Live Dubai Tennis Championship 2018, Final: Leander Paes-James Cerretani vs Jean-Julien Roger-Horia Tecau, Live Match updates

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Rojer and Tecau def Paes and Cerretani 6-2, 7-6(2) to win the title


14:44 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

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14:43 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

Paes and Cerretani displayed some fabulous fighting skills and resilience in the second set. But Rojer and Tecau simply raised their level in the tie-break and bagged the win!

It was still a very good effort from Paes this week. If Paes and Cerretani play together, they can do well. They have already won a Challenger title this year.

14:40 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

And they WIN!!!!

Rojer and Tecau def Paes and Cerretani 6-2, 7-6(2) to win the Dubai Open title

14:39 (GMT)3 MAR 2018


14:38 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

Double mini-break for the second seeds and they are up 5-2

14:37 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

It's 4-1 to the US Open champions!

14:36 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

Rojer and Tecau have no problems on their serve and they lead 3-1

14:35 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

And they have earned an EARLY MINI-BREAK!

They lead 2-0

14:34 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

First point to Rojer and Tecau

They lead 1-0

14:33 (GMT)3 MAR 2018


He holds to LOVE and sets up a TIE-BREAK!!!!

14:29 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

The second seeds hold and put the pressure RIGHT BACK ON LEANDER!

It's 6-5 to Rojer and Tecau

14:26 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

Cerretani does HOLD and it continues to be EVEN!


14:25 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

It is 30-30 on the Cerretani serve!


14:21 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

Smooth sailing on serve for the second seeds!

They now lead 5-4

Paes and Cerretani will serve to stay in the match!

14:19 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

We are still on serve!

It's 4-4

14:16 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

The second seeds pass the test and hold for a 4-3 lead!

14:13 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

Rejuvenated, Paes and Cerretani are returning exceptionally well!

It is 30-30 on their opponents' serve

14:11 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

What resilience! Paes and Cerrertani make their effort count!

It is 3-3

14:10 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

They have saved both the break points and it is DEUCE!

14:09 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

Leander and Cerretani are in DEEP TROUBLE!

They face two break points!!

14:05 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

Once more Tecau and Rojer and very powerful on serve, which has been their weapon so far.

They hold to 15 and have a mini lead of 3-2

14:01 (GMT)3 MAR 2018


It's 2-2

14:01 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

And it is DEUCE!

14:00 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

Paes makes a double fault on serve and is 40-30 

13:56 (GMT)3 MAR 2018



Paes will now serve at 1-2

13:56 (GMT)3 MAR 2018


This time Paes and Cerretani have TWO BREAK POINTS!!!!

13:54 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

This is absolutely a repeat of the first set.

The pressure is really on Paes and Cerretani's shoulders now!

13:53 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

Tecau found the open court and they BREAK!

It's 2-0 to Rojer and Tecau!

13:51 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

It is 30-30 on the Cerretani serve!

Tense times!

13:48 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

Paes fails to make a forehand pass and Rojer and Tecau have a very bright start to Set 2.

They hold their serve comfortably and now lead 1-0

13:44 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

What a blinding backhand return from Tecau! Paes and Cerretani are absolutely stunned!!

First set goes to Tecau and Rojer!


13:43 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

Some excellent reflexes from Rojer and it is 30-30 on the Paes serve

13:41 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

Pressure is now on Cerretani and Paes to hold their serve and stay in this set.

Can they?

13:40 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

The second seeds have a very fast service game and are up 5-2

13:38 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

Cerretani finally holds and they now trail 2-4

13:37 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

But Rojer comes up with great movement and a wonderful smash and they make it 30-40 on Cerretani's serve!

13:36 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

Exceptional net skills shown by Leander even at this age!

He gets two points for his team

Cerretani 30-15 on serve

13:33 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

Cerretani is once more struggling on serve.

He concedes the first point to the US Open champions

13:31 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

But that's all they could do as the Romanian does not allow them any more point.

Tecau holds and he and Rojer now lead 4-1

13:30 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

Paes and Cerretani are returning well now and have taken 2 points off the Tecau serve

13:27 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

Leander averts the disaster and HOLDS!

Rojer and Tecau lead 3-1

13:26 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

But Rojer and Tecau soon make it 30-30

13:26 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

The Indian is serving now and so far he is looking good!

Up 30-15 on serve

13:24 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

Paes and Cerretani really need to step up, especially on their serve. Otherwise, danger looms!

13:22 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

Rojer and Tecau are playing like the US Open champions that they are!

Smooth service....absolutely no hiccup from them!

They hold to love and now extend their lead to 3-0

13:26 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

And they break! Paes and Cerratani trail 0-2.

13:26 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

Roger and Tecau have 3 break points! Cerratani's serves are a little off today.

13:23 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

Cerretani will serve now.

13:22 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

Tecau holds his serve! 1-0.

13:22 (GMT)3 MAR 2018

An early challenge here from Roger and Tecau but they lose it. 30-30.
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