Malaysia Masters 2019 Badminton Live: Saina Nehwal vs Deng Joy Xuan Live score & Updates | 16th January 2019

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Nehwal def Xuan 14-21, 21-18, 21-18 in 1 hour 5 minutes.


09:51 (IST)16 JAN 2019

After Saina's win, we hope Kidambi Srikanth will join her in the second round as well.

Stay tuned for live coverage of that match!

09:50 (IST)16 JAN 2019

She looked very   tentatve and unsure in the early stages and was thoroughly getting overpowered.But Nehwal shows her resilience once more as she settles down, calms herself midway through the second game and then held off a surging Xuan to get the win!What an amazing amount of hard work to get the first BWF win of the year!!!

09:49 (IST)16 JAN 2019

What a fightback that was from Saina! She came back like only she can!!!!!!

09:43 (IST)16 JAN 2019

Final score: Nehwal def Xuan 14-21, 21-18, 21-18 in 1 hour 5 minutes.

09:43 (IST)16 JAN 2019


09:42 (IST)16 JAN 2019

Match points for Saina!!!!!


09:41 (IST)16 JAN 2019

Xuan is now 18-19

Some danger for Saina!

09:41 (IST)16 JAN 2019

Xuan is still fighting!!!

Takes two points in a row to trail Saina 17-19

09:40 (IST)16 JAN 2019

The match has crossed the hour mark!!

09:39 (IST)16 JAN 2019

19-15 now after Xuan takes a couple of points.

09:38 (IST)16 JAN 2019

19-13 now for Nehwal.

Just two more points required for the win!!

09:36 (IST)16 JAN 2019

It's 17-12 now for Nehwal.

09:35 (IST)16 JAN 2019

And Saina adds another crucial point to make it 16-11

09:34 (IST)16 JAN 2019

15-11 is the lead now for Saina!! 

09:33 (IST)16 JAN 2019

Xuan still hasn't given up!

Takes two points and trails 10-13

09:31 (IST)16 JAN 2019

12-8 lead for Nehwal on resumption!!

09:29 (IST)16 JAN 2019

It's 11-7 for Nehwal going into the break.

09:28 (IST)16 JAN 2019

10-6 to Saina now!! 

09:26 (IST)16 JAN 2019

It's 9-3 for Saina!

Fantastic stretch of the game from the former champion!!!!

09:26 (IST)16 JAN 2019

Now Saina has raced away to a FOUR-POINT advantage!


09:25 (IST)16 JAN 2019

Saina has been able to maintain her two-point lead despite some stiff resistance.


09:23 (IST)16 JAN 2019

4-2 to Nehwal

09:21 (IST)16 JAN 2019

Saina up 3-1 now

09:21 (IST)16 JAN 2019

It's 2-1 to Nehwal in the decider.

09:18 (IST)16 JAN 2019

And Saina sets up a decider!!!!!

She takes the second game 21-18

What a gritty performance that was from the former champion! Struggled but still managed to raise her level under pressure!!!!

09:16 (IST)16 JAN 2019

Two game points for the Indian!!!!


09:15 (IST)16 JAN 2019


Saina is two points away from a decider!

09:15 (IST)16 JAN 2019

18-16 to Saina now

Close, but Saina's still in the lead.

09:13 (IST)16 JAN 2019

17-14 to Saina now!

Poised and calmer, Saina looks to have found her A-game!

09:10 (IST)16 JAN 2019

Saina is now showing sparks of the champion she is.

Up 15-12

09:09 (IST)16 JAN 2019

Saina is steadily adding points after the break.

Up 13-11 now.

Has she been able to weather the storm?

09:06 (IST)16 JAN 2019

Saina has an 11-10 lead at the time of the break.

09:05 (IST)16 JAN 2019

Saina draws level!


09:05 (IST)16 JAN 2019

The lead does indeed go back to Xuan

She is up 10-9

09:04 (IST)16 JAN 2019

A vital point for the Indian to go up to 9-8

09:02 (IST)16 JAN 2019

The game is even now.


We finally have a match in our hands or will Saina falter again?

09:01 (IST)16 JAN 2019

Now she gets back a couple.

Saina trails 6-7

09:00 (IST)16 JAN 2019

Five points in a row lost by the former World No. 1.

Saina trails 4-7

08:59 (IST)16 JAN 2019

Once more Saina gives up the lead.

With 3 points in a row, Xuan is in the lead at 5-4.

08:58 (IST)16 JAN 2019

Nehwal makes a fine start to the second game and moves up to 4-2

08:54 (IST)16 JAN 2019

Xuan converts her first game point.

It's 21-14 for Xuan.

This has not been a good start to the new season for Saina so far.

08:53 (IST)16 JAN 2019

Saina took three points to reduce the deficit but couldn't prevent her opponent from going up to 20-14.

08:51 (IST)16 JAN 2019

18-11 now.

Saina needs to act fast otherwise the game is almost over!

08:51 (IST)16 JAN 2019

16-11 for the lower-ranked player.

Saina is struggling to find out ways to tackle her.

08:49 (IST)16 JAN 2019

Xuan is now leading 15-10

Danger time for Saina?

08:48 (IST)16 JAN 2019

Xuan looks very much in control of the proceedings after the break.

Up 13-10

08:47 (IST)16 JAN 2019

Three points in a row for Xuan and she leads 11-10 at the time of the midgame interval.

08:46 (IST)16 JAN 2019

A determined Xuan wins two points in a row and makes it 10-10

08:44 (IST)16 JAN 2019

Finally Saina has got back the lead!

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