KPL 2018, Semifinal 2: Hubli Tigers vs Bijapur Bulls: Live Score, Commentary, and Updates

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Live updates from the 2nd Semifinal


21:34 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Anndd that's the match! What a way to end the match. MG Naveen finished off the match with a huge six down the ground.

Bulls 136-1 after 14.5 overs win the match by nine wickets

Chipli c Praveen Dubey b Punith S 73(46) [4s-9 6s-3]

21:28 (IST)5 SEP 2018

The match is almost done and the Bulls are close to achieving a massive 10 wicket win.

Bulls 121-0 after 14 overs

21:25 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Just 4 runs came off that over but that shouldn't be a problem for the Bulls.

Bulls 109-0 after 13 overs

21:22 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Finally, a quiet over, with just 3 runs coming off it.

Bulls 105-0 after 12 overs

21:18 (IST)5 SEP 2018

The Bulls are romping home to victory here. 15 runs came off that over and Chipli reached his half-century.

Bulls 102-0 after 11 overs

21:13 (IST)5 SEP 2018

32 runs came off the last 2 overs. Incredible hitting by Chipli and Naveen! The match seems to be in the bag now.

Bulls 87-0 after 10 overs

21:04 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Despite some good bowling by Mahesh, 8 runs came off that over.

Bulls 55-0 after 8 overs

21:00 (IST)5 SEP 2018

A good over for the Bulls, with 10 runs coming off it. Naveen hit a huge six on the penultimate delivery.

Bulls 47-0 after 7 overs

20:57 (IST)5 SEP 2018

A good over by Mahesh Patel, conceding just 3 runs.

Bulls 37-0 after 6 overs

20:50 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Another good over for the Bulls, with 10 coming off it. Naveen is getting into the act as well.

Bulls 34-0 after 5 overs

20:46 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Chipli is looking in great touch. 3 boundaries to his name in that over. 14 runs off the over.

Bulls 24-0 after 4 overs

20:41 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Another great over by the captain, conceding just 2 runs.

Bulls 10-0 after 3 overs

20:37 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Chipli continues his good form as he gets 2 boundaries in that over.

Bulls 8-0 after 2 overs

20:33 (IST)5 SEP 2018

What a way to start the innings! A maiden over by Vinay Kumar

Bulls 0-0 after 1 over

20:33 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Welcome back to the chase! Bijapur Bulls require 135 runs to win in 20 overs to qualify for the final. The openers Bharath Chipli and MG Naveen are out there and Vinay Kumar is opening the bowling for the Tigers

20:13 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Good final over for the Tigers with 13 runs coming off it.

Tigers 134-7 after 20 overs

20:08 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Good over for the Tigers with 11 runs coming off it. How much can the Tigers score? Last over coming up.

Tigers 121-6 after 19 overs

20:05 (IST)5 SEP 2018

6 runs came off that over. It would have been better for the bowling side but Naga Bharath dropped a sitter.

Tigers 110-6 after 18 overs

20:01 (IST)5 SEP 2018

What an over by Naveen as he conceded just 5 runs and picked up 2 wickets.

Vinay Kumar lbw b Naveen MG 4(5)

Sujit N Gowda c Kaunain Abbas b Naveen MG 5(12)

Tigers 104-6 after 17 overs

19:54 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Appanna ends his spell with 4  runs off his final over.

Tigers 99-4 after 16 overs

19:50 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Just one run and a wicket to end Kamath's spell!

Abhishek Reddy c Kaunain Abbas b Suraj Kamath 42(33) [4s-4 6s-1]

Tigers 95-4 after 15 overs

19:44 (IST)5 SEP 2018

19 runs came off the last 3 overs with KP Appanna picking up another wicket.

Praveen Dubey c Suneel b Appanna 13(14) [4s-1]

Tigers 94-3 after 14 overs

19:31 (IST)5 SEP 2018

The good bowling continues. 6 runs came off that over.

Tigers 75-2 after 11 overs

19:26 (IST)5 SEP 2018

WICKET! Run-out by miles! A disappointing innings comes to an end.

SK Jain run out (KL Shrijith) 11(17) [4s-1]

Tigers 69-2 after 10 overs

19:22 (IST)5 SEP 2018

A good over by Kamath this time, conceding only 5 runs.

Tigers 64-1 after 9 overs

19:17 (IST)5 SEP 2018

An excellent first over by Suneel Raju, conceding just 2 runs.

Tigers 59-1 after 8 overs

19:13 (IST)5 SEP 2018

A good over by Naveen after a poor first over. 5 runs off it.

Tigers 57-1 after 7 overs

19:09 (IST)5 SEP 2018

An expensive first over by Appanna but he got a wicket! 13 runs came off it. That's the end of the Powerplay

Taha c Bhavesh Gulecha b Appanna 24(19) [4s-3 6s-1]

Tigers 52-1 after 6 overs

19:02 (IST)5 SEP 2018

A good first over by Cariappa, conceding just 4 runs. He will be the key along with KP Appanna

Tigers 39-0 after 4 overs

18:59 (IST)5 SEP 2018

A huge over for the Tigers! 15 runs came off it.

Tigers 35-0 after 4 overs

18:55 (IST)5 SEP 2018

An excellent over by Gulecha comes to an end, with just 3 runs being conceded.

Tigers 20-0 after 3 overs

18:50 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Taha let loose on the penultimate delivery, smashing a six over long off. 10 runs came off that over.

Tigers 17-0 after 2 overs

18:45 (IST)5 SEP 2018

And we're off! 7 runs came off  the first over. Surprisingly, Taha hasn't scored a boundary yet.

Tigers 7-0 after 1 over

18:40 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Mohammed Taha and Abhishek Reddy are opening the batting for the Tigers while Bhavesh Gulecha is opening the bowling for the Bulls

18:38 (IST)5 SEP 2018

We are moments away from the start of the match

18:21 (IST)5 SEP 2018

TOSS: Hubli Tigers win the toss and elect to bat first

17:35 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the second semifinal encounter between the Bijapur Bulls and Hubli Tigers

17:35 (IST)5 SEP 2018


Hubli Tigers (From): Mohammed Taha, Abhishek Reddy, Sujit N Gowda, Sunil Kumar Jain, Praveen Dubey, Vinay Kumar(c), Darshan MB, Kranthi Kumar, AM Kiran(w), Mahesh Patel, Anil I G, Nitin Bhille, Abhishek Sakuja, Rahul Naik, Vidyadhar Patil, Vidhwath Kaverappa, Ram Sarikh Yadav, Suraj Seshadri, Parikshith Shetty, Shivraj S

Bijapur Bulls (From): Naveen MG, Bharath Chipli(c), Mir Kaunain Abbas, Shishir Bhavane, KL Shrijith(w), KN Bharath, Suneel Raju, Bhavesh Gulecha, KC Cariappa, KP Appanna, Suraj Kamath, Ruthraj, Majid Makkandar, Amar Ghale, Zahoor Farooqui, Ronit More, Anurag Bajpai, Rishabh Singh
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