LIVE UPDATES: USA vs Turkey - FIBA World Cup 2019

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FINAL WHISTLE: USA 93-92 Turkey after overtime


15:11 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

On that note, I, Raunak Jaiswal, take your leave. Do tune in again for more FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 coverage right here on Sportskeeda Basketball!

15:08 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

While USA did win the game, let's not forget that they got REALLY lucky. They shot a torrid 35% from the field and it won't be enough in the latter stages of the tournament.

15:07 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Turkey played with heart but they only have themselves to blame. They missed 4 straight free throws when they needed to come up clutch. Middleton ensured that USA made the Turks pay for this. 

15:06 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

14:53 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Ersan Ilyasova misses his 3-point attempt off the inbound and USA survive!

14:50 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

USA lead by one point with 2 seconds to go!

14:50 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

He makes both!

14:50 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

He makes the first one.

14:49 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

On the other end, Middleton is fouled and will attempt two free throws.

14:49 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

He misses both. Oh lord!

14:48 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

He needs to make the second one.

14:48 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Osman misses the first free throw.

14:48 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Cedi Osman gets the ball off the inbound and is fouled by Smart.

14:46 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Balbay misses both free throws! USA are still in this.

14:46 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Harris fouls out

14:46 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Joe Harris is called for an unsportsmanlike foul!

14:45 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Balbay strips Turner off the ball after the inbound.

14:43 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

USA discuss their final play over a timeout.

14:43 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

USA have 14.6 seconds to score and steal a victory. Turkey have played their hearts out today and most certainly don't deserve to lose today.

14:42 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Kemba Walker draws a huge offensive foul from Wilbekin who is also now fouled out.

14:40 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Osman gets the free throw to fall and Turkey lead again!

14:39 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

14:39 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Osman drives on Turner, gets the bucket and the foul!

14:38 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Tatum strips Ilyasova off the ball, drives to the bucket and finishes with a layup to give USA the lead.

14:37 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Walker now makes a quick 16-footer to tie the game.

14:37 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Semih Erden is now fouled out of the game.

14:36 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Kemba Walker drains a stepback trey of his own to cut Turkey's lead to 2.

14:35 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Mahmutoglu now gets a trey to fall. Turkey lead by 5!

14:34 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Joe Harris and Cedi Osman exchange 3s for USA and Turkey respectively.

14:34 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Wilbekin gets a close range jumper to fall to start off the scoring in OT.

14:31 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

It's all tied up after regulation time. We head to overtime now.

14:29 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Tatum makes the 3rd free throw and games are tied.

14:29 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

He misses his second free throw!

14:28 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Tatum makes his 1st free throw.

14:27 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

He fails to make it but Jayson Tatum has 3 free throws to win the game for USA at the foul line!

14:27 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Tatum is fouled on his 3-point attempt!

14:24 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

USA call time!

14:24 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Turkey have a 2-point lead now after Ilyasova tips in a Cedi Osman miss!

14:23 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

They do just that as Ilyasova gets a layup to fall!

14:22 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Walker misses a trey and Turkey now have the chance to level things.

14:21 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Wilbekin makes a HUGE trey.

14:20 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Walker drives and attempts a floater but his shot is blocked. However, Middleton gets the offensive board and lays it in.

14:19 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Donovan Mitchell gets a clutch 3 to fall in transition and USA lead again.

14:18 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Korkmaz gets a trey to fall and it's tied again!

14:15 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

14:15 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

14:15 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Korkmaz turns the ball over and Harris drives to the rim for an easy layup.

14:14 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Walker draws a foul from Sanli. He makes one of two free throws.

14:11 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Turkey score quick 5 points to level scores! Game on now!

14:10 (GMT)3 SEP 2019

Barnes makes both free throws.
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