Kidambi Srikanth vs Wong Wing Ki Vincent, Live Badminton Score and Updates, French Open Super Series 2017 Second Round

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Kidambi Srikanth defeats Wong Wing Ki Vincent 21-19, 21-17.


22:59 (IST)26 OCT 2017

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22:58 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Well, that has been an enthralling match between the Indian and the Hong Kong shuttlers. Kidambi Srikanth may have won the match in straight games, but it was as close as ever. Both the players went neck and neck in the two games. However, Srikanth showed a lot of composure to win the crucial points towards the end of the games, and progress to the next round.

22:55 (IST)26 OCT 2017

And that's the end of that! Kidambi Srikanth makes his way into the next round with a 21-19, 21-17 straight games victory over Wong Wing Ki Vincent!

22:53 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Another point for Srikanth makes it 20-17. Srikanth has 3 match points.

22:53 (IST)26 OCT 2017

19-17! He draws oh, so close to the next round!

22:53 (IST)26 OCT 2017

And Srikanth takes the lead for the first time in a while. 18-17!

22:52 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Srikanth levels things up at 17-17 again!

22:52 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Wong takes the lead this time. 17-16

22:51 (IST)26 OCT 2017

But Srikanth levels things up at 16-16 again. This is turning out to be one humdinger of a match

22:51 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Srikanth has come back with a couple of points, but Wong again takes the lead at 16-15

22:49 (IST)26 OCT 2017

As we head into the business end of the game, it is Wong who leads 15-13.

22:46 (IST)26 OCT 2017

The second game is proving to be another narrow one as Wong leads 13-12. Can he take the match into a decider?

22:45 (IST)26 OCT 2017

We finally reach the mid-game interval and it's the Indian with the slightest of advantages. Srikanth leads 11-10 at the break!

22:43 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Both players are trading blows and it couldn't get any tighter as the scoreline reads 9-9.

22:41 (IST)26 OCT 2017

The Hong Kong shuttler takes the next two points as well but Srikanth pegs him back immediately. 7-7 now in the second game!

22:40 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Srikanth raced into a 4-2 lead but Wong fights back to make it 5-5 after 10 points.

22:37 (IST)26 OCT 2017

The second game is on and it's equal after the first four points with the score reading 2-2.

22:35 (IST)26 OCT 2017


Srikanth takes the first game 21-19 after trailing 15-17 midway through it. Can the Indian complete the win in the next one?

22:33 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Two match points for the Indian at 20-18! Can he convert?

22:32 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Make that 19-17! The Denmark Open champion is now two points away from the first game. 

22:32 (IST)26 OCT 2017

What a comeback by the Indian though! He takes the next three points to make it 18-17 in his favour. 

22:30 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Srikanth equalizes at 15-15 but the next two points are taken by the Hong Kong shuttler, who now has a 17-15 advantage.

22:29 (IST)26 OCT 2017

After the break, it's Wong who holds a 14-13 lead as we reach the crucial stage of the game.

22:25 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Srikanth gets another crucial point, to go into the mid-game break with a slender 11-10 lead. This is exciting stuff

22:24 (IST)26 OCT 2017

And he levels it up at 10-10

22:23 (IST)26 OCT 2017

For the second time in this match, Wong takes the lead, at 10-9

22:22 (IST)26 OCT 2017

And he levels it all up at 9-9

22:22 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Wong gets one point back again. 8-9

22:22 (IST)26 OCT 2017

But Srikanth extends his lead again, to make it 9-7

22:22 (IST)26 OCT 2017

And the Hong Kong shuttler goes to within 1 point of Srikanth. 7-8

22:21 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Wong gets one back, and makes it 6-8

22:21 (IST)26 OCT 2017

8-5 Srikanth. The World No 4 is running away with the points.

22:20 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Another point for Srikanth. he leads 7-5

22:20 (IST)26 OCT 2017

And Srikanth takes the 6-5 lead.

22:20 (IST)26 OCT 2017

And Srikanth levels it up at 5-5

22:20 (IST)26 OCT 2017

This is one see-saw of a match. Wong comes back with 2 points. 5-4 Wong!

22:19 (IST)26 OCT 2017

But Srikanth gets another point back. 4-3 Srikanth!

22:19 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Now Wong gets two points of his own, and levels it up at 3-3

22:19 (IST)26 OCT 2017

However, Srikanth comes back with 3 straight points, to take a 2-point lead. 3-1 Srikanth!

22:17 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Srikanth to serve first. And Wong gets the first point.

22:17 (IST)26 OCT 2017

The players are out on the court, and raring to go.

22:17 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Hello, and welcome to our live coverage of the Kidambi Srikanth vs Wong Wing Ki Vincent match.

21:54 (IST)26 OCT 2017

18:52 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Indian badminton star Kidambi Srikanth is all set to take on Hong Kong’s Wong Wing Ki Vincent, in the second round of the French Open Super Series, on Thursday.

Srikanth has been on tremendous form this season, ever since making a comeback from a long injury layoff. The 24-year-old has managed to win as many as three Super Series titles this season, adding the Indonesia Open, the Australian Open, and the Denmark Open. Srikanth has also managed to make it to four Superseries finals this year, making him the first Indian shuttler to achieve that feat.

He had most recently faced off against Wong Wing Ki Vincent in the semi final of the Denmark Open semi final, where the Indian won in straight games, by a 21-18, 21-17 margin.

The Indian shuttler had a relatively calm path to the second round of the French Open, getting a bye against German Fabian Roth in the first. Srikanth was 3-0 up against Roth, when the latter pulled out of the match.

Meanwhile, Wong has had to play a difficult match in the first round against Jonatan Christie of Poland. The Hong Kong shuttler had a three-game match against Christie, which he eventually won 14-21, 21-13, 21-16.

Due to his three-game struggle in the first round, the tie against Srikanth could be a difficult one to negotiate for Wong. On the other hand, Srikanth will be well rested ahead of this ties, as he had to play only three games in the last round.

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