a good day in the office as Young Chang Ko and Jae Pil managed to stop the Argentinian raiders in their tracks and pile more misery on the South Americans. 

20:53 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Franco Castro picks up a bonus point! Fourth raid point for him. 

20:52 (IST)24 JUN 2018

SUPER RAID from Dong Gyu Kim!!

Rafael Acevedo goes in with an ankle hold from the right corner and then Lopez looks to contribute but Kim powers through as he also collects another touch point on the right cover defender who looks to pull the Korean's hand back into their own half. 

20:51 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Franco Castro gets a hefty hand touch on Gyung Tae Kim as he runs away into his own half!

20:50 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Time-out called. 

Less than three minutes to go and Korea lead 69-14. 

20:50 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Tae Kim continues to cause nightmares for the Argentina defence, picks up another point as a hapless Argentina coach has his hands on his heads. Well, nothing's worked to his strategy so far. If there was one!

20:49 (IST)24 JUN 2018

The Korean defence now pounces on the raider as he has been thrown off the court! Seems to have taken a slight knock on his knee as he limps off to the benches. 

20:48 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Dong Gyu Kim makes optimum use of a hasty advance tackle from Rafael Acevedo as he tumbles away into the half to pick another point. 

20:47 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Villamayor picks up a bonus point! 

20:46 (IST)24 JUN 2018

SIXTH ALL-OUT inflicted on Argentina! 

Chan Sik Park comes in to raid, the defender waits to attack but has to concede and Korea now enjoy a 55-point advantage!

20:45 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Tae Kim turns as he gets a touch on the right corner, Argentina now have the lone man on the mat. 

20:45 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Gramajo succumbs to the ankle hold of Jae Pil on the left corner and now Argentina down to just two men. 

20:44 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Gyung Tae Kim gets another running hand touch as he picks up his first SUPER 10 of the competition!

20:44 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Argentina pick up another bonus point!

20:43 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Back live now!

20:42 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Time-out has been called for. 

Korea certainly running away with the game here as they enjoy a 60-12 lead with little over eight minutes to go. 

20:42 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Bonus point for Argentina! They've done well to pick six points in the second half but will need a lot more to reduce the massive deficit. 

20:41 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Acevedo on this occasion cannot covert his block into a fruitful result as the raider barrel rolls away from his hold to pick a point. 

20:41 (IST)24 JUN 2018

DO OR DIE raid for Villamayor and he completely runs out of time! The Korean defense keeps their attacking instincts in check, give nothing away to the raider and a final ditch attempt sees the raider lose out on time and has to step away. 

20:39 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Yet again, Acevedo strikes as he puts in a strong tackle with Nahuel Lopez's help and keeps the raider at bay. 

20:39 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Fantastic effort from Acevedo as he goes in with a solo tackle on Tae Kim, does very well to block the raider's path and the rest of the defence cleans up. 

Argentina finally reach a double-digit score!

20:37 (IST)24 JUN 2018

DO OR DIE raid for Argentina! Korea continue to run away with the match. 

The raider goes in too deep into the right corner, Jae Pil shoves the raider off the court with a strong dash. 

20:37 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Quick toe touch from Tae Kim as he picks yet another point. This is a very poor display from Argentina, they will certainly need to step up their game. 

20:36 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Dong Gyu Kim steps into the lobbies without a touch, gifts a point to the Argentina setup. 

20:35 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Woah!! Five substitutions for Argentina. 

20:35 (IST)24 JUN 2018

FIFTH ALL-OUT inflicted on Argentina! 

Chan Sik Park challenges the lone man on the court, lures the tackle, jumps over it as he gets a touch and converts it into an all-out. 

20:34 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Franco Castro looks to go under the chain tackle but he has been put down on the mat. Argentina down to one man. 

20:33 (IST)24 JUN 2018

The Korean defense now pounces on the raider to collect another point. Why is it so easy for Korea today? Well, I do not have an answer. 

20:33 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Sebastian Desocio goes in with a poor tackle as Tae Kim jumps over the veteran defender to pick another point. 

20:32 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Two points for Dong Kim! Gets a comfortable bonus point and then almost slaps the face of the left cover defender to pick a brace. 

20:31 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Korea strike back as the advance tackle yet again plays antagonist to Argentina's strategies. One point!

20:30 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Two points in two raids for Argentina as the raider gets a running hand touch on Chan Sik Park. 

20:30 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Franco Castro continues his good show as he shoves away a tackle from Jae Pil to pick a point to his credit. 

20:29 (IST)24 JUN 2018

And he picks up another easy bonus point. Good start from Kim. 

20:29 (IST)24 JUN 2018

We are live now in the second half! Gyung Tae Kim to start raiding. 

20:26 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Can Argentina find their feet in the second half or will Korea continue their sheer dominance? Second half coming up soon!

20:23 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Korea lead 44 - 6 at half-time.

An absolutely shambolic show from the Argentina men as they have not only gifted away points to their opponents, they have already possibly lost the match in the first half with a massive 38-point lead favouring Korea at half-time. 

Such has been the magnitude of Korea's dominance over Argentina that they have inflicted four all-outs within the first half and will be brimming with confidence as they go into the second half.  

20:22 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Another error from the Argentinian defense unit as Jang Kun Lee skips over the attempted ankle hold from the right corner and then runs away to the mid-line. 

20:22 (IST)24 JUN 2018

FOURTH ALL-OUT on Argentina! 

The Korean defence continues to inflict damage as they race to a 43-6 lead now. 

20:21 (IST)24 JUN 2018

What is happening here to Argentina! A listless performance, the advance tackles are certainly hurting them. Jae Min Lee gets another point, Argentina down to one man. 

20:20 (IST)24 JUN 2018

All in vain! Tae Kim gets a touch on the right corner and sneaks through the dash from the left corner as he picks two points. 

20:20 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Finally, some respite for Argentina! Two points from Franco Castro as he attempts the 'dubki' under the chain tackle to pick a brace.

20:19 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Bonus point for Argentina but the Korean defense envelopes the raider as he has no answer to that. 

20:18 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Two points in a row for Korea as they pick a point first from the defense unit and then through Jae Min Lee. 

Argentina now down to four men. 

20:18 (IST)24 JUN 2018

A quick toe touch sees Martinez napping as Jang Kun Lee picks another point. 

20:16 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Jae Min Lee continues to impress as he steals a comfortable bonus point. 

20:16 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Third all-out on Argentina!

Gabriel Sacchi cannot produce any magic as he has been pinned down by the Korean defence! And look what that has done! Almost half the Argentina team has been substituted. 

20:15 (IST)24 JUN 2018

Jang Kun Lee now reduces Argentina to just one man with a firm touch! Argetina in some deep, deep trouble. 
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