Malaysia Open 2018, Men's singles, 1st round: Kidambi Srikanth vs Jan O Jorgensen, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 27, 2018 17:57 IST

The match starts around 4.30 pm


17:57 (IST)27 JUN 2018

And the Indian World No. 4 prevails over Jorgensen!
Final Score: 21-18, 21-9!

On to the next round!

17:56 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Srikant is a point away from winning the match now!!

17:55 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Srikant races off to a whooping 19-8 lead!

17:53 (IST)27 JUN 2018

There is no stopping the World No. 4 today! He sprints to a 16-6 swiftly!

17:52 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Srikant maintains a 6 point lead over Jorgensen! 
He lags behind at 12-6!

17:50 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Srikant rushes ahead and takes a 10-5 lead!

17:47 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Jorgensen covers up and equalizes with Srikant at 4 all

17:45 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Into the 2nd game, Srikant leads 2-1!

17:43 (IST)27 JUN 2018

We are headed to the 2nd game now!

17:43 (IST)27 JUN 2018

In no time, Srikant takes the first game home!

Score: 21-18!

17:42 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Srikant edges past him and collects two successive points to get a 19-18 lead

17:40 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Jorgensen holds his service and advances to a 18-17 lead over Srikant!

17:39 (IST)27 JUN 2018

The duo stay abreast of each other at 16 all

17:37 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Srikant-Jorgensen duo equalize each other at 14 all!

17:35 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Jorgensen seeks to dissolve the point gap and is at 12-13 behind Srikant!

17:35 (IST)27 JUN 2018

The Indian stays ahead at 13-10!

17:35 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Srikant manages to keep a 3 point lead between him and Jorgensen!

17:32 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Srikant shows class as he races ahead at 11-7!

17:30 (IST)27 JUN 2018

The former World No. 2 doesn't let Srikant get far ahead as he equals up at 7 all!

17:29 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Srikant steers ahead of Jorgensen who lags behind the Indian at 7-4!

17:27 (IST)27 JUN 2018

He leads the way with a 5-2 lead over Jorgensen!

17:27 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Srikant gets off to a flying start!

17:25 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Good evening everyone! We are about to start the match between Srikant and Jorgensen soon! Stay tuned!

15:24 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Malaysia Open. In men's singles, World No. 4 Kidambi Srikanth has been handed a relatively easy draw with the likes of Viktor Axelson, Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan and Shi Yuqi all on the other half.

Srikanth begins his campaign against former World No. 2 Jan O Jorgensen. If he gets past that hurdle, in the second round could have met countryman B Sai Praneeth but the latter crashed out on the opening day.

The freshly crowned World No. 4 Kidambi Srikant is the obvious favourite for this match. But the going might get difficult for the Indian because he is faced with an experienced opponent in former World No. 2 Jorgensen. The battle between the two should be sight to watch and it is really difficult to predict in whose favour the shuttle cocks would swing before it begins.
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