Kidambi Srikanth vs Shi Yuqi, Live Badminton Score and Updates, French Open Super Series 2017 Quarter-finals

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 28, 2017 01:41 IST

Shi Yuqi won the first game 21-8, but Kidambi Srikanth came back in the second to win 21-19.


01:41 (IST)28 OCT 2017

So that's all from us here, for today, but make sure to join us for tomorrow's matches, which throws up a rather interesting semifinal match-up between Indian shuttlers Kidambi Srikanth and HS Prannoy. Also, stay tuned to Sportskeeda, for more updates from around the world of sports. Good night!

01:39 (IST)28 OCT 2017

This was a wonderful match by Srikanth, who has had to toil hard against Shi Yuqi, in order to get this win. A disasterous first game amde way for a rather fiercely contested second, which the Indian won, and  then went on to completely dominate Shi in the third. Kidambi Srikanth defeats Shi Yuqi 8-21, 21-19, 21-9.

01:37 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And he does it! Kidambi Srikanth clinches the third game 21-9, to make his way into the semifinal!

01:36 (IST)28 OCT 2017

20-9! What a comeback this has been for Srikanth! 11 match points for Srikanth! 

01:35 (IST)28 OCT 2017

19-9! Srikanth is 2 points away from the semis!

01:35 (IST)28 OCT 2017

18-9! Srikanth marches towards the semis!

01:34 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And he gets another one, to make it 17-9!

01:34 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Srikanth takes 2 points from his Chinese opponent, to make it 16-9!

01:32 (IST)28 OCT 2017

He gets another back, to make it 8-14!

01:32 (IST)28 OCT 2017

However, Shi gets a point back, to  make it 7-14!

01:31 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Both the players get one point each, to make it 14-5

01:30 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Yet another point for Srikanth! 13-4

01:29 (IST)28 OCT 2017

However, Srikanth gets another point to make it 12-5

01:28 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Shi comes back well to win a point. 4-11

01:26 (IST)28 OCT 2017

However, Srikanth seals the mid-game break. 11-3

01:25 (IST)28 OCT 2017

The Indian shuttler has taken a another point to make it 3-10

01:24 (IST)28 OCT 2017

/but Srikanth surges forward to a 9-2 lead

01:24 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Shi finally gets a point, here! 2-8

01:23 (IST)28 OCT 2017

A massive 7-point lead for Srikanth! 8-1!

01:22 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And he makes Srikanth it 7-1!

01:21 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Now Srikanth opens up a 5-point lead! 6-1!!!

01:20 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And he makes it 5-1! Srikanth is absolutely flying!

01:20 (IST)28 OCT 2017

He seems to have found he willing formula. Srikanth extends his lead to 4-1!

01:19 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Srikanth now takes a 2-point lead! 3-1!

01:17 (IST)28 OCT 2017

However, Srikanth manages to taake the lead again, in theseopening exchanges, at 2-1

01:16 (IST)28 OCT 2017

But Shi makes it 1-1

01:16 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Srikanth starts well in the 3rd game. 1-0!

01:14 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Kidambi Srikanth wins the second game 21-19!

01:14 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And he manages to win the second game, to keep his semifinals hope alive!

01:13 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Srikanth takes the crucial point, to make it 20-19. Game point for Srikanth

01:12 (IST)28 OCT 2017

But Shi levels it up again at 19-19!

01:12 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And Srikanth takes the lead this time, to make it 19-18

01:11 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And Srikanth makes it 18-18 at this crucial stage!

01:10 (IST)28 OCT 2017

But Srikanth pulls one back to make it 17-18. Can he draw level now?

01:08 (IST)28 OCT 2017

He takes a crucial 18-16 lead now

01:08 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Shi with the lead again! 17-16

01:08 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Now, Shi draws level. This is one see-saw of a match!

01:07 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And Srikanth takes the lead at 16-15

01:07 (IST)28 OCT 2017

But Srikanth draws level yet again.

01:07 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Shi seems to have gotten the forward momentup in this phase f the game. makes it 15-14

01:06 (IST)28 OCT 2017

But Srikanth levels things up to make it 14-14

01:06 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And this time, Shi manages to take the lead. 14-13

01:05 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And Shi pulls level yet a third time. 13-13

01:05 (IST)28 OCT 2017

But Shi pulls one back immediately. 12-13

01:04 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Srikanth takes a 2-point lead, this time! 13-11

01:04 (IST)28 OCT 2017

But Srikanth has drawn forward again, taking a 12-11 lead.

01:03 (IST)28 OCT 2017

But Shi draws level yet again! 11-11!

01:02 (IST)28 OCT 2017

But Srikanth takees the crucial lead, as he goes into the mid-game break with an 11-10 lead.

01:01 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And Shi draws level again! 10-10

01:01 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Shi draws a point back, to make it 9-10
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