Live Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2018: India vs England, Live Match Updates

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IND 1-1 ENG (Lakra 14', Gleghorne 53') (Full Time)


15:09 (IST)4 MAR 2018

That's all from the live coverage of the action from the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup from Ipoh, Malaysia. This is Gaurav Kadam, signing off. See you soon, folks!

15:08 (IST)4 MAR 2018

Full Time:

India 1-1 England
Points shared in Malaysia as India and England play out a 1-1 draw after a penalty stroke for England leveled it up after Lakra's first half goal.

15:07 (IST)4 MAR 2018

59' - Good save from the England keeper after Simranjeet cut in from the left and took a strong shot on the goal.

15:06 (IST)4 MAR 2018

58' - Last couple of minutes as the teams go all out in search of the winning goal in the match with the score tied at one goal each.

15:03 (IST)4 MAR 2018

55' - Five minutes left to play in the match as the skies open up with sunlight brightening the field.

15:00 (IST)4 MAR 2018

53' - GOAL!! Mark Gleghorne scores to the bottom left corner making it all square in the encounter.

14:59 (IST)4 MAR 2018

53' -  The decision stands and England have a chance of equalizing the score.

14:57 (IST)4 MAR 2018

53' - PENALTY STROKE!! England is awarded the stroke from the spot after a challenge from the Indian defender. The umpire is reviewing the decision.

14:52 (IST)4 MAR 2018

49' - The TV umpire denies the penalty corner as England has the possession now.

14:51 (IST)4 MAR 2018

48' - MISS!! The runner of the Englishman is brave again as the ball hits him after the drag flick attempt from Rohidas. The review has been called again as the ref gave the second penalty corner.

14:50 (IST)4 MAR 2018

48' -Talwinder does well to break in from the left flank and the attack leads to a minor scramble after which the Indians appeal for a penalty corner through a review. The TV Umpire grants it.

14:48 (IST)4 MAR 2018

47' - Talwinder tries to find an attacker inside the box with a powerful hit but the defence does well to clear the danger and the Indian ends up conceding an obstruction foul.

14:46 (IST)4 MAR 2018

45' - England begin the play in the final quarter of the match.

14:44 (IST)4 MAR 2018

End of Quarter 3:

No goals in the third quarter as India defend well despite being down a man for quite a few minutes.

India 1-0 England

14:43 (IST)4 MAR 2018

45' - England break into the Indian D with a swift move from the left but the end product is not what they desired as the defence clear their line.

14:41 (IST)4 MAR 2018

43' - Cagey affair so far in the third quarter as none of the sides have been able to break the opponents' defensive line.

14:37 (IST)4 MAR 2018

38' - Simranjeet Singh has been shown a yellow card for a foul at the half line and is ruled out for the next five minutes.

14:33 (IST)4 MAR 2018

35' - Mandeep Mor has been shown the green card for a foul by the referee and India are again down to ten men.

14:31 (IST)4 MAR 2018

34' - India break on a good counter from the left through Sumit Kumar but his cross into the box finds no takers as there is a turnover of possession.

14:29 (IST)4 MAR 2018

32' - MISS!! The chance goes to waste as the flick deflects off a England player and goes out for a wide ball.

14:28 (IST)4 MAR 2018

32' - Penalty corner for England as Martin is fouled outside the circle as England have a chance to draw level.

14:26 (IST)4 MAR 2018

31' - And we're off in the second half of the match as England pushback from the centre with 10 players on the pitch.

14:23 (IST)4 MAR 2018

The second half promises to be an interesting one as there is just one goal separating the two sides and both have shown attacking intent.

14:18 (IST)4 MAR 2018

End of Quarter 2:

India 1-0 England
The first half comes to an end as India looked dangerous on the counter and defensively busy with the sustained pressure from the England side.

14:17 (IST)4 MAR 2018

30' - Shilanand Lakra has been shown the green card as the quarter comes to an end after continues pressure from the Englishmen.

14:14 (IST)4 MAR 2018

27' - England miss a good chance as the ball goes just wide off the goal as they continue to scramble for the equalizing goal as we approach the end of the first half.

14:09 (IST)4 MAR 2018

23' - Rohidas tries to push it towards Ramandeep for a deflection but the move fails as India's drought from the penalty corner continues.

14:08 (IST)4 MAR 2018

23' - Rohidas tries to flick it to the right side but the shot comes off the foot of a English defender and India have another penalty corner.

14:08 (IST)4 MAR 2018

23' - Penalty corner for India!! Ramandeep does well to earn a short corner for India as he made his way into the D from the left.

14:05 (IST)4 MAR 2018

19' - Quick passing from England finds them into a good position but David Goodfield is unable to hit the target as his effort hits the outside of the goal.

14:02 (IST)4 MAR 2018

18' - India fail to score from their sixth penalty corner as the England defender Sandford shows his braveness rushing out to deal with the flick.

14:01 (IST)4 MAR 2018

18' - Raining penalty corners for India as the runner is quick off the line but gets hit on the foot. Corner to India!

14:01 (IST)4 MAR 2018

18' ' - SAVE!! England keeper saves the flick fro Kumar but the ball rises and another penalty corner is awarded to India.

14:00 (IST)4 MAR 2018

18' - Second penalty corner given to India as the England defenders fail to clear their lines and concede another one.

13:59 (IST)4 MAR 2018

18' - PENALTY CORNER!! India keep the attacks going as Sumit Kumar cuts in from the left flank and earns a corner.

13:58 (IST)4 MAR 2018

16' - SAVE!! The England keeper makes a good save after a rising drag flick to his left side from Varun Kumar.

13:57 (IST)4 MAR 2018

16' - MISS!!! The flick is saved but rises off a England defender's stick and the penalty corner is awarded again.

13:56 (IST)4 MAR 2018

16' - Penalty Corner!! India go straight on the attack and the short corner is awarded to them after a foul on the right side of the D.

13:55 (IST)4 MAR 2018

16' - The second quarter of the match begins as India lead 1-0 in the match.

13:53 (IST)4 MAR 2018

End of Quarter 1:

England dominates play for the majority of the quarter but India gets the goal against the run of play through Lakra.

India 1-0 England

13:52 (IST)4 MAR 2018

14' - GOAL!! India score against the run of play as Shilanand Lakra scores after a deflection off the keeper from Talwinder's shot found him with an open goalmouth and he slammed it with ease.

13:47 (IST)4 MAR 2018

9' - England have dominated possession and are testing the Indian defence with their incessant attacks inside the D. The young Indians are holding their own so far.

13:43 (IST)4 MAR 2018

6' - Ramandeep tries to deflect a hit goalwards but the shot is wide of the target as India have the first shot on goal.

13:42 (IST)4 MAR 2018

4' - England have stepped up the attacks as Condon gets inside the D and has a crack at the goal but his effort goes just wide of the mark.

13:39 (IST)4 MAR 2018

2' - England make their way into the Indian defensive circle and look for a Penalty Corner (PC) but the defence does well to clear the danger.

13:38 (IST)4 MAR 2018

1' - PUSHBACK!! India begin the play as they play from right to left in the first half of the match in their all-blue kits. The defending champions England are in their red and white kit.

13:35 (IST)4 MAR 2018

The teams are walking out on to the pitch as we begin the pre-match formalities.

13:26 (IST)4 MAR 2018

13:22 (IST)4 MAR 2018

England Starting Lineup:

2. Harry Gibson (GK), 11, Ian Sloan, 14. Mark Gleghorne, 15. Phil Roper (C), 16. Adam Dixon, 17. Barry Middleton, 18. Brendan Creed, 19. David Goodfield, 22. David Condon, 26. James Gall, 27. Liam Sanford

13:22 (IST)4 MAR 2018

Indian Starting Lineup:

6. Surender Kumar, 8. Sardar Singh (C), 9. Gurjant Singh, 13. Suraj Karkera (GK), 15. Uthappa Sannuvanda, 17. Sumit, 22. Varun Kumar, 23. Nilam Xess, 28. Sumit Kumar, 30. Amit Rohidas, 31. Ramandeep Singh
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