Kamalpreet Kaur discus throw FINAL LIVE: Scores, updates and commentary from Olympics 2021

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Catch live updates from Kamalpreet Kaur discus throw FINAL: Kaur finishes 6th with a best of 63.70m


18:57 (IST)2 AUG 2021

That brings us to the end of this LIVE blog!

It was a good performance from the Indian. She made quite a few heads turn with her discus throwing in the qualification rounds. In the finals, the best she could manage was a 63.70m. 

The action now goes to Day 11 of the Olympics. India will have a big day tomorrow with the Indian men's hockey team and Lovlina Borgohain in action in the semi-finals of their respective competitions. You catch all the action from the Olympics on Sportskeeda. 

18:54 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Kaur would be rather upset that she could not replicate her personal best throw of 66.59m or better it. A personal best would have sealed a bronze for the Indian. However, she put forth a good contention for her country. She is still new in the circuit and has plenty to learn and improve on. Indian fans would hope that they get to see more of Kaur not only at the Olympics, but at the Asian and Commonwealth Games as well. 

18:48 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Well, that's the end of the discuss throw finals. Kamalpreet Kaur, the first Indian finalist in the event finishes 6th after recording a 63.7m throw. After throwing 63.97m and 64m in the qualifiers, she rose medal hopes among a lot of Indian fans. Her qualification rank was second and she made it to the finals easily.

Today, she started off with a throw of 61.62m and immediately made it to the top 8. Her next throw was a foul which pushed her to 9th. She came back strongly with a 63.7m throw and secured the final 8 spot. In the final 3 rounds, she couldn't better her score and ended in the 6th position. 

18:42 (IST)2 AUG 2021

The finaI scores after the end of the competion.

18:40 (IST)2 AUG 2021

And that is the end of the competition. 

18:40 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Doesn't quite get it, but she is taking home the gold medal. What a champion!

18:39 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Allman still goes ahead with her last attempt. She must be aiming for the 70m mark.

18:39 (IST)2 AUG 2021

No she cannot! Pudenz throws the disk into the net! The gold is confirmed for Allman of the United States!

18:38 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Can Pudenz win the gold?

18:38 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Yaime Perez wins the bronze! Her last attempt goes out of the sector. 

18:37 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Perkovic is unable to better her throw! The streak ends for the Croat. She will finish outside off the podium places in Tokyo. She finishes with a best of 65.01m.

18:36 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Ca forfeits her throw! She ends 5th in the competition.

18:35 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Kaur's last throw ends up out of the sector! The Indian has to be content with a 6th place finish. She ends with a best of 63.70m. 

18:34 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Kaur's last throw coming up!

18:34 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Lawrence gets a no-throw on her last attempt and has to finish 7th.

18:33 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Steinacker gets her last attempt in and manages a throw of 60.32m. The German finishes 8th. 

18:33 (IST)2 AUG 2021

The sixth and final round begins!

18:32 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Allman manages another mammoth throw! She finds her rhythm to throw the disk 66.78m long. She now has the first and second best throws!

18:32 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Scores before the final round.

18:31 (IST)2 AUG 2021

And she cannot do it! She gets a no-throw. Perez has slipped down a place in the fifth round. Her best remains 65.72m.

18:30 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Yaime Perez now to reclaim her second spot!

18:30 (IST)2 AUG 2021

A big throw from Pudenz! She moves up a place into second with a throw of 66.86m. A personal best for the German!

18:28 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Into the net! That was not expected from the star Croat! She still sits in the fourth spot though.

18:27 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Perkovic now!

18:27 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Portugal's Ca comes up next! She didn't the right footing and that reflected in her throw. She walks out for a no-throw!

18:26 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Kaur goes over 60m but she is not able to better 63.70m. She stays sixth with a 61.37m throw.

She will get one more throw to have a shot at a medal. 

18:25 (IST)2 AUG 2021


18:25 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Shadae Lawrence manages a throw of 59.26m.

18:24 (IST)2 AUG 2021

The German manages a distance of 60.10m. She still sits in the eighth spot!

18:23 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Steinacher now for her fifth attempt.

18:23 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Score updates after round 4.

18:23 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Allman is not able to replicate her best! She throws 64.76m. 

18:22 (IST)2 AUG 2021

The leader Allman is in the circle now

18:22 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Yaime Perez gets a legal throw! But no improvement for the Cuban. She gets only a 65.20m.

18:21 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Yaime Perez now!

18:20 (IST)2 AUG 2021

The German who sits in the third place doesn't manage an improvement. She was not happy with her throw and walked out before her disk landed.

18:19 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Pudenz up next!

18:19 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Nobody has bettered her score in the fourth round yet!

18:19 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Two-time Olympic champion Perkovic throws a flat one! She was going under the 60m mark but gets a red flag as she fouled on her throw!

18:18 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Portugal's Ca throws the disk straight into the net! A no-throw for Ca. She remains 5th with a best of 63.93m

18:17 (IST)2 AUG 2021

That was poor from Kaur! She loses balance on the release and ends up going out of the legal area. A no-throw for the Indian. She will have 2 more attempts to better her score.

18:16 (IST)2 AUG 2021

It's Kaur now in the circle!

18:16 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Lawrence does not clear the 60m mark yet again. She gets her fourth throw 59.46m long. Her best remains 62.12m.

18:15 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Jamaica's Lawrence to throw now

18:14 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Steinacker gets another no-throw in the fourth round. Her release is early and the disk hits the net. That was the worst possible way to hit a no throw!

18:13 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Germany's Steinacker goes first.

18:13 (IST)2 AUG 2021

The throwers will now take turns in the reverse order. The final three rounds are underway!

18:12 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Kaur sits in the 6th place with a best of 63.70m. She escapes the threat of elimination but needs to improve considerably to stay in contention for a medal. 

18:11 (IST)2 AUG 2021

With the first 3 rounds done, the throwers in the bottom four positions will be eliminated!

18:11 (IST)2 AUG 2021

The standings after 3 rounds. Top 8 make it to the finals.
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