Live Score French Open Badminton 2018 | Saina Nehwal vs Saena Kawakami | Commentary & Results

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It's a 21-11, 21-11 win for Nehwal in 37 minutes.


18:34 (IST)24 OCT 2018

And that brings us to the end of our live coverage of the French Open 2018 for today.

Do join us tomorrow for live updates from the second round of this tournament.

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18:33 (IST)24 OCT 2018

Saina could come up against former world champion Nozomi Okuhara in the next round. And that would be a cracker if they do meet.

Nehwal beat her a week earlier in Odense. It will be interesting to see what happens in this match.

18:30 (IST)24 OCT 2018

Saina is through to the second round of the French Open, a week after reaching the final of the Denmark Open.

18:29 (IST)24 OCT 2018

It's a 21-11, 21-11 win for Nehwal in 37 minutes.

18:29 (IST)24 OCT 2018

She needs just one to convert!!!!!!

Saina has WON!!!!

18:28 (IST)24 OCT 2018

Nine match points for Saina now!


18:26 (IST)24 OCT 2018

Points are coming freely for her now.


18:26 (IST)24 OCT 2018

That's all Kawakami could do for once more Saina has taken the control of proceedings.

She is up 17-10

18:25 (IST)24 OCT 2018

Kawakami has suddenly got some fighting spirit 

She is trying her best to close in on Saina, but there is still a five-point gap.

Saina up 15-10

18:23 (IST)24 OCT 2018

Kawakami reduces the deficit by grabbing two points.

8-14 she trails

18:22 (IST)24 OCT 2018

A difference of eight points it is now between the two.

Saina up 14-6

18:20 (IST)24 OCT 2018

Right after interval, Saina comes back to add two quick points.

13-5 for Nehwal

18:19 (IST)24 OCT 2018

It's 11-4 for the Indian going into the midgame interval.

18:16 (IST)24 OCT 2018

A couple more points for Kawakami as she now trails 3-9

18:15 (IST)24 OCT 2018

This is the vintage Saina we know, one who has delighted millions of fans over the years!

18:15 (IST)24 OCT 2018

Kawakami managed a solitary point after that but Saina is simply looking invincible!

Up 7-1 now

18:12 (IST)24 OCT 2018

Kawakami just can't even get a point!

Saina 4-0

18:12 (IST)24 OCT 2018

Nehwal is simply too dominant in this duel!

She has opened up a 3-0 lead in the second game.

18:08 (IST)24 OCT 2018

First game goes to Nehwal!


18:07 (IST)24 OCT 2018

Nehwal now has nine game points!


18:06 (IST)24 OCT 2018

Saina is simply establishing a masterclass here!

18-10 now

18:05 (IST)24 OCT 2018

The gap between them is now of 9 points.

Saina ahead at 17-8

18:04 (IST)24 OCT 2018

15-7 now for Nehwal.

Hard to stop her when she is feeling so confident!

18:02 (IST)24 OCT 2018

After that Kawakami tries to build some momentum as she picks up two points


18:02 (IST)24 OCT 2018

Showing her terrific defense, Nehwal wins a long rally, extending her lead further 

13-4 she leads

18:00 (IST)24 OCT 2018

She picks up where she had left and gets another point straight after break.

12-4 now

17:58 (IST)24 OCT 2018

Kawakami fought back to take two points but it was not enough to dent Saina's confidence.

Saina up 11-4 at the midgame interval.

17:56 (IST)24 OCT 2018

Playing fast, attacking points, she adds a couple more points to her kitty and goes up to 9-2

17:55 (IST)24 OCT 2018

Saina still able to maintain her five-point lead over the Japanese.

Up 7-2 now

17:53 (IST)24 OCT 2018

Very strong start from Nehwal.

She has raced ahead to 6-1 now

17:52 (IST)24 OCT 2018

Saina pretty determined to keep her lead.

Up 3-1

17:52 (IST)24 OCT 2018

The Japanese is on the board now.

Trails 1-2

17:51 (IST)24 OCT 2018

And it begins!

Nehwal opens up a 2-0 lead.

17:51 (IST)24 OCT 2018

Can Saina Nehwal continue her good form from last week?

Let's find out.
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