Korea Open 2018: Saina Nehwal vs Nozomi Okuhara Quarter-finals, Live Score and Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 28, 2018 16:38 IST

Okuhara saved four match points to beat Nehwal 15-21, 21-15, 22-20 on her way to the semi-finals.


16:38 (IST)28 SEP 2018

That brings us to the end of our live coverage.

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16:34 (IST)28 SEP 2018

Saina was the better player for most of the match. It's the difference in age and stamina that did her in eventually.

Kudos to Okuhara for showing a lot of belief even when she was staring at defeat.

16:32 (IST)28 SEP 2018

That's the end of India's campaign at the Korean Open

16:30 (IST)28 SEP 2018

Okuhara showed her tremendous stamina and fighting spirit in the end to take the match away from Saina.

16:23 (IST)28 SEP 2018

And Okuhara wins!!!!!!

She saved FOUR match points and converted her first match point to get the win!

16:21 (IST)28 SEP 2018

It's gone as well!


16:21 (IST)28 SEP 2018

3 match points gone!

Can she take the fourth?

16:21 (IST)28 SEP 2018

Saina is blocked by the net!


16:20 (IST)28 SEP 2018

The shuttle goes wide from Saina.


16:20 (IST)28 SEP 2018

One big smash from Okuhara


16:19 (IST)28 SEP 2018

Saina remained steady and went up to match points.


16:16 (IST)28 SEP 2018

Okuhara rushed into the net to finish one point and pushed the shuttle into the net.

Down 14-18

16:15 (IST)28 SEP 2018

But, just as I write, Okuhara takes two points through some attacking play.

Trails 13-16

16:14 (IST)28 SEP 2018

Saina looks to have a grip on the playing conditions now. Okuhara looks more confused and unsure at the moment

16:13 (IST)28 SEP 2018

It's 16-11 to Nehwal currently

16:11 (IST)28 SEP 2018

Okuhara took two quick points on resumption but Saina has wrested back the momentum here.

She is up 13-10

16:09 (IST)28 SEP 2018

It's 11-8 to Nehwal at the midgame interval.

16:07 (IST)28 SEP 2018

2 more attacking points for Saina now!


16:06 (IST)28 SEP 2018

It's 7-5 to Nehwal presently as she has managed to hold off Okuhara successfully so far

16:04 (IST)28 SEP 2018

Saina much faster, sharper and more alert now.

Playing more aggressively.

She is up 5-2

16:02 (IST)28 SEP 2018

And she gets another point to make it 3-1

16:02 (IST)28 SEP 2018

Nehwal is up 2-1 in Game 3

15:59 (IST)28 SEP 2018

Okuhara takes the second game 21-15

We have a decider here!

15:58 (IST)28 SEP 2018

It's a host of game points for Okuhara at 20-15

15:56 (IST)28 SEP 2018

The rallies have expectedly become longer as Okuhara looks to have got back her confidence.

She is making Saina move from corner to corner.

Okuhara up 16-10

15:54 (IST)28 SEP 2018

It's 14-9 to the Japanese.

She looks to have settled into this match and moving a lot better now

15:50 (IST)28 SEP 2018

A lot more accurate and better defense from Okuhara gives her three points.

Okuhara up 10-7

15:48 (IST)28 SEP 2018

And Saina has grabbed the lead now!


15:47 (IST)28 SEP 2018

It's 6-6

15:46 (IST)28 SEP 2018

Saina is fighting back now. But Okuhara and s clearly moving better than the first game now.

Saina trails 5-6

15:44 (IST)28 SEP 2018

And the Japanese does hold on to her two-point lead to make it 4-2

15:43 (IST)28 SEP 2018

It's a 2-1 lead for Okuhara in the second game

15:40 (IST)28 SEP 2018

Saina takes the first game 21-15

15:39 (IST)28 SEP 2018

One great slice shot from Okuhara

She reduces the gap to five points.

15:38 (IST)28 SEP 2018

Game points for Saina!


15:38 (IST)28 SEP 2018

Managing to keep the shuttle out of reach of Okuhara with smart angles.

She is up 19-12

15:37 (IST)28 SEP 2018

Saina isn't allowing the Japanese to play her natural defensive game much.

15:36 (IST)28 SEP 2018

Saina is now up 17-12

15:36 (IST)28 SEP 2018

Okuhara is lacking in precision at the moment and Saina is making the most of it

15:35 (IST)28 SEP 2018

Saina going for great angles and deft touches.

She is up 14-10

15:21 (IST)28 SEP 2018

Saina takes an 11-9 lead going into the mid-game interval.

15:19 (IST)28 SEP 2018

And it is 9-9!!!

Okuhara will never give up without a fight!!!!

15:18 (IST)28 SEP 2018

This is a very, very tight contest now!

Saina still has her nose in front with a 9-8 lead!!!!!

15:17 (IST)28 SEP 2018



15:16 (IST)28 SEP 2018

And the Japanese makes it 6-4

15:15 (IST)28 SEP 2018

But Okuhara quickly goes up to 5-3 by adding a couple more points!

15:15 (IST)28 SEP 2018

Saina fights back to take two points on the trot


15:15 (IST)28 SEP 2018

Okuhara builds a 3-0 lead

15:14 (IST)28 SEP 2018

And we are off!

15:14 (IST)28 SEP 2018

Good afternoon and welcome to the Sportskeeda live coverage of the Korea Open quarter-finals. Nehwal has a tough encounter against the former world champion Nozomi Okuhara.

Nehwal leads their head-to-head record 6-3, but it is the Japanese who has won their last two meetings in three games. This one too is expected to be a tight contest!
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