Live Score French Open Badminton 2018 | Saina Nehwal vs Nozomi Okuhara | Commentary & Results

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Nehwal def Okuhara 10-21, 21-14, 21-17 in 72 minutes to enter quarter-finals.


21:00 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Earlier in the day, Kidambi Srikanth too reached the quarter-finals.

And later tonight, PV Sindhu will be in action as she aims to join Saina and Srikanth in the last-eight.

Sindhu's match is expected to be around 10.15pm IST.

We'll bring you live updates from that match too.

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20:56 (IST)25 OCT 2018

What a comeback that was from the Indian!

She beats Okuhara in Denmark and now in Paris as well!!!!

20:55 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Final score: Nehwal def Okuhara 10-21, 21-14, 21-17 in 72 minutes to enter quarter-finals.

20:54 (IST)25 OCT 2018

This is Saina's second consecutive win over Okuhara in as many weeks.

20:53 (IST)25 OCT 2018

And Saina WINS this!!!!!

20:53 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Four match points for Saina but Okuhara saves one.

20:51 (IST)25 OCT 2018

It's 19-16 for the Indian now.

Two more points needed to win this!

20:49 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Saina up 17-14 now

20:49 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Okuhara won't be going away anywhere until and unless she gives it her all.

At the Korea Open, she came back from 4 match points down.

So Saina cannot afford to relax if she wants to win this.

20:47 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Saina wins another rally and this time she goes up further to 16-12

20:45 (IST)25 OCT 2018

This is a test of Saina's fitness and patience now.

She has so far passed the test with flying colours!

Can she keep doing it till the end?

She is up 15-12

20:43 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Now Okuhara is trying to increase the rallies and impose her game in an attempt to come back.

Saina is still up 13-9

20:40 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Okuhara added a point after the break.

Trails 8-12 now

20:37 (IST)25 OCT 2018

It's 11-7 for Nehwal at the midgame interval.

20:36 (IST)25 OCT 2018

10-7 now for Saina!

20:35 (IST)25 OCT 2018

It's 9-6 for Nehwal 

Clearly she is keen to repeat the things she did last week.

20:34 (IST)25 OCT 2018

So far, she has been able to maintain her lead as well as her composure 

She is now ahead at 8-5

20:31 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Will she be able to hold on to it?

20:31 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Saina is taking steps to build a small lead and put pressure on Okuhara.

Saina 6-4

20:28 (IST)25 OCT 2018

It's soon all level at 3-3

20:26 (IST)25 OCT 2018

In the decider, Okuhara has a slender lead of one point.


20:23 (IST)25 OCT 2018

And Saina makes the comeback complete!

Takes the second game 21-14 and sets up a decider!

20:21 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Game points galore for the Indian!


20:21 (IST)25 OCT 2018

It's 19-12 for Saina now

20:20 (IST)25 OCT 2018

2 more points for the Japanese here as she looks intent on making life tough for Saina.

How long can she carry on the comeback attempt?

Okuhara trails 12-18 now

20:17 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Currently Saina is passing every test that the Japanese is subjecting her to.

Saina 18-10 now

20:17 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Saina has been to keep herself calm despite the huge pressure of playing such a feisty opponent who refuses to give up.

Saina leads 16-8 now

20:15 (IST)25 OCT 2018

It's 14-7 for Saina now.

Still looking pretty dominant!

20:13 (IST)25 OCT 2018

It's a couple of quick points for Saina after the break as she continues to turn around this clash.

Up 13-6 now

20:10 (IST)25 OCT 2018

It's 11-5 for Nehwal at the midgame interval.

20:08 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Six points in a row for Nehwal!

What a turnaround!

Up 10-4

20:08 (IST)25 OCT 2018

It's 8-4 for Saina now as Okuhara has simply lost her precision.

20:07 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Three quick points for the Indian as she looks to build a streak here.

Saina up 7-4

20:06 (IST)25 OCT 2018

This is highly competitive now.

They are evenly poised at 4-4

20:05 (IST)25 OCT 2018

And she adds another point to go up to 4-2

20:04 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Okuhara is fighting back but Saina is still ahead at 3-2

20:03 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Saina has a mini lead of one point in the second game.

Up 2-1

19:58 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Saina pulled back two more points but it was definitely not enough to subdue Okuhara.

The Japanese takes the first game 21-10.

19:56 (IST)25 OCT 2018

10 points separate the two now.

Okuhara up 18-8

19:56 (IST)25 OCT 2018

But Saina can't keep the fightback going much longer.

With three quick points, Okuhara surges to 17-8

19:55 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Both are trying to blunt each other's attack.

The pace has thus slowed down.

Okuhara still up at 14-8

19:52 (IST)25 OCT 2018

After the break, she adds a couple of quick points to go up further to 13-6

19:52 (IST)25 OCT 2018

It's 11-6 for Okuhara at the midgame interval.

19:49 (IST)25 OCT 2018

It's 10-5 now for Okuhara!

19:49 (IST)25 OCT 2018

And 9-3 it is!

Saina is falling behind!

Okuhara surely has revenge on her mind after last week's loss. Saina too won't give up.

19:48 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Saina got another point but Okuhara soon added three more points to extend her lead to 8-3

19:46 (IST)25 OCT 2018

The rallies are already long and tiring!

Okuhara up 5-2

19:45 (IST)25 OCT 2018

And the match has started!

Early momentum with Okuhara as she opens up a 4-2 lead.
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