Live Asian Wrestling Championships 2018, Women's 65 Kg Final: Navjot Kaur vs Imai Miyu, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 02, 2018 19:32 IST

Navjot Kaur beat Imai Miyu 9-1 to clinch a gold medal in the women's 65 kg category.


19:32 (IST)2 MAR 2018

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19:31 (IST)2 MAR 2018

Her coaches are evidently elated at her achievement, and pick her up on their shoulders, to complete a lap of honour around the mat.

19:30 (IST)2 MAR 2018

NAvjot has done what nno other Indian has been able to do this year at the Asian Championships -- WIN A GOLD MEDAL!

19:27 (IST)2 MAR 2018

And that's the end of that! Navjot Kaur earns an easy 9-1 victory over Imai Miyu of Japan!

19:25 (IST)2 MAR 2018

And Navjot gets in a fatal take-down with just 19 seconds left on the clock. 9-1!

19:24 (IST)2 MAR 2018

Both the wrestlers try to throw each other off the mat, and Imai comes off with a point in this ordeal. 5-1 Navjot.

19:23 (IST)2 MAR 2018

Another tight lock between the two grapplers, and nothing comes of it in the end.

19:21 (IST)2 MAR 2018

Navjot gets 5 points thanks to that move. She leads 5-0, as we head into the half-time break.

19:20 (IST)2 MAR 2018

Imai gets a hold of Navjot's leg, and tries to push her out of the ring, but the Indian did well to roll her and use the momentum to push the Japanese out of the circle.

19:18 (IST)2 MAR 2018

Navjot seemed to have gotten a couple of points there, but a challenge brings the scores back to 0-0!

19:17 (IST)2 MAR 2018

And we're underway, as the two grapplers get off to a tight start.

19:08 (IST)2 MAR 2018

The fight will get underway in a few minutes.

16:50 (IST)2 MAR 2018

Good evening, everyone! Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the Asian Wrestling Championships.

Today, India's Navjot Kaur will be taking on Japan's Imai Miyu in the final of women's 65 Kg. Up until now, Vinesh Phogat's silver medal win was India's best performance at the Asian Championships. However, Navjot now has the opportunity to better it by bagging the gold.

The 2014 Commonwealth Games bronze-medallist, though, will face a tough challenge in the final. After all, she lost the Japanese wrestler in the first round-robin match earlier in the day in a tight encounter. However, she overcame the loss by winning two consecutive bouts to make it to the final.

Revenge will be on her mind when she gets down to business here in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Stay tuned for all live updates.
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