Korea Open 2018: Saina Nehwal vs Kim Hyo Min First Round, Live Score and Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 26, 2018 10:48 IST

Nehwal def Kim Hyo Min 21-12, 21-11 in 40 minutes to enter the second round


10:48 (IST)26 SEP 2018

And that wraps up our live coverage of this match. Do join us tomorrow as we bring you live updates from Saina Nehwal's second round match.


10:46 (IST)26 SEP 2018

That was a commanding display from the former World No. 1. That will give her a lot of confidence as she progresses deeper into this Super 500 tournament.

10:41 (IST)26 SEP 2018


SHE gets the 21-12, 21-11 win in 40 minutes!!!

10:40 (IST)26 SEP 2018

Saina has reached match points now!


10:38 (IST)26 SEP 2018

Two quick, attacking points for the Indian, who jumps ahead to 18-10

10:37 (IST)26 SEP 2018

The pace of the match has slowed down and it is now 16-10 in favour of Saina

10:35 (IST)26 SEP 2018

A resilient Kim fights back to take 2 points in row and she now trails 9-13

10:34 (IST)26 SEP 2018

The rallies are getting longer now but that hasn't bothered Saina so far.

She leads 13-7

10:33 (IST)26 SEP 2018

It's 12-7 to Nehwal after the mid-game break.

10:30 (IST)26 SEP 2018

Kim pulled back one point but Saina got another point soon after to take an 11-6 lead at the mid-game interval.

10:29 (IST)26 SEP 2018

The difference is now of five points as Nehwal leads 10-5

10:28 (IST)26 SEP 2018

It's 8-4 in Saina's favour

10:28 (IST)26 SEP 2018

A calm and focussed Saina has ensured that she steadily keeps increasing the gap between the two players. From 5-3, she has gone up to 7-3 now.

10:27 (IST)26 SEP 2018

And Saina makes it 4-2

10:26 (IST)26 SEP 2018

Saina picks up from where she had left in Game 1.

It's 3-1 to Nehwal at the start of the second game.

10:25 (IST)26 SEP 2018

And Nehwal takes the first game by a score of 21-12

That was a dominating display from the Indian!!

10:24 (IST)26 SEP 2018

It's 19-11 to the Indian now.

10:24 (IST)26 SEP 2018

The points are pretty fast and both the players have resorted to attacking play in these conditions.

10:24 (IST)26 SEP 2018

Saina quickly redeems her mistakes and rockets up to 18-10

Just three points away from taking the first game!

10:22 (IST)26 SEP 2018

Suddenly, a shift in momentum here as Kim disrupts Saina's smooth flow.

She takes three points in a row to close the gap to 8-14

10:21 (IST)26 SEP 2018

Saina has ensured that she keeps bagging the points pretty effortlessly.

It's 12-5 to the Indian after the break.

10:20 (IST)26 SEP 2018

It has been rather easy for Saina to handle her Korean opponent so far. Nehwal has managed to add FIVE POINTS ON THE TROT to stretch her lead to 11-3 at the mid-game interval.

10:18 (IST)26 SEP 2018

Nehwal went up to 6-3 after breaking away from a tie of 2-2

10:18 (IST)26 SEP 2018

Good morning and welcome to the Sportskeeda live updates of the Korea Open 2018 first round. Saina Nehwal is leading the Indian charge at this tournament as she hopes to win her first title of the season in the BWF circuit. She faces Korea's Kim Hyo Min for a place in the second round.
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