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KPL 2018, Semifinal 1: Bengaluru Blasters vs Mysuru Warriors: Live Score, Updates, and Commentary

Live updates from the first semifinal
Updated: 04 September 2018 23:20 IST - Published: 04 September 2018 17:34 IST
Annndd the Blasters march on to the finals! They continue their unbeaten streak as they defeat the Mysuru Warriors by 20 runs!

Warriors 118-9 after 20 overs
WICKET! Run-out! One of the funniest run-outs you would see!

Vyshak V run out (V Koushik) 14(14) [4s-1]

Warriors 117-9 after 19.4 overs 

22 runs required in 2 balls
9 runs came off that over. But it shouldn't trouble the Blasters at this time.

Warriors 113-8 after 19 overs

26 runs required in 6 balls
8 runs and a wicket. The Blasters should have the game in the bag now.

Warriors 104-8 after 18 overs

35 runs required in 12 balls
WICKET! That should be the game for the Blasters for sure.

Sharath b V Koushik 4(8)
7 runs off that over. Can the Warriors pull a rabbit out of the hat?

Warriors 96-7 after 17 overs

43 runs required in 18 balls
Just 4 runs off that over. Excellent spell by Doddamani comes to an end.

Warriors 89-7 after 16 overs. 

50 runs required in 24 balls
Another wicket for the birthday boy! What a day he is having!

Bhareth NP b Shreyas Gopal 4(4) [4s-1]

Warriors 85-7 after 15 overs
WICKET! Shreyas Gopal gets another!

S P Manjunath lbw b Shreyas Gopal 2(8)
Just 1 run conceded and 1 wicket as well! The game is surely in the hands of Bengaluru.

Warriors 80-5 after 14 overs
WICKET! They continue to tumble. Another big wicket. Suchith goes back!

J Suchith c Uthappa b Anand Doddamani 0(2)
Warriors 79-4 after 13 overs
WICKET! Another big wicket! Shreyas Gopal gets the wicket of Manager.

Shoaib Manager c Manoj S Bhandage b Shreyas Gopal 4(8)
WICKET! They get the big wicket of Amit Verma!

Amit Verma c KB Pawan b Anand Doddamani 7(14)

Warriors 77-3 after 12 overs
3 runs and a wicket in that over! Turning point?

Warriors 72-2 after 11 overs
WICKET! Stumped! After a drop catch, the keeper makes up by getting Hoysala stumped

Arjun Hoysala st KB Pawan b Arshdeep Singh Brar 52(42) [4s-8]
Another over with just 6 off it.

Warriors 69-1 after 10 overs
The run-rate has slowed down a bit. 6 runs from that over.

Warriors 63-1 after 9 overs
10 runs came off the last 2 overs.

Warriors 57-1 after 8 overs
6 runs came off that over. That concludes the Powerplay

Warriors 47-0 after 6 overs
A good over for the Blasters this time, conceding just 5 runs.

Warriors 41-0 after 5 overs
Another good over, with 8 coming off it.

Warriors 36-0 after 4 overs
A massive over! The biggest one of the day! 18 came off it.

Warriors 28-0 after 3 overs
Mysuru have begun decently, with 10 runs coming off two overs and not losing a wicket.

Warriors 10-0 after 2 overs
Welcome back to the chase!

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