Olympics 2021 Sailing LIVE updates: Indians KC Ganapathy and Varun Thakker finish 14th in Race 12 of 49ers

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 31, 2021 13:46 IST

Catch all LIVE updates as KC Ganapathy and Varun Thakkar race in sailing men's skiff 49er


13:46 (IST)31 JUL 2021

And that's a wrap for the sailing blog. Olympics 2021 has shown the potential in India for a sailing culture. "You guys have so much sea it is a pity most don't use them," legendary cricketer Jonty Rhodes once said at a surfing festival in Mangalore. The potential sailors are there. The perfect water is also there. Can these two combine, with government and private aid, to make a strong team for Paris 2024? Or will this be a false dawn for sailing in the country?
Only time will give us the answer. Varun Thakkar and KC Ganapathy can go back home with their heads held high. A commendable performance and a mark of things to come in the future! That is all for Sportskeeda's LIVE blog. But sure to catch our LIVE updates and commentary of PV Sindhu's semifinal match. Boxer Pooja Rani will be in action too and she can guarantee a medal if she wins her quarterfinal bout.

13:35 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Final result of Race 12

1) Ireland 
2) Netherlands
3) Croatia
4) Portugal
14) India

13:32 (IST)31 JUL 2021

The results for Race 12 (World Sailing)

13:31 (IST)31 JUL 2021

The race has come to an end and the India team can only salvage a 14th place finish!

13:28 (IST)31 JUL 2021

This is an intense race and as it should be! To represent the country at the Olympic Games is the highest honour of athletes and the Indian duo has clearly helped the tri-coloured flag high. Will this performance from the Indian team spark a revolution in our costs though?

13:22 (IST)31 JUL 2021

At the top Netherlands have overtaken Portugal to claim the third sport in Race 12

13:20 (IST)31 JUL 2021

The current table. The Indians are not hot in pursuit of host nation Japan

13:19 (IST)31 JUL 2021

MASSIVE! And the Indians have made a huge leap! The duo of Varun and Ganapathy has climbed to 11th on the leaderboard for Race 12 of the 49ers.

13:15 (IST)31 JUL 2021

The leaderboard after Mark 1

1) Ireland
2) Netherlands
3) Croatia
4) Portugal

13:14 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Not the strongest start for the Indians. Will now wait to see how they react in the upcoming marks. But currently, Varun Thakkar and KC Ganapathy are 14th. 

13:07 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Trivia: What is a 49er?

The 49er is a two-handed skiff-type high-performance sailing dinghy. The crew work on different roles with the helm making many tactical decisions, as well as the steering, and the crew doing most of the sail control. Both of the crew are equipped with their own trapeze and sailing is done while cantilevered over the water to the fullest extent to balance against the sails.

13:04 (IST)31 JUL 2021

The Indian team of KC Ganapathy and Varun Thakkar are back in the water. Can they clinch a perfect time in Race 12?

13:02 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Near perfect conditions in Fujisawa despite some upsetting weather predictions. Great day to be sailing!

13:01 (IST)31 JUL 2021

And we are back in action again with the Men's 49er! 

12:58 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Read more about Tai Tzu-ying in our analysis story of PV Sindhu's semifinal opponent at the Tokyo Olympics.

12:56 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Race 12 will start soon at Fujisawa. But for Indian fans, the day is just getting interesting. PV Sindhu can clinch an Olympics medal if she wins her match the deceptive Tai Tzu-ying today. The match is scheduled to start at 3:30 PM IST

12:49 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Indians KC Ganapathy and Varun Thakker finish 9th in Race 11 of 49ers

12:48 (IST)31 JUL 2021

And that brings us to the end of the race! Despite a strong start the Indians could not cling on to the 5th position and finally had to settle for 9th. The 9th position is by no means a small achievement for the India duo who will learn a lot from this Olympics exposure. The Indian sailing team has had a great outing in Tokyo and with better international exposure could soon become medal prospects.

12:46 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Here is the course diagram for Race 11 (Courtesy: Olympics)

12:44 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Futher detials for the event as it comes to the final stages.

12:42 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Indians Varun and Ganapathy have further dropped behind. Now they are in 8th place with Great Britain climbing above them. KC Ganapathy had said in an exclusive interview to Sportskeeda that he would be happy with an overall finish in the top 10. The Indians will have to keep pushing hard in race 11 to salvage a good result. 

12:40 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Leaderboard with the Indiam team now in 8th position

12:37 (IST)31 JUL 2021

A reminder that KC Ganapathy and Varun Thakker are ranked 17th overall in the 49er event despite having a few strong finishes in the sailing event. 

12:36 (IST)31 JUL 2021

India's Varun Thakkar and KC Ganapathy were overtaken by the Denmark duo of Jonas Warrer and Jakob Precht

12:34 (IST)31 JUL 2021

It is a close competition in Race 11 as the Indian dup drop from the 5th position to 6th. 

12:20 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Prior to 2020, India's representation at the Olympics was restricted to a single event per edition. However, this year's edition featured four Indian sailors: Nethra Kumanan (Laser Radial), Vishu Saravanan (Laser Standard class), and the pair of KC Ganapathy-Varun Thakkar (49er Class).

Read more about India's sailing team at Tokyo in this exclusive interview:

12:07 (IST)31 JUL 2021

The Indians did not have the best outing in Race 10 and could only manage the 16th position.
Credits: Olympics

12:05 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen!

Welcome to the LIVE blog where we will be covering Indians KC Ganapathy and Varun Thakkar in sailing action.
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