Live Updates: India vs Pakistan Hockey Match Asia Cup 2017

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India 3-1 Pakistan. Full Time! Chinglensana, Ramandeep, Harmanpreet; Ali Shan.


18:50 (IST)15 OCT 2017

FULL TIME! And time runs out in the end, as India keeppressurising the Pakistan area. The Indians have earned a big 3-1 victory over their arch rivals with a 3-1 victory, but the result is inconsequential in the end, as Pakistan have also made it to the Super 4 stage of the tournament. India, meanwhile, have produced a dominant display of hockey in the Group Stage, and will look to continue that good form, as they go into the next round, where yet another clash between these two Asian giants and arch-rivals is set to take place. That's all from us, here, tonight, but stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more news and updates from around the world of sports. 

18:44 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Penalty Corner! Harmanpreet fluffs his drag-flick as Pak launch a counter, but he immediately goes upstairs, looking for another PC. Perhaps it hit a Pakistan foot. Again, the decision goes against them, and they lose their referral.

18:41 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Penalty Corner! Harmanpreet pulls the trigger again, and is deflected by a Pak foot, while the shot off the deflection was also blocked. India go upstairs, looking for a Penalty stroke. But there is not enough evidence. However, India keep their referral, as gave no advice.

18:39 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Penalty Corner! Harmanpreet smashes it into the goal, as it is saved by the keeper, but the deflection hits Abu. Another PC for India.

18:38 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Sumit enters the circle through the right, and cuts back onto a Pakistan foot, to earn a PC.

18:37 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Md Irfan breaks into a counter attack, but he is ably foiled by Harmanpreet, who quelled the danger for India.

18:36 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Sunil plays it to Satbir at the edge of the area, but his shot is deflected and falls to Akashdeep, but his half volley is well over the bar.

18:33 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Chance! Atik moves swiftly on the counter and enters the circle, with just one Indian defender tailing him, and keeper Chikte in front of him. However, Chikte gets down and saves his shot well, before the Indian defenders scramble to clear the ball.

18:29 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Penalty Corner!  Irfan drag-flicks, and Chikte saved a deflection, but Pakistan go for the review immediately, citing a possible stick-check from Manpreet. the Video umpire did not find any stick check in replay, and Pakistan have to make do with just a long corner. They lost their review.

18:27 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Chance! That goal has given Pakistan a lot of momentum. A number of shots were struck in that melee, but keeper Akash Chikte saved well. In the end Pakistan get a PC.

18:24 (IST)15 OCT 2017

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! Sardar loses the ball, and it is immediately played out to Ali Shan, who entered the circle at speed from the left, and slotted it into goal. India 3-1 Pakistan!

18:21 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Pakistan get us underway, but India soon get back on the ball. This is complete domination, here.

18:20 (IST)15 OCT 2017

And with that, we come to the end of the 3rd Quarter of today's play. India have driven home their advantage, here. Interestingly, they could not break Pakistan when the latter were down to 9 men. However, with the numeric parity restored, the Indians have gotten two quick goals to take a decisive lead.

18:18 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Penalty Corner! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! Harmanpreet smashes the ball just inside the right hand side post, to make it three! What a brilliant drag-flick by the captain. That was just a cat's whisker inside the post. 3-0 India!

18:15 (IST)15 OCT 2017

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!! Ramandeep Singh taps it in, to double India's advantage. Manpreet played a brilliant long ball to the far post from the right wing. Ramandeep, running in a t full tilt, towards the far post, slides in, and touches it into the goal. 2-0 India!

18:14 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Penalty Corner for Pakistan! Abu Mahmood with the drag-flick, but his shot is inches wide of the top corner of the India goal.

18:12 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Chance! India break brilliantly, as Sunil breaks through midfield. He passes it through to Gurjant, who plays it in to Akashdeep. Akashdeep, who was arked by two defenders in the circle, played it back to Gurjant in space, but his shot was too weak, as the keeper parries it away.

18:10 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Penalty Corner for India! Varun Kumar takes the drag-flick this time, and aims for the bottom corner. However, his shot was just wide of its target.

18:08 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Satbir picks up a high ball in midfield, but is soon fouled. This game is getting a little physical.

18:06 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Harmanpreet drills it into the circle, and a deflection gives LAlit a clear shot at goal, but it is nicked off him just in time.

18:04 (IST)15 OCT 2017

SAVE! Akash Chikte comes out of his goal and makes a brilliant reflex save with his toe, as the Indian defenders scramble to clear the ball.

18:02 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Yellow Card: Abu Mahmood is shown a yellow card soon after due to a stick check. Pakistan are down to 9 men for the next 5 minutes.

18:00 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Yellow Card: Rizwan Sr is given a Yellow card for a harsh tackle on Harmanpreet.

17:59 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Akashdeep intercepts a defensive pass, but the ball is a bit out of his control, as it rolls over the line.

17:57 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Qadir gets the second half underway, as Pakistan immediately look to press forward in attack. However, their attack is foiled by the Indians.

17:49 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Half Time! And with that, we come to the end of the first half of this epic encounter. India have mostly dominated the proceedings so far, but Pakistan have also had their chances. They have looked dangerous on the attack after Chinglensana scored the first and only goal so far, but India keeper Karkera made a tremendous save to keep the Indians in the lead.

17:47 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Manpreet steals the ball, and plays it into the circle to Gurjant, who turns to the left and shoots, but his shot is inches wide.

17:46 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Chance! Atiq is played into the box, and is thorugh on goal, as he shoots towards the far post, but India keeper Karkera rushes out and makes a brilliant save.

17:44 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Uthappa mkes a circle through the left, and tries to cross it in, but his cross is legitimately blocked.

17:43 (IST)15 OCT 2017

India refer a PC decision by the umpire, and get it converted to a long corner, as replays showed that the ball did not touch any feet.

17:38 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Save! Pakistan drill the drag flick from the PC towards the India goal, but India keeper Karkera is up to the task, and tips it over the bar.

17:37 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Ahmed bursts into the India circle, and is tumbled over by Harmanpreet, and wins a penalty corner, in the process.

17:34 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Chance! However, that has left large spaces in their back line, and Ramandeep exploited it perfectly on the counter, as he played Akashdeep through into the opposition circle. However, the striker was in too tight an angle, as he fizzed his shot past the far post.

17:33 (IST)15 OCT 2017

That goal seems to have given some impetus to the Pakistan attack. They seem to have laid a seige on the India circle.

17:31 (IST)15 OCT 2017

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chinglensana blasts India into the lead. Ramandeep squared a layoff fromt he left flank, to the centre, just outside the Pak Circle. The midfielder took one touch, and pulled  the trigger, to slot it into the near post, to open India's account. 1-0 India!

17:28 (IST)15 OCT 2017

And with that, we come to the end of the first quarter. India have had higher possession (59%), but chances have been at a premium, for both sides.

17:27 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Penalty Corner: The drag from Pakistan missed everybody, and India immediately break into the counter attack. However, that attack soon came to an end, with Varun Kumar being fouled via a stick touch just outside the Pakistan circle.

17:26 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Ramandeep receives a cutback inside the circle, but it is cleared and Pakistan break into attack immediately. Ali Shan weaves his way into the circle from the left flank, and earnes a PC.

17:24 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Green Card: Rizwan Junior gets penalised for fouling SV Sunil in midfield. Pakistan are temporarily down to 10 men.

17:21 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Sunil, and Akshdeep try to generate a counterattack for India, but they played the ball out too wide again, and the attack fizzed out. Credit to Pakistan, as they got the defensive numbers, and foiled the dangerous-looking attack.

17:20 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Manpreet fizzes a defence-splitting pass into the Pakistan circle, from a deep position on the left flank. Akashdeep was lurking inside the circle, but it was just outside his reach, and he could not get a deflection.

17:18 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Qadir enters the India circle this time, from the left flank, but Sumit has positioned himself perfectly, and steals the ball from him.

17:16 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Akashdeep bombs on down the left flank, and makes a circle entry, but he runs into defenders, and it is cleared eventually.

17:15 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Likewise, India's attacks in these opening exchanges have also been funneled out to the wings by Pakistan.

17:14 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Pakistan look comfortable on the ball, but they are struggling to make any concrete attack, once they enter the attacking third.

17:13 (IST)15 OCT 2017

A misspass at the back sees the ball dangerously go towards Abbas in the Pakistan goal, but the keeper slides in, and kicks it away.

17:11 (IST)15 OCT 2017

And India get us underway, as they play it around the back in the opening stages.

17:07 (IST)15 OCT 2017

The teams are out on the pitch and raring to go, as the national anthems rig out in the Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, which was formerly known as East Pakistan. Lots of history at play, here.

14:31 (IST)15 OCT 2017

One of the biggest rivalries in sports is set to take off, as India go face to face against arch rivals Pakistan in the last Group A encounter of the Hockey Asia Cup 2017, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on Sunday.
Relations between the two countries have not exactly been on the brighter side of things, and tensions have escalated in the last few years. These political tensions often tend to boil over onto the pitch, although hockey connoisseurs would hope for a hard-fought battle on the pitch only.
India have already qualified for the second round, having beaten Japan 5-1 and Bangladesh 7-0. Although they merely need a draw to secure top spot in the group, India will be looking for a win over their arch-rivals, not just for the goal advantage, but also for bragging rights.
Pakistan may not have mathematically qualified yet, but even if they lose at the hands of India, Japan can only manage to level with the Pakistanis if they win their game against Bangladesh. To add to that, Pakistan have an 11 goal advantage over Japan, when it comes to goal difference. Hence nothing short of a miracle from Japan’s side will be required, if Pakistan are to be knocked out of the group stage.

Akash Chikte (goal keeper), Suraj Karkera (goal keeper), Dipsan Tirkey, Kothajit Singh, Surender Kumar, Harmanpreet Singh, Varun Kumar, SK Uthappa, Sardar Singh, Manpreet Singh (captain), Chinglensana Singh, Sumit, SV Sunil, Akashdeep Singh, Ramandeep Singh, Lalit Kumar Upadhyay, Gurjant Singh, Satbir Singh.
Mazhar Abbas (goal keeper), Amjad Ali (goal keeper), Muhammad Irfan (captain), Atif Mushtaq, Mubashar Ali, Ammad Shakeel Butt, Abu Bakar Mahmood, Tasawwar Abbas, Rashid Mahmood, Rizwan Jr, Arslan Qadir, Azfar Yaqoob, Umar Bhutta, Rizwan Sr, Ali Shan, Muhammad Atiq, Waqas Akbar and Ajaz Ahmad.

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