KPL 2018, Semifinal 1: Bengaluru Blasters vs Mysuru Warriors: Live Score, Updates, and Commentary

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Live updates from the first semifinal


23:20 (IST)4 SEP 2018

Annndd the Blasters march on to the finals! They continue their unbeaten streak as they defeat the Mysuru Warriors by 20 runs!

Warriors 118-9 after 20 overs

23:18 (IST)4 SEP 2018

WICKET! Run-out! One of the funniest run-outs you would see!

Vyshak V run out (V Koushik) 14(14) [4s-1]

Warriors 117-9 after 19.4 overs 

22 runs required in 2 balls

23:14 (IST)4 SEP 2018

9 runs came off that over. But it shouldn't trouble the Blasters at this time.

Warriors 113-8 after 19 overs

26 runs required in 6 balls

23:09 (IST)4 SEP 2018

8 runs and a wicket. The Blasters should have the game in the bag now.

Warriors 104-8 after 18 overs

35 runs required in 12 balls

23:06 (IST)4 SEP 2018

WICKET! That should be the game for the Blasters for sure.

Sharath b V Koushik 4(8)

23:02 (IST)4 SEP 2018

7 runs off that over. Can the Warriors pull a rabbit out of the hat?

Warriors 96-7 after 17 overs

43 runs required in 18 balls

22:58 (IST)4 SEP 2018

Just 4 runs off that over. Excellent spell by Doddamani comes to an end.

Warriors 89-7 after 16 overs. 

50 runs required in 24 balls

22:54 (IST)4 SEP 2018

Another wicket for the birthday boy! What a day he is having!

Bhareth NP b Shreyas Gopal 4(4) [4s-1]

Warriors 85-7 after 15 overs

22:50 (IST)4 SEP 2018

WICKET! Shreyas Gopal gets another!

S P Manjunath lbw b Shreyas Gopal 2(8)

22:48 (IST)4 SEP 2018

Just 1 run conceded and 1 wicket as well! The game is surely in the hands of Bengaluru.

Warriors 80-5 after 14 overs

22:47 (IST)4 SEP 2018

WICKET! They continue to tumble. Another big wicket. Suchith goes back!

J Suchith c Uthappa b Anand Doddamani 0(2)

22:43 (IST)4 SEP 2018

Warriors 79-4 after 13 overs

22:42 (IST)4 SEP 2018

WICKET! Another big wicket! Shreyas Gopal gets the wicket of Manager.

Shoaib Manager c Manoj S Bhandage b Shreyas Gopal 4(8)

22:39 (IST)4 SEP 2018

WICKET! They get the big wicket of Amit Verma!

Amit Verma c KB Pawan b Anand Doddamani 7(14)

Warriors 77-3 after 12 overs

22:36 (IST)4 SEP 2018

3 runs and a wicket in that over! Turning point?

Warriors 72-2 after 11 overs

22:31 (IST)4 SEP 2018

WICKET! Stumped! After a drop catch, the keeper makes up by getting Hoysala stumped

Arjun Hoysala st KB Pawan b Arshdeep Singh Brar 52(42) [4s-8]

22:31 (IST)4 SEP 2018

Another over with just 6 off it.

Warriors 69-1 after 10 overs

22:26 (IST)4 SEP 2018

The run-rate has slowed down a bit. 6 runs from that over.

Warriors 63-1 after 9 overs

22:22 (IST)4 SEP 2018

10 runs came off the last 2 overs.

Warriors 57-1 after 8 overs

22:22 (IST)4 SEP 2018

6 runs came off that over. That concludes the Powerplay

Warriors 47-0 after 6 overs

22:06 (IST)4 SEP 2018

A good over for the Blasters this time, conceding just 5 runs.

Warriors 41-0 after 5 overs

22:01 (IST)4 SEP 2018

Another good over, with 8 coming off it.

Warriors 36-0 after 4 overs

21:56 (IST)4 SEP 2018

A massive over! The biggest one of the day! 18 came off it.

Warriors 28-0 after 3 overs

21:51 (IST)4 SEP 2018

Mysuru have begun decently, with 10 runs coming off two overs and not losing a wicket.

Warriors 10-0 after 2 overs

21:51 (IST)4 SEP 2018

Welcome back to the chase!

21:32 (IST)4 SEP 2018

That's the conclusion of the first innings of the first semifinal! The Blasters will be happy with the comeback made thanks to Bhandage. Can the Warriors chase it down? Join us back for the chase in 15 mins

21:31 (IST)4 SEP 2018

A wicket to complete the innings! 8 runs came off the final over!

Blasters 138-9 after 20 overs

Abhishek Bhat c Vyshak V b Prateek Jain 3(5)

21:26 (IST)4 SEP 2018

9 runs and the vital wicket of Bhandage in that over. Last over to go. How much can the Blasters get?

Blasters 130-8 after 19 overs

21:25 (IST)4 SEP 2018

WICKET! Bhandage has to depart after hitting it straight back to the bowler.

Manoj S Bhandage c and b Kushaal Wadhwani 34(15) [4s-2 6s-3]

21:21 (IST)4 SEP 2018

WICKET! Chetan has to depart after the skying the ball to long-on.

Chetan Williams c J Suchith b Prateek Jain 4(7)

Blasters 121-7 after 18 overs

21:16 (IST)4 SEP 2018

Another good over for the Blasters with 10 runs coming off it.

Blasters 115-6 after 17 overs

21:12 (IST)4 SEP 2018

2 huge sixes in that over after the wicket of Gopal! Will Bhandage turn things around for Bengaluru?

Blasters 105-6 after 16 overs

21:08 (IST)4 SEP 2018

WICKET! The birthday boy has to walk back. Blasters in deep trouble.

Shreyas Gopal b Bhareth NP 13(11) [4s-1 6s-1]

21:04 (IST)4 SEP 2018

Another brilliant over by Suchith to complete his spell! 3 runs a wicket.

Blasters 89-5 after 15 overs

21:01 (IST)4 SEP 2018

WICKET! Another wicket for the captain! He is on fire!

Arshdeep Singh Brar b J Suchith 3(7)

21:00 (IST)4 SEP 2018

6 runs came off that over, including a four from the bat of Shreyas.

Blasters 86-4 after 14 overs

20:56 (IST)4 SEP 2018

A wicket-maiden by the captain!!

Blasters 80-4 after 13 overs

20:54 (IST)4 SEP 2018

WICKET! After three dots, Uthappa holes one to midwicket. Big, Big wicket this!

Uthappa c Prateek Jain b J Suchith 23(24) [4s-3]

20:51 (IST)4 SEP 2018

A good over for the batting side, with birthday boy Shreyas Gopal hitting a huge six off the final delivery.

Blasters 80-3 after 12 overs

20:45 (IST)4 SEP 2018

A wicket and nine runs off that over.

Blasters 68-3 after 11 overs

20:44 (IST)4 SEP 2018

WICKET! Great catch at point to dismiss the in-form Pavan Deshpande.

Pavan Deshpande c Arjun Hoysala b Amit Verma 12(9) [6s-1]

20:40 (IST)4 SEP 2018

Good bowling by the Warriors so far. We are the halfway mark of the first innings.

Blasters 59-2 after 10 overs

20:35 (IST)4 SEP 2018

Just 4 runs came off that over.

Blasters 54-2 after 9 overs

20:31 (IST)4 SEP 2018

A good end to the over with Uthappa hitting a four.

Blasters 50-2 after 8 overs

20:29 (IST)4 SEP 2018

WICKET! Wadhwani gets another! Great stumping by the keeper

Mitrakanth st Sharath b Wadhwani 14(15)

20:26 (IST)4 SEP 2018

7 runs came off that over and Mitrakant was dropped by Vyshak.

Blasters 40-1 after 7 overs

20:22 (IST)4 SEP 2018

A great over for Kushal Wadhwani with a wicket to his name.

Blasters 33-1 after 6 overs

20:20 (IST)4 SEP 2018

WICKET! The first wicket of the semifinal. KB Pawan has to walk back.

KB Pawan b Kushaal Wadhwani 19(22) [4s-3]

20:17 (IST)4 SEP 2018

A quick over by the captain J Suchith, conceding just 2 runs.

Blasters 29-0 after 5 overs

20:16 (IST)4 SEP 2018

A great over for the Blasters with 12 runs coming off it.

Blasters 27-0 after 4 overs
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